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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 018: Call of the Deity

Shangguan Hen showed a twisted expression in the Black Tortoise Pearl. He was even trembling, apparently in extreme pain. Two huge figures—the profound snake and profound tortoise—clashed behind him, letting out ferocious roars.

Gu Hai extended his hand to touch the Black Tortoise Pearl.


The Black Tortoise Pearl knocked Gu Hai away.

“It’s useless. Mister Gu, the Azure Emperor attacked the Black Tortoise Pearl back then as well. Even he failed to break it. Perhaps he had not used his full power, but…,” Yun Mo explained.

“Your…Your Majesty, you can’t…” The black tortoises immediately came over, feeling anxious.


Shangguan Hen suddenly let out a loud cry of pain. The trembling of his head intensified.

“Shangguan Hen, how should I help you?” Gu Hai called out.

“Help? It’s too late! Hahahaha!” Prime Feng Yue’s voice came from Shangguan Hen’s body.


Suddenly, a large amount of black energy spewed out from Shangguan Hen’s neck. The moment the black energy appeared, Shangguan Hen’s trembling head deformed, growing increasingly larger.

“Fourth Cycle!” Gu Hai swung the Life Executioner Saber.


Despite the powerful attack, the Black Tortoise Pearl did not budge at all.

“Your Majesty, don’t!” The black tortoises felt very anxious, wanting to rush forward to stop Gu Hai.

“Scram!” Gu Hai glared at the black tortoises, his eyes radiating an intense murderous intent. All the black tortoises felt a chill.

“Your Majesty, it’s too late! Argh!” Shangguan Hen said in an agonized voice.


Surging energy poured towards Shangguan Hen’s enlarged, deformed head in the Black Tortoise Pearl.


Shangguan Hen’s head trembled intensely before suddenly stilling.

Gasp! Mu Chenfeng, City Lord Sima, and the others inhaled sharply as they gazed at the scene before them in horror.

“Two heads?” Yun Mo exclaimed in shock.

Shangguan Hen’s head split into two. An identical head sprouted from his neck. No, the new head was somewhat different; it appeared more sinister.

“Shangguan Hen, I’m out! Hahahahaha!” That new head let out sinister laughter.

“Feng Yue? You bastard!” Shangguan Hen’s head said furiously.

“The Black Tortoise Separation Technique? Prime, why did you…,” the black tortoises exclaimed.


Shangguan Hen suddenly cried out in pain.

“Separate! Hah!” Feng Yue shouted with a ferocious expression.


The black energy around Shangguan Hen’s neck increased as more poured out. The area around Prime Feng Yue’s head deformed again.


A right arm appeared from that neck.


A left arm appeared from that neck.

Shangguan Hen had four arms now?

With two arms, Prime Feng Yue gained the means to exert some force. The new arms pushed against Shangguan Hen’s shoulders, and Prime Feng Yue prized himself out of Shangguan Hen’s neck.

Roar! Roar!

The profound tortoise and the profound snake behind roared, moving closer to Shangguan Hen.

When Gu Hai and the others saw Prime Feng Yue climbing out of Shangguan Hen’s body, they were stunned.

“Separation? He can separate?” Gu Hai said in shock.


Shangguan Hen and Feng Yue roared. The surging black energy covered them. During this time, Feng Yue emerged slowly from Shangguan Hen’s body, climbing out of Shangguan Hen’s neck.


Feng Yue laughed sinisterly as he came out. Eventually, a pair of legs appeared.

“I’m out! I’m out! Hahahaha! Shangguan Hen, what can you do now? Hahahaha!” Feng Yue guffawed.

After Feng Yue climbed out of Shangguan Hen’s body, the wound on Shangguan Hen’s neck strangely recovered.

“Feng Yue, you…to think that you dare to separate. Separating my body is one thing, but you even separated the deity?” Shangguan Hen glared at Prime Feng Yue.

“Humph! If not for you, would I have separated the Black Tortoise Deity? Now, I only have a snake deity. Humph! It is all your fault!” Prime Feng Yue said coldly.


Prime Feng Yu extended his hand and used some energy to materialize clothes to cover his body. The profound snake and profound tortoise images behind them let out earth-shattering roars.

As those images roared, the Black Tortoise Pearl trembled intensely. Then, the profound tortoise moved to Shangguan Hen, and the profound snake moved to Prime Feng Yue.

The Black Tortoise Deity had completely separated.

“Roar! Roar!”

The profound tortoise and the profound snake showed ferocious expressions as Shangguan Hen and Feng Yue looked at each other coldly.

“Humph!” Shangguan Hen let out a cold snort. He ignored Feng Yue and suddenly spread his arms.

“Profound Tortoise Deity, this is the energy that the previous prime left for me. Help me absorb it all quickly!” Shangguan Hen shouted.


The Black Tortoise Pearl’s energy poured frantically into Shangguan Hen.

“Profound Snake Deity, I am the previous prime. This is my energy in the first place. Help me absorb it!” Feng Yue shouted.


Surging energy flooded into Feng Yue.

Shangguan Hen and Feng Yue looked at each other coldly while the gargantuan Black Tortoise Pearl gradually shrank.

“Humph! You are trying to snatch this energy from me? This is my energy in the first place. How can you win? Right now, you are only storing the energy in your body, unable to refine it!” Prime Feng Yue sneered.


The huge snake behind Prime Feng Yue roared and rushed into his body. His body quickly swelled and transformed into a colossal black-colored snake.

As the snake consumed the energy, its body grew larger.

“I have the memories but no experience. However, what is mine is mine. Do you dare to kill me to snatch it? Humph!” Shangguan Hen shouted coldly.


The black-colored tortoise image behind him rushed into Shangguan Hen. As it consumed the energy, Shangguan Hen turned into a colossal tortoise.


The Black Tortoise Pearl steadily diminished as the snake and the tortoise quickly absorbed its energy. The three-kilometer-wide pearl had already shrunk to the point where its walls touched the tortoise and the snake.

The profound tortoise emanated a large amount of energy when it reached about one thousand eight hundred meters in height. Clearly, it had reached its limit. Right now, Shangguan Hen needed to store the energy in its body. Refining the energy would take a long time.


The black snake grew to about five kilometers tall in the blink of an eye. The colossal snake refined the energy as it absorbed the energy.

“Hahahahaha! Without you limiting me, my cultivation grows very quickly. I should have done this long ago! I should have done this long ago!” Feng Yue roared.

As Feng Yue roared, he gave off an intense aura.

“Move back!” Gu Hai’s face sank as he backed away with everyone.

The colossal snake’s aura was now similar to Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s at his peak. Furthermore, it was still growing.

The colossal snake reared its head back and roared to the sky. Dark clouds immediately churned above it and swirled around it.

“Prime! Prime!” the black tortoises cheered excitedly.

This is the prime’s aura, the aura of the undefeatable prime!

The colossal snake extended its neck, displaying a fleshy hood similar to that of cobras. The moon-like patterns on the back of this hood gave off a sinister aura.

The cold, sinister aura immediately covered the entire Silver Moon Sea when the snake swung its tail, sealing the sea in ice. The churning sea and surging waves instantly froze solid.

“This aura!” Yun Mo appeared horrified.

“It has already surpassed Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s?” Gu Hai’s expression changed.


As the colossal snake roared, the dark clouds in the sky flashed with lightning, and thunder boomed. Massive lightning bolts lashed down, and a thunderstorm instantly crashed into the ice-sealed sea.

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“All black tortoises in the world, hear this. I have returned. All black tortoises are to report to me immediately in the Silver Moon Sea! Hah!” Prime Feng Yue roared.

A snake-shaped blue light came out of the colossal snake’s head and shot out in all directions.


The black tortoises below looked overjoyed.

“The voice of the deity? This is the deity’s voice!” the black tortoises said excitedly.


The blue light spread out in all directions of the Divine Continent from the Silver Moon Sea.


In a courtyard in Heavenly Court City, Qian Heavenly Dynasty:

The angels from the Solar Divine Palace gathered at this place.

A six-winged angel, Yehua, sat on a chair, discussing something with a group of subordinates. Suddenly, the expressions of a group of them changed.

Those people immediately stood up.

“What? Cui Yin? Did I say something wrong? Gu Hai will come to Heavenly Court City to participate in the Ten Thousand Sages Convention. You can go assassinate Gu Hai then!”

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“Hahahahahaha!” Suddenly, the person leading that group reared his head back and guffawed.

“Cui Yin? Have you gone crazy? Why are you standing up? Has your black tortoise race all gone mad?” someone sneered at the side.

The leader, Cui Yin, sneered, “There’s no need for that anymore, Second Young Master. I won’t be following you in the future. Hahaha!”

“What did you say?” Yehua said coldly.

“Without the Solar Divine Palace’s protection, you are just stray dogs,” someone at the side scoffed.

“Everyone, it is time we returned. Hahaha! Prime has returned! Prime did not die! We should return. We are no longer the Solar Divine Palace’s servants! We are the black tortoise race! The great black tortoise race!” Cui Yin roared.

“Yes!” the black tortoises immediately answered.

The deity’s voice? Using the race’s deity, a prime could instantly send their voice to every one of their race. All the black tortoises immediately heard Prime Feng Yue’s voice.

Cui Yin and the others no longer wished to remain in this place.


These black tortoises did not want anything else. They did not bother packing, either. They just left and headed for the Silver Moon Sea to meet up with their prime.


Borderless Heavenly Capital, Han Royal Dynasty:

The expressions of Miao Chen and the other black tortoises immediately changed.

“Prime Feng Yue got the upper hand in the end. Hah! Hahaha!” Miao Chen laughed bitterly, thinking that it was over for Shangguan Hen.

“Elder Miao, what’s going on? Why are all the black tortoises turning restless?” Gu Qin asked.

“Your Highness, sorry. Although we are willing to follow Shangguan Hen as prime, Prime Feng Yue won in the end. I have to leave now. I am a black tortoise in the end. Sorry.” Miao Chen shook his head.

“Let’s go!”


The black tortoises quickly flew towards the Silver Moon Sea.


At the Myriad Age Daoist Sect and the Spirit Mountain Holy Land:

“There is no need to be servants anymore! Hahaha! I no longer have to rely on others to live! Prime is back! Prime is not dead! We are going to meet Prime!”

“Prime Feng Yue is back! Anyone who stops us will be enemies with the entire black tortoise race!”

The black tortoises who were willing to become servants instantly regained their past pride. This pride did not come easy.

After eight centuries of running and fleeing, they had had enough. Now that the prime had returned, countless black tortoises felt intense excitement.

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