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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 022: Elite Hall’s Treasury

Heavenly Chen City, thirty-three layers of heaven:

Under Mu Chenfeng’s directions, Gu Hai’s flying ship landed on a large plaza.

“Hall Master, the surrounding four hundred kilometers are my Elite Hall’s garrison. Outsiders are not permitted to enter,” Mu Chenfeng said as he swept his arm around.

The surroundings seemed to be a grassy plain in its natural state, with many animals wandering around. Fog from a ritual array prevented people outside from seeing the interior.

Some hills rose out of the plain, filled with various palace buildings.

The flying ship had landed at the entrance of the largest palace hall.

A signboard at the entrance had “Elite Hall” in calligraphic writing.

When Gu Hai entered the ritual array earlier, the news had spread throughout Elite Hall’s headquarters.

Nearly all the Elite Hall disciples stationed there knew that Gu Hai had arrived.

When Gu Hai’s flying ship landed, excited Elite Hall disciples filled the plaza.

Gu Hai turned his head and looked around.

“Salutations, Hall Master!” the Elite Hall disciples saluted extremely respectfully.

“Oh?” Gu Hai felt slightly surprised.

After all, he had never come here before and was even appointed hall master outside. Earlier, he even worried that people would make things difficult for him. Unexpectedly, the Elite Hall disciples were so respectful.

“Hall Master, you do not know about this. After Hall Master Long Xiaoyue died, Elite Hall entered a decline. Things improved only after Hall Master Long Wanqing took over. However, after Hall Master Long Wanqing died, Elite Hall’s situation turned desperate until you became the new Elite Hall Master. This is Elite Hall’s headquarters. Plenty of information is gathered here. The disciples do pay a lot of attention to everything about Hall Master. No, they pay especial attention to Hall Master. They have such respect for Hall Master because of Hall Master’s deeds over the years, which inspired hope and reverence,” Mu Chenfeng explained.

Gu Hai nodded. “Everyone, you may dispense with the formalities.”

“Thank you, Hall Master!” the Elite Hall disciples immediately said happily.

Gu Hai and Mu Chenfeng disembarked the flying ship.

The moment Gu Hai set foot on the ground, the young Elite Hall disciples swarmed over excitedly.

“Hall Master, how did you push Duke Lu Yang to his death?”

“Hall Master, you even managed to push Imperial Emperor Xi Yu to his death. How did you do it?”

Gu Hai smiled faintly. Before he could say anything, Mu Chenfeng shouted, “Alright. Stop causing a commotion. The hall master has just returned. Let him rest first.”

Gu Hai shook his head. “There’s no need. Bring me around Elite Hall’s headquarters so that I can familiarize myself with it.”

“Yes!” Mu Chenfeng nodded.

“Hall Master, I’ll bring you around!”

“Hall Master, let me do it! I’ll tell you everything about it!”

The Elite Hall disciples extremely warmly received Gu Hai.


Outside Heavenly Chen City:


A flying ship quickly approached.

“Halt! Who are you! Do you have a registration?” A soldier immediately soared into the sky to stop the flying ship.

Yehua, his angels, and a group of Solar Divine Palace experts stood on that flying ship.

“You don’t recognize me?” Yehua said.

“Oh? The Solar Divine Palace’s envoy? What business do you have in Heavenly Chen City?” that soldier asked with a frown.

“Hahahaha! What’s wrong? Do I have to report everything I do to you? Is this how the Qian Nation treats its guests?” Yehua said.

“I don’t dare to. Please, go ahead. However, I have a gentle reminder. This is the Qian Heavenly Dynasty. You had better behave while in the thirty-three layers of heaven.” That guard left, shaking his head.

“Humph!” Yehua snorted coldly.

The flying ship flew straight into Heavenly Chen City.

All the experts on the flying ship showed solemn expressions.

“Second Young Master, is the information reliable?” a six-winged angel asked.

“It should be right. Gu Hai has arrived and is in Elite Hall’s headquarters? Humph! It’s good that he is here! Let’s see where he can run to this time!” Yehua said coldly.

“However, this is the thirty-three layers of heaven. If we just go over like that, would it…,” that six-winged angel said worriedly.

Yehua narrowed his eyes slightly. After some silence, he said, “It doesn’t matter. Just attack and quickly end the battle.”

“However, Second Young Master, will just us attacking be sufficient?” a subordinate asked doubtfully.

“We have two six-winged angels, plus Ci Wang is also a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. That makes three Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators. Furthermore, we still have four-winged angels and two-winged angels. Are you all unable to deal with one Gu Hai?” Yehua asked coldly.

“That Gu Hai only knows how to scheme. Killing him would be easy,” a six-winged angel immediately responded.

“Even if the Qian Heavenly Dynasty pursues the matter, Gu Hai will have died by then. At that time, I will protect you with the name of the Solar Divine Palace,” Yehua said coldly.

“Yes!” the subordinates answered.


Elite Hall’s headquarters, Heavenly Chen City:

The Elite Hall disciples stationed in this place were very cordial to Gu Hai. When Gu Hai said that he wanted to look around Elite Hall, the various disciples rushed to introduce the place to him. Although it ended up being very noisy, Gu Hai did not stop them. After all, this was a form of acknowledgment of him and also an expression of their enthusiasm.

After walking around for a while, they reached the treasury.

The treasury had many treasures that Long Xiaoyue found in the past. However, most of these treasures did not catch Gu Hai’s attention. Now that the Han Royal Dynasty was getting stronger, the treasures in the Han Nation’s treasury were no inferior to these.

After all, it had been decades. Even if there were some valuable treasures in the past, Elite Hall could not have protected them.

“Hey? What is this?” Gu Hai felt surprised when he saw a large tube. This somewhat resembled the cannons of Earth. However, this was larger—about sixteen meters long—and had talisman scripts covering it.

“This? This is called the Heaven Blasting Cannon. It used to be the strongest treasure of my Elite Hall. Unfortunately, it is already broken,” Mu Chenfeng said with regret in his tone.

“The Heaven Blasting Cannon?” Gu Hai echoed.

“This was a treasure that His Holy Eminence used previously. After he stopped using it, he gave it to Long Xiaoyue. Unfortunately, it broke in a fight with people in the southern seas, so we brought it back. Since this was given by His Holy Eminence, Hall Master Long Xiaoyue felt too embarrassed to seek out His Holy Eminence to fix it. Thus, it has been left here. She wanted to repair it but never succeeded,” Mu Chenfeng said.

“The Heaven Blasting Cannon? How is it used?” Gu Hai asked, feeling curious.

Elite Hall’s strongest treasure? Gu Hai immediately felt interested.

“Bring the Heaven Blasting Lightnings over!” Mu Chenfeng called out.

A group of Elite Hall disciples rushed to the storehouse and carried ten large boxes over. Then, the boxes were opened, revealing ten huge black balls.

“These are?” Gu Hai said in surprise.

“These are Heaven Blasting Lightnings. His Holy Eminence forged them in the past. We just need to place the Heaven Blasting Lightning in the Heaven Blasting Cannon and activate the ritual array on the Heaven Blasting Cannon. Then, the Heaven Blasting Lightning will shoot out in the direction the Heaven Blasting Cannon is pointed at, blasting the opponent. It could even completely blow up a middle-stage Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator,” Mu Chenfeng said with a sigh.

“Heaven Blasting Cannon? It really is an artillery weapon?” Gu Hai said, feeling shocked.

“Artillery? What’s that?” Everyone felt surprised.

“This is an artillery weapon, and the Heaven Blasting Lightnings are ammunition? The Qian Heavenly Emperor forged them?” Gu Hai said in shock.

“Yes.” Mu Chenfeng nodded in confusion.

Gu Hai had once considered forging cannons. After all, it was not difficult. He just needed to forge the tube, gunpowder, and the fuse, nothing too technologically complicated. The fireworks of the mundane world worked on the same principle. However, gunpowder was too weak, so he never furthered this plan.

This thing had a similar effect to cannons, despite using different methods.

“The Qian Heavenly Emperor personally forged the Heaven Blasting Lightning? Can it really blast apart a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator?” Gu Hai asked dubiously.

“It can. I saw it myself. Hall Master Long Xiaoyue used it to great effect in the southern seas, killing many experts.” Mu Chenfeng nodded.

“The most crucial thing is that His Holy Eminence personally forged the Heaven Blasting Lightning. Unfortunately, only ten are left. I heard that His Holy Eminence had given Hall Master Long Xiaoyue eighty-one,” Mu Chenfeng said after recalling.

Gu Hai extended his hand and touched the cannon.

“The most crucial part is still the Heaven Blasting Lightning.” Gu Hai nodded.

Naturally, gunpowder could not achieve a great effect. However, if what the Qian Heavenly Emperor forged could not deal with a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator, it would be too embarrassing.

Elite Hall’s things are mine. As Gu Hai looked at the Heaven Blasting Cannon, some satisfaction flashed in his eyes.

Broken? So what if it is broken? I have Mending Heaven Energy; what can I not fix?

Just as Gu Hai showed a satisfied smile, furious shouts suddenly rang out outside. “How bold of you! Who are you?! How dare you barge into my Elite Hall’s headquarters?”

“Who is it? Show yourselves!”

“Hall Master, it’s bad. A ritual array covered my Elite Hall!”

“Hall Master, there is an enemy attack!”

Anxious cries from Elite Hall guards suddenly arose outside.

“What happened? Have you activated the ritual array?” Mu Chenfeng rushed out, his expression changing.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud sounds came from outside.

“I’ve activated the ritual array. However, the defensive barriers are about to break. Hall Master— Ah! It’s the angels! Hall Master, it’s the angels!” Anxious cries came from outside.

Mu Chenfeng had already rushed out.

However, Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly. “Angels? Oh? They must be here for me.”

“Hall Master, what should we do?” the Elite Hall disciples asked worriedly.

“It does not matter. Carry out this Heaven Blasting Cannon. I want to test fire it,” Gu Hai said with a cold smile.

“Ah? But it is broken?” the Elite Hall disciples said in shock.

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Gu Hai touched the Heaven Blasting Cannon’s barrel and shook his head. “It’s fine.”

“Ah? How can it be? Hall Master Long Xiaoyue said it was broken!” the subordinates said anxiously.

“I said it is fine, so it is fine. Carry it outside!” Gu Hai ordered.

“Yes!” The Elite Hall disciples nodded in confusion.

Gu Hai walked out of the treasury with the Elite Hall disciples carrying the Heaven Blasting Cannon.


Outside Elite Hall:

Yehua stood on a mountain far from Elite Hall’s headquarters. A few angels stood behind him as he looked coldly at the fog-covered Elite Hall.

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“Second Young Master, we have already laid an obfuscation ritual array, preventing anyone outside from seeing the situation in there. Our men went together. They should be able to take Gu Hai’s head very soon,” one of the subordinates said with a cold smile.

“Excellent! Excellent! Humph! There are only Gu Hai, Mu Chenfeng, and some Elite Hall disciples? Gu Hai is dead for sure this time. Hahahahaha!” Yehua laughed with a ferocious expression.

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