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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 023: Heaven Blasting Cannon

In a restaurant outside Elite Hall’s headquarters, Heavenly Chen City:

“Hey! Look! Did the fog around Elite Hall’s headquarters suddenly grow larger?” a guest said, feeling curious.

“Indeed. That fog expanded outwards. What ritual array is that?”

“Hah…back when Long Xiaoyue was around, Elite Hall was awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, they get worse every year. Now, they can only play around with ritual arrays.

“I heard that the current Hall Master seems to be called Gu Hai? I heard that he achieved some incredible feats in the south. He even has a royal dynasty?”

“Can he compare to Long Xiaoyue?”

The restaurant guests discussed this. However, they did not care too much that more fog had appeared around Elite Hall.

Li Shenji, the Divine Strategy Battalion Commander, sat by a window in a private booth, looking at Elite Hall’s distant, fog-covered headquarters.

“Hah! Yehua finally made his move,” Li Shenji said with a cold smile after drinking some wine.

“Hall Master, Yehua is standing on a mountain to the west of Elite Hall’s headquarters. He did not go in,” a subordinate said respectfully.

“Oh? He managed this very cleanly. If the Qian Nation pursues this matter, he can represent the Solar Divine Palace in disciplining his subordinates for not following the rules? Hah!” Li Shenji sneered.

“But…but…” A subordinate at the side frowned.

“But what?” Li Shenji looked at that subordinate coldly.

“Is it worth it? Battalion Commander, that Gu Hai only killed your nephew. Furthermore, Li Haoran only has himself to blame. Even without Gu Hai doing it, His Holy Eminence would have discovered it sooner or later. Only death awaited him. Why does Battalion Commander keep targeting him? You have already done this several times. Given this, the grudge between Elite Hall and us is only getting bigger,” that subordinate said with a frown.

“Indeed. Battalion Commander, Li Haoran is not your only nephew. You have other nephews who died. Why did Battalion Commander not…,” another subordinate said, feeling confused.

“Li Haoran?” Li Shenji narrowed his eyes slightly, showing a sullen expression.

Why did Li Shenji form a grudge against Gu Hai? If it were in the past, Li Shenji would not have formed a grudge against Gu Hai, especially after seeing Gu Hai’s abilities.

However, Li Haoran was different. How different? When Li Shenji handed the Divine Strategy Battalion to Li Haoran, it was not because he thought highly of Li Haoran. In fact, he did not think much of Li Haoran’s capabilities at all.

Why did Li Shenji favor Li Haoran so much? It was because Li Haoran was his only son.

There was the grudge of killing his son. Naturally, Li Shenji felt deep hatred for Gu Hai.

Of course, Li Shenji could not possibly tell his subordinates about this scandalous history.

“Alright. Don’t mention this matter anymore,” Li Shenji said coldly.

“Yes!” the subordinates said bitterly.

Perhaps no other faction of the Qian Heavenly Dynasty paid any attention to Gu Hai, but the Divine Strategy Battalion did so with great scrutiny. Because of that, the Divine Strategy Battalion disciples were unwilling to clash with Gu Hai. Unfortunately, their battalion commander insisted on it, so the disciples could not do anything about it.

“Hall Master, those angels laid a Light Isolation Ritual Array outside Elite Hall’s headquarters. The sound inside cannot come out. Furthermore, the ritual array will not break, given the strength of Gu Hai and the others; they cannot come out at all,” a subordinate said.

“Three Middle Heavenly Realm cultivators, fifty-two Lower Heavenly Realm cultivators, and two thousand Nascent Soul Realm cultivators are sufficient to sweep their way through Elite Hall. Furthermore, they only want to kill Gu Hai. Haha! Gu Hai cannot escape this time, even if he grows wings!” Li Shenji sneered.


On a distant mountain:

Yehua fiddled with an ornamental thumb ring he wore as he looked coldly at the fog-covered Light Isolation Ritual Array in front.

“Humph! Gu Hai, you will die today!” Yehua said coldly.


While the outside could not hear the sound from within the Light Isolation Ritual Array, those inside could hear what was happening outside.

Gu Hai led the Elite Hall disciples to the main hall’s entrance.


Elite Hall’s ritual array broke.

“How bold of you! How dare you cause trouble in the heavenly court’s cities? Do you not fear punishment under my Qian Nation’s laws?” Mu Chenfeng snarled furiously when he rushed out.

Even after Elite Hall’s ritual array broke, there was still a large, foggy ritual array outside, isolating Elite Hall’s headquarters from the outside.

“Punishment? Hahahahahaha!” the experts in the air immediately guffawed.

“The Qian Nation’s legal punishment? Well, bring it on. Get them to come and punish us! Insignificant thing, scram aside if you want to live. Tell Gu Hai to get out here!” a six-winged angel suddenly shouted coldly.

“Insolence! This is my Qian Nation’s thirty-three layers of heaven. How dare you cause trouble here?!” an Elite Hall disciple shouted.


Suddenly, a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm expert unleashed his aura. An intense pressure swept over, causing everyone’s expression to change as they found breathing difficult.

“Ci Wang? It’s you!” Mu Chenfeng said with a ferocious expression.

“Oh, it’s you! Insignificant thing. Hah! You did not expect this, right? Back when Long Xiaoyue came to attack my Spirit City, you were by her side? Back then, I could not do anything about Long Xiaoyue. As for now…guess whether I can easily crush you or not?” Ci Wang sneered.

As Ci Wang spoke, he waved.


A strong force immediately knocked Mu Chenfeng back.


Mu Chenfeng spewed out a mouthful of blood in midair.

“Division Master!” Mu Chenfeng’s subordinates cried out.

“I’m fine!” Mu Chenfeng stood up slowly as he vomited blood.

“Hah! Insignificant thing, where is Gu Hai?” Ci Wang asked with a cold smile.

“Hand over Gu Hai, and I can give you a painless death. Otherwise…,” a six-winged angel said coldly.

“Otherwise, what?” Gu Hai’s frosty voice suddenly came from the palace hall.

“Hall Master!” The pressured Elite Hall disciples immediately looked at the palace hall in anxiety.

Nearly all the experts in the sky showed serious expressions as they looked at the palace hall’s entrance.

They saw Gu Hai slowly walking out with a solemn expression and a group of subordinates carrying a large tube behind him.

“Gu Hai!” everyone in the sky shouted coldly, with a serious expression.

When Gu Hai stepped out, he could sense malicious intent and intense murderous intent from the people outside.

However, he did not show any fear. Instead, he looked at the sky.

“Oh? Two six-winged angels and a group of Solar Divine Palace lackeys? Haha! Why is Yehua not here?” Gu Hai sneered.

“Gu Hai, you actually dared to come out. Humph! You tricked us very badly previously. Let’s see where you can flee to this time,” a six-winged angel said coldly.

However, Gu Hai looked at Mu Chenfeng. “Division Master Mu, are you injured?”

“I’m fine. However, this subordinate has embarrassed Elite Hall. Hall Master, please make a move,” Mu Chenfeng said with a bitter smile.

“Who injured you earlier?” Gu Hai asked coldly.

“I’m the one. What’s wrong? Gu Hai, don’t tell me you have some other means to attack me with? There won’t be another Ao Tianhuang to help you this time, right?” Ci Wang mocked.

“Go deal with whoever injured you yourself,” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Ah?” This slightly startled Mu Chenfeng.

“Here. These are the five paintings that have not been used up yet. I’ll lend them to you. Go avenge yourself.” Gu Hai proffered five paintings.

“Huh?” The angels felt slightly startled.

However, Mu Chenfeng appeared stunned. Five paintings? The paintings that induce pregnancy in anyone who looks at them?

“Thank you, Hall Master!” Mu Chenfeng immediately accepted the paintings.

There was no need for explanations. Mu Chenfeng had seen how these paintings were used in the Silver Moon Sea. He just needed to show them to the other party.

Mu Chenfeng immediately felt confident. However, to others, it looked like Gu Hai had given him something that assured victory.

The angels narrowed their eyes slightly.

Clearly, word of the egg painting had not reached the angels’ ears yet.

“Alright. Ci Wei, don’t bother with any more of this nonsense. Kill Gu Hai quickly, and we can return earlier,” a six-winged angel said coldly.

“Why me? Why don’t you go yourself?” Ci Wei objected coldly.

Although Yehua promised to protect everyone, the angels did not want to make a move casually in the thirty-three layers of heaven. They intended to let these Solar Divine Palace lackeys do it so that they could blame these lackeys if anything happened.

“Humph! We have already set up the ritual array. Go quickly and return quickly. Second Young Master said that I am in charge here. And I want you to go now,” that six-winged angel countered coldly.

“Humph!” Ci Wang snorted coldly, no longer arguing back.

Having such a large group of people come and deal with weaklings like the Elite Hall was simply making a mountain out of a molehill. Just unleashing their auras alone made them breathless. What was there to worry about?

Just as Ci Wei was about to charge down, Mu Chenfeng suddenly soared into the sky.

“Huh?” The angels felt slightly startled.

“Is he crazy? He is just a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, but he dares to come alone?”

“Haha! Ci Wang made him spew out blood with one palm strike. Furthermore, that attack did not even make physical contact. This is just a reckless charge.”

“Wait. Something’s not right. Gu Hai gave him a treasure earlier. Look, it’s those five paintings. He is unfurling them now.”

“What is on that paintings? Be careful. Look before you attack. They must be some incredible enchanted treasures.”

“What is on the paintings?”


The Solar Divine Palace experts goggled in confusion at the five paintings Mu Chenfeng brandished. Even Ci Wang, who was about to charge down, wanted to see what exactly was going on.

Apart from Gu Hai, Mu Chenfeng, and the recently returned Wood Division disciples, the other Elite Hall disciples appeared confused.

“Hall Master, are those five paintings very incredible?”

“Ah? It’s not similar ones to Vacant City, right?” Someone guessed something.

“That’s right.” Gu Hai nodded.

“Oh!” The Elite Hall disciples appeared shocked, their expressions turning strange.

At this moment, miserable cries rang out in the sky.

“My belly! Argh! It hurts!”


Outside Elite Hall’s headquarters:

Li Shenji narrowed his eyes slightly as he sat in a restaurant. “Humph! Gu Hai is dead for sure this time!”


On a mountain:

“Second Young Master, might they end up going too far?” a subordinate asked worriedly.

“Too far? Humph! So what if they kill everyone? All who humiliate me die!” Yehua said coldly, clenching his fists.

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Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Suddenly, the fog in the distance trembled.

“It’s done? Second Young Master, they have already killed Gu Hai!” a subordinate said excitedly.

“Indeed. They are banging on the barrier already. The angels maintaining the ritual array outside can lift it now,” another subordinate said excitedly.

Yehua revealed a faint smile.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Suddenly, the fog at a particular area scattered, showing a hole.

“Hey! It’s Angel Jia Da?” a subordinate said in surprise.

They saw a six-winged angel banging on the barrier with everything he had at that spot, appearing flustered.

“Where is Gu Hai’s head? What is Angel Jia Da doing? Why is he so flustered?”

“Gu Hai is dead for sure. However, what’s with Angel Jia Da’s expression? What’s wrong with him?”

Everyone felt incredibly anxious. That six-winged angel pounded at the barrier even more frantically, his expression increasingly more horrified. He seemed to be shouting something, but no sound could get out.

“Open the ritual array!” Yu Hua called out as his expression suddenly changed.


The barrier instantly opened at that place.

“Save me! Save me! Second Young Master, save me!” the six-winged angel cried out as he flew out in a frenzy, appearing horrified as he soared into the sky.

Far away, Li Shenji’s face sank. “A six-winged angel is a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. Why is he fleeing in horror?”

“What happened?” Yehua shouted with a glare.

“Save me! Second Young Master, save me!” that six-winged angel shouted in horror.

That six-winged angel’s horrified shouts attracted the attention of countless citizens in Heavenly Chen City. The citizens looked at the fleeing six-winged angel in shock. This… What is happening?

Just at this moment, an earth-shattering noise came from that barrier’s opening.


A black cannonball turned into a beam of black light shooting at that six-winged angel.

“Second Young Master!” The six-winged angel let out one final horrified cry.

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The black cannonball blasted that six-winged angel to pieces before everyone’s eyes. A large mushroom-shaped cloud bloomed in the sky.


A gale instantly swept through Heavenly Chen City.

The loud explosion resounded throughout the city. This startled all the citizens, prompting them to stare at the sky in shock.

Even Yehua shivered.

A six-winged angel! He was a six-winged angel! Yet, he got blasted to pieces?!

Li Shenji goggled. “The Heaven Blasting Cannon! How can this be?! Isn’t it broken?!”

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