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ITDO - Chapter 177 - Evolving Once Again

The NASDAQ index sank like a stone.

The many recent events involving superhumans had caused economic setbacks to the United States to the point that other countries, once distant competitors, could now begin to challenge its hegemony.

In fact, this could not be helped. In this kind of peaceful era, whoever was the boss would face more problems when hit with turmoil. In the entire world, the country with the biggest desire to keep the status quo would probably be America, after all, it would always be in the highest position.

What happened in the Sonora Desert was filmed by a pair of father and son. It was uploaded on U-Tube, causing an uproar all over the world. Some people even gloated over the supernatural events that had befallen America and Japan.

“Who told Hollywood and Japanese anime to always have plots of fighting against evil creatures and aliens.”

“Now, reality has satisfied the needs of both countries. Various monsters and evils have now come out. If Japan is considered to be an unprecedented disaster, America would be man-made.”

“That self-proclaimed Demon King of Thanksgiving had come out from the depths of hell to avenge the natives who once died in America. The Americans could not say anything at all because it was the fault of their ancestors from a long time ago. Even in the past, many scholars had criticized the policy of genocide in that era.”

“Recently, the churches in many neighborhoods have been overflowing with people going to the church for confession every weekend.”

The reports were flying into the president's office.

The president couldn’t even leave his desk for extended periods of time due to the amount of work. Apart from some international conferences and information exchange, he had been anxiously working on the various aftermaths and was quite pitiful to see.

“Have you contacted the Vatican? What about our local denominations?”

“We have already contacted them. The experts believe that there is no such thing as a person with supernatural powers among the Christians in the Vatican or in our own country.”

“If the Vatican really had these people with supernatural abilities, the Middle Ages would not have ended and the Renaissance would not have occurred. The Pope would have probably toppled the crown and taken over Europe in the name of God. But looking at the Vatican now, they can’t even tell if these mysterious forces exist.”

The president constantly rubbed his aching forehead. The irritation in his voice made it clear how tired he was. Not only did he have to keep things confidential, but the sheer stress of the situation was starting to get to him. If only he could tweet out a few…

“But from what we heard from other superhumans, there should be some kind of mysterious link between the demons and Christians.”

The reporter said with uncertainty.

“Maybe it’s the same as those superhumans in East Asia. Those who have supernatural powers have disappeared from this world for the time being and they are just beginning to return. The only problem is that there is little to no documentation of these things.”

This was what many countries were puzzled about. They felt as if everything was strange and maybe everyone had been brainwashed because if these superhumans did exist, they would have left some traces. On the contrary, many countries could not find any traces of these powerful existences. The only explanation would be that a mysterious power had erased all these traces.

“About the stock market…”

“Our stock market, China’s property market, and Japan’s debt market have always been bubbles at risk of exploding at any time. Just think of this as a cool down for us. As for those who have transferred their assets, we are aware of their actions. I am now discussing with Congress on policies to mitigate it.”

Hearing the president’s concerns, the reporter could not just keep quiet.

“The outside world has been arguing whether we should cancel Thanksgiving Day or not. Fortunately, there are no rumors circulating about ‘Satan’, otherwise something big will happen.”

America was already on the edge. Just the ‘Demon King of Thanksgiving’ alone was the cause of this. Of course, this was mainly thanks to Louie’s perfect performance and lighting effects. Although the Demon King of Thanksgiving did not show a strong destructive power, the darkening of the clouds, the thousands of undead, and the unfolding sandstorm were already shocking to most people.

If rumors of ‘Satan’ begin to spread, most probably the entire country would be embroiled in chaos. At that time, all kinds of cults would probably come out from hiding.

American research institutions had also caught undead creatures to study, but they could not reach any conclusion other than the fact that they were dead. There was no virus like in those movies at all, and could only be classified as magic.


As for what else would happen, Louie did not care anymore. At this time, he was already on his way back to San Soliel.

After passing through the blue doors, what he saw was still the wide and spacious hall. After returning to Dragon City, Louie was in a much better mood.

This was his territory after all. Earth did not belong to him and was a world that was devoid of mysteries.


Louie first perceived his surroundings and saw that the Queen of Calamity, Noella, was just lying on that gold mountain in front of the hall, so Louie just let her be.

Although a dragon’s instinct made Louie have an interest in treasures, he was still different from other dragons. If other dragons saw another dragon sleeping in their gold pile, they would definitely get angry and would definitely kill them. While Louie did not feel anything when another dragon was lying on his gold pile.

With paper money gradually getting popular inside the territory, Louie was able to collect a variety of gold, silver, jewelry, and other luxury items from the people. Then he threw them all into the front hall, to make it even more like a mountain of treasure.

“Ah, thinking about it, I am simply a wealthy but uncharitable landowner. Using paper money to force people to sell their own collection of jewelry and precious metals is really excessive.”

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Louie self-ridiculed and looked solemnly.

“Now that I found a new source of energy, let’s evolve again!”

[Understood host. Energy source X found. Information correspondence complete. Ultimate Weapon Program Phase 2, Start.]

The voice that Louie disliked appeared once in his mind. He instantly felt a burst of exhaustion as a kind of unknown energy began to wrap around his body. As a dragon, he was once again evolving.

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