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ITDO - Chapter 176 - The Proper Attitude of a God.

Satan was the enemy; the enemy of the Lord.

For Christians, he was probably the very last person they wanted to see.

The defense commander of the research institute asked in a panic, “Can we even injure this monster?”

The researchers quickly looked into the monitor and watched the creature known as the ‘Demon King of Thanksgiving’ as it displayed its incredible abilities.


The walls of the research institute unfolded, revealing heavy machine guns inside them. As the machine guns fired madly and tongues of fire spewed out, the bullets passed through the demon king’s body as though they were hitting mist.

With the previous experience of fighting in Tokyo, some soldiers with flamethrowers came forward and fired flames that reached thousands of degrees, but these were also useless. The Demon King of Thanksgiving was simply too different compared to the ones in Tokyo. The flames and even chemicals like liquid nitrogen had no effect on it at all.

This shadow monster was not like the ghost that Louie summoned and could be killed by this level of flames. This was Louie’s main body. With the resistance of dragons, it was impossible for the soldiers to vaporize Louie unless their attack reached hundreds of millions of degrees.

As for high-temperature weapons like nuclear missiles, it was just as impossible for them to vaporize Louie.

“Hahahahaha. Descendants of betrayers, Just pay for the sins you once committed. The land below your feet belonged to us and you are naturally just offenders.

Clack clack clack clack aaaaaaaa—

With the Demon King of Thanksgiving at the center, ghostly skeletons appeared from the ground emitting harsh and terrifying cries. Those screams seemed to affect other people’s wills. And anyone who heard them would fall on the ground, wailing loudly, and cover their ears in pain. When those skeletons transformed into humanoid figures, they walked forward, passing through the soldiers. As if their souls had been taken, the soldiers were paralyzed and lost their consciousness.

The corrosive aura belonging to the Queen of Calamity continued to spread. Metal guns in the hands of the humans began to rust and the walls smoked as if they had encountered acidic liquid. The skins and muscles of the soldiers seemed to be rotting and peeling. They wailed in pain as if they were bathing in acid. It was a horrid, gut-churning scene.

“Not enough. Not enough! NOT ENOUGH! This much resentment is not yet enough to destroy the country. Just you wait. Try and pray to your God. I have come out of hell and once I have gathered the resentment of the millions you have slaughtered and died on this land, that will be the day of your destruction, Puritans!”

Louie acted as if he was aware of his lack of power and hissed angrily. Then he turned into black smoke and rushed upwards, directly past the ceiling of the institute and the thick dome, and appearing in the skies of Sonora Desert.

The Sonora Desert was not as vast as the Sahara Desert, but it was still difficult to see its edges unless you reached an absurd altitude. This place was a barren and desolate world with only a few stubborn plants growing. Not far away, there was a pickup truck driving in the distance.

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After seeing Louie, a black shadow floating in mid-air, the pickup truck stopped. From it came out a father and son. The father and son looked frightened yet joyous. They hid behind the pickup truck, took out their cell phones, and began to shoot. From the looks of it, they were streaming.

“I guess they also want to be famous…”

Louie only needed a glance to know what those people were doing.

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Recently, the easiest way to become an internet celebrity was to broadcast supernatural events. Perhaps this was the reason why this father and son were driving a pickup truck in the middle of the desert.

Thinking like this, Louie once again used a spell. He once again activated [Illusion] and instantly caused black gas to expand at a fast speed to quickly occupy the entire skies. The skies within a thousand meters were covered in black fog. Within this fog, twisted human faces appeared full of malice and hatred. It looked as if thousands of souls were wailing; as if a demon king had truly descended.

Then Louie used a necromantic spell on the Sonora Desert. The dead people and animals that had been buried in it began to rise from the ground as skeletons with eyes flashing with ghostly fire. They seemed incredibly bloodthirsty.

These undead creatures were not strong. It would take simple human firearms to deal with, but Louie summoned them not to kill, but to accompany his own momentum.

Below him, thousands of skeletons had gathered and above him, human faces filled with malice cried out. The scene alone already exceeded the special effects on the movie ‘Return of the Mummy’ by a huge margin.

Afterward, Louie took a deep breath. He activated [Create Wind] with maximum power, causing sands to fly into the air. The scene looked as if it was the end of the world.

‘Unfortunately, my power is not yet enough. The sand storm created by [Create Wind] could only do this much.’

Louie looked at the sandstorm with some regret. These sand storms simply had no lethality. After all, it was just created from a normal spell. If he used a legendary spell, it would be a better sight to see. And if he were to create it from divine power, even a city would be annihilated.

But no matter what, the momentum that he needed was adequate. Although it was not as powerful as the Torch Dragon opening its eyes and destroying the American Military Base with one breath, this scene was still enough to move mountains and seas.

“Wait for me, you bandits and traitors! I will destroy you and reclaim our paradise! Be thankful to your ancestors in hell! Hahahaha!”

The twisted human faces roared rampantly. Not much later several black dots flew in the air. These were fighter jets moving at Mach speed. They immediately launched their missiles once they locked onto the demon king. With the knowledge that the missiles would just pass through the black fog, they had set the detonation mechanism to blow up when it was near the black fog. As a result, a violent explosion burst in the skies, sending flames far and wide.

Immediately after, multiple rocket launchers came out of the institute and shot rockets at the sky. A series of explosive sounds erupted in the sky as if giant fireworks were created from bombs.

At this time, Louie’s body had already hidden in stealth a few kilometers away in a dune. The demon king that was in the sky was only an illusion. No matter how the American forces shot at it, even a nuclear missile would be useless.

“It’s almost time to wrap this up. This should set the groundwork for the next time I come back.

Louie stroked his chin and thought.

The grudges of the dead Native Americans becoming a demon king to take revenge wasn’t a bad plot. Next, there should be an opportunity for the Lord’s priests to appear.

“Well, I can also play as a Celtic druid, or maybe I should get the Queen of the Land of Shadows to appear?”

Louie thought about it briefly before putting away his thoughts. In any case, this was not the most urgent thing at the moment.

After holding the energy source in his hands, Louie showed a satisfied smile. This time, he had gained large harvests. Not only was he able to gather all the things he needed, but the whole world was also now moving according to his script.

The pleasure of deciding the fate of the world through the will of one person made him feel that this was how a God should act.

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