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ITDO - Chapter 175 - Demon King of Thanksgiving, Satan’s Incarnation

“Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Our resentment will send your perfidious people into the hell’s lava. You will become our substitute and burn there for eternity!”

“I am the incarnation of Thanksgiving, the embodiment of that sinful holiday. With the hatred of my people, I will ensure you all are torn apart and cast into the blazing fires of hell!!!”

The twisted creature formed from miasma hissed. Its body seemed to be made from countless souls that roared in hatred and malice.

In the eyes of the researchers, the souls were dressed as Native Americans. During the 1600s there was a small ship called the Mayflower that left England and sailed towards the present United States. Their goal was the colonization of this continent and it was a bloody one. As a result of many tragedies, massacres, and diseases, almost all native Americans were killed by the Europeans. The so-called democracy and freedom of the country was placed on top of countless deaths.

As for the ‘Demon King of Thanksgiving’, it was naturally Louie’s impersonation.

Previously, Louie had left a surveillance spell on the scale. This allowed him to obtain the coordinates of this secret base. From there, he tried to find fragments of the Terran Civilization’s spaceship that would help him shorten his growth cycle significantly. That way, he could quickly mature and become a true primordial dragon.

As luck would have it, the Americans really had the energy source that he was looking for, and it just happened to be placed in close proximity to the scale, which gave Louie plenty of time to prepare and study.

With the use of the spell [Protective Detection], Louie also understood the basic situation of this research institute. With the knowledge that the native Americans were the ones who initially possessed the energy source, Louie pretended to be a demon king formed from the grudges of the dead native Americans and here to take revenge.

In the past, other than divine power, Louie had no other means available to him, but after signing a contract with the ‘Queen of Calamity’, he could easily use her powers for his goals.

The former Queen of Calamity was a legendary rank mage. After gaining all her knowledge, he also gained a great deal of knowledge about spells and enough magic power to set up a series of legendary spells in Tokyo.

The Queen of Calamity also had another power, which was the ability to turn into shadow. This was an especially good aid in playing the role of a demon king.

For example, Louie had now turned his body into a twisted form of resentment. Although he himself also lost the ability to perform physical attacks, he also gained a high resistance to them. Unless he was facing high-powered weapons, general firearms simply couldn’t even touch him.

While people weren’t paying attention, Louie’s shadow had filled the space with shades and taken away the energy source. At the same time, he used the [Illusion] spell to leave behind an illusion of the jar shattering and evaporating into thin air, making people think that the role of the jar was to summon evil demons.

Louie did not want to let other people know that he was coveting the jar. Instead, he made them think that it was a time bomb that could explode at anytime. That way, he would gain more chances to find the energy sources scattered throughout the planet.

After doing all this, Louie knew he had to finish this last play before he returned to San Soliel.

“This monster is really made from the dead souls of the native Americans…”

“My lord, after hundreds of years, these natives have finally come to take revenge!”

“I used to always say that Thanksgiving should not be passed on as a holiday! Just look, this holiday actually created a demon!”

The researchers had increasingly needed to abandon common sense to maintain their sanity. If one wanted to explain how a concept like Thanksgiving could create monsters, then it was impossible to explain it scientifically, but magic provided an easy way to handwave away any thorough explanations.

Thanksgiving could be traced back to the beginning of the history of the United States. It originated from the earliest immigrants in Plymouth, Massachusetts. At that time, there were about 100 immigrants from all walks of life who traveled from England to America. These people came to a strange land with nothing and it was thanks to the native Americans that they survived.

With the help of the natives, these settlers were able to obtain a bountiful harvest. These settlers then established a day to thank God and invited the natives to their celebration.

This was the original Thanksgiving Day, which was said to be a day to thank God, but in fact, it was more to thank those natives.

But the result afterward was like those in history. The government had betrayed the trust of the natives and carried out genocidal policies, killing many natives which turned Thanksgiving an ironic holiday.

“FUCK, we were able to kill all those natives back then, and we can send them back to hell again.” One of the more racist researchers cursed angrily and shouted.

“Remove the air inside!”

As the order was given, the vents inside the room opened and rapidly drained the air inside the lab.

But the strangest thing was, the foggy state of the ‘Demon King of Thanksgiving’ was unaffected by the flow of air. After a short amount of time, there was no air left in the room, but the monster clearly did not rely on air to survive.

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“Release the poisonous gases!”

Various neurotoxins and poisonous gases were injected into the chamber, but this was also useless.

After Louie put the energy source away, he pretended to have finally noticed the scale. His face twisted in fear and ecstatically shouted, “You actually provoked the ancient dragon!”

“You actually dared to to provoke the incarnation of the ancient dragon, how daring! You religious people, not even God can save you now. Hahahahaha!”

The Demon King of Thanksgiving laughed out loud. His vibrating body advanced forward. Under everyone’s dumbfounded gaze, the demon king’s body passed through the walls and came out from the sealed chamber. In the next moment, alarms rang out throughout the entire institute.

Although the shadow state looked foggy from the outside, this was simply an illusion. In essence, it was more of a soul-like state. Penetrating walls without any defensive magic on them was simple. No matter how thick the walls were, it was useless.

Now, Louie looked humanoid, but his soul was still that of a shadow dragon.

“Ancient dragon?”

“What is that?”

“Could it be the owner of that dragon scale?”


The group of researchers were amazed at what the Demon King of Thanksgiving said.

The director of the institute looked with a horrified face and said in disbelief, “No, that’s not true.”

The crowd looked at him, not knowing why the director was showing such a look.

“That’s Sa… Satan’s incarnation… That is the ancient dragon recorded… in the Book of Revelations. The seven-headed dragon with crows on its head! I remember the first time I watched that video, that dragon had a crown on its head!”

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“Could it be that the dragon is just as the Demon King of Thanksgiving has said? Could the dragon really be the incarnation of Satan?”

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