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LGS - Chapter 1291 - Like When We First Met

“Yeah, just like that! When you live, you need to live well. When you need to be cheerful, then be as happy as you can be. When you really reach the day when you have to die, embrace death with open arms!”

Li Qingshan saw how adorable she was and could not help but touch her cheeks. “You really are like a child.”

Qiu Haitang only found his words like a blade. They were simple and honest, but they could easily cut through troubling thoughts.

There was only one thought that weighed on her mind that she did not know how to handle. Seeing how he doted on her like a child, she felt even sweeter inside.

“I’ve at least changed quite a bit, but you’re clearly no different from back then, yet you treat me like a child.”


Li Qingshan scratched his head. With his bloodline of the demonic and divine, even if he remained here and did nothing, his lifespan would reach over ten thousand years with ease. A measly century was absolutely nothing. Of course, his appearance would not change.

Naturally, Qiu Haitang was not talking about his outer appearance either; instead, she was referring to the inside him. The hearts of people constantly changed, grew, and aged.

Actually, he had experienced far more things than Qiu Haitang. Various sights flashed across his eyes.

Being hunted down to his death by the Dragon King of Ink Sea and rebirthing with the phoenix’s nirvāṇa.

Drifting and searching through the illusions created by the Clam King of Mirage Sea, Shen Mengdie.

Becoming a husband, a father, the lord of the world, and the god of the world in the small world.

Traversing through billions of kilometres of outer space, accompanied by the stars.

Any single incident was enough to change a person drastically. At the very least, they would become a little more “mature”.

But he had never changed. He had never matured. He had never aged. Instead, he had developed a lively, cheerful ape demon in his heart, making him even more reckless and capricious.

He kissed her ear gently and smiled. “What’s wrong with that? At least it’s better than changing drastically after being hit with a rude awakening, giving up on who you love and setting off on a different path.”

“Do you think everyone is as inflexible and unchanging as you?” Qiu Haitang lifted the corner of her lips. Her eyes were filled with affection.

“Sometimes, the more clever a person is, the easier it is for them to become lost. Fortunately, I’m not that clever. Speaking of which, what’s that ‘love monk’ on about? The chan of delightful union has always been a heretic practice. If he’s a monk, then he better just stick with his vegetarian diet and his scriptures to chant. What’s he thinking of women for?”

“Don’t underestimate him. Prince Tsangyang is known as the Love Monk of Seven Lives. He’s the dream lover of countless women in the Lightning province! Not only was he infatuated with me, but he could even write poems. You have no idea just how great he was. Sigh, it’s a pity that we met too late. I just had to meet a certain wretched daemon before him.”

Qiu Haitang controlled the tone of her voice and swept the hair on her left shoulder behind her. In the end, she let out a sigh that was filled with pity.

Li Qingshan raised an eyebrow. “Write poems?”

“Yeah, I’ve kept them all! There’s a thick stack of them!” Sure enough, Qiu Haitang took out a stack of poem drafts from her sumeru ring and said playfully, “Do you want me to read them for you so that you can broaden your horizons too and learn what’s called true love?”

“Sure!” Li Qingshan licked his lips. It was getting a little dangerous for her now.

However, Qiu Haitang did not care at all. She continued to tease him and push his bottom line, clearing her throat and beginning to read. It truly was a love monk’s love poems. The language was elegant and beautiful, and the rhyme was very refined. It was filled with admiration and affection towards her.

She read through half of it when she suddenly let out a moan and stopped. She felt his scorching, large hand directly reach into her inner garments.

The soft and smooth sensation was no longer blocked by clothes. All Li Qingshan felt was the tip of his fingers sink into a clump of softness as if they had melted away. He blew into her ear and smiled. “Why aren’t you reading anymore?”

Qiu Haitang snorted and grabbed his mischievous hand, continuing to read as if she was venting against him. The warmth from his hand passed through her skin, gripping her heart, which made her breathing become more and more rapid as her face became redder and redder. Her body melted away in his arms like a puddle of water, yet she also felt something beneath her buttocks. She wriggled around in uneasiness, wanting to keep her distance from it a little.

Li Qingshan sucked in a deep breath. She was actually so enchanting! He pressed down on her belly with his left hand to make her sit still in his arms, which sank into the softness. He picked the red bean with his right hand and rubbed it gently.

Qiu Haitang let out a moan and grabbed his hand with both hands. The drafts of the poems scattered across the bed; she was no longer reading them anymore. Her face was bright red, the same gorgeous shade as peaches and plums. Her beauty was unmatched, glowing with unprecedented charms.

That was beauty she would only bloom with before the person she loved.

“All you… do… is fiddle around!” Qiu Haitang bit her lips and stuttered.

Li Qingshan said proudly, “Hmph, what’s so great about writing poems? If I wanted to write them, I could come up with a hundred of my own too.”

“Really?” Qiu Haitang did not believe him. “I don’t want a hundred.”

“Listen up.”

Li Qingshan was not some poet in his past life, but he still remembers quite a few of those renowned poems. However, cultivation boiled down to who was tougher, not who was more scholarly and talented. Copying out novels could help him amass the power of belief, but copying out poems gave him nothing.

However, as a mighty transmigrator, how could he simply back down here?

As a result, he said clearly, “If only life was like when we first met!”

He glanced at her, only to see her slightly blanked out as if she was very surprised. He could not help but become complacent inside. This poem might be absolutely everywhere, but to young, ignorant women, it’s basically a killing machine.

“Yet why do we cast each other aside like fans in the autumn!”

Qiu Haitang leaned against her hand and listened quietly.

“You are easily faithless, yet you call others faithless. You and I are like the Illustrious Emperor of Tang and Madam Yang, once swearing an oath of love together in the Palace of Longevity, yet they still parted resolutely in the end, without any resentment. But how can you compare to the Illustrious Emperor of Tang? At least he had still sworn to be bound like birds in the sky or roots in the ground.”

TL: This is a poem by Nalan Xingde. It basically talks about how love is so warm, sweet, and happy at first, but as time goes on, it falls apart. The later part of the poem is a reference to Emperor Xuanzong of Tang and imperial consort Yang, who were once smitten with one another. However, due to changing circumstances, the emperor had her choked to death in the end. It primarily references the Song of Everlasting Sorrow.

Qiu Haitang sighed gently. “Just the first line of the poem surpasses all love poems I’ve read before. If your hand were not so restless, it would have been even better.”

As it turned out, when Li Qingshan acted as a plagiarist, he had never stopped caressing her, just like how it would be difficult to stop stroking a piece of fine jade.

“Heh, are you convinced now?”

“Where did you copy it from? It doesn’t really suit the current occasion for you to do something like that, does it?”

“Strictly original! You can investigate me if it’s a copy!”

Li Qingshan never expected her senses to be so sharp. He obviously planned on denying it to his death. “How doesn’t it suit the current occasion? This is a poem I came up with when I thought of you, when I worried whether you found someone else or not.”

“Hmph, I don’t believe you.”

“If you're so good, why don’t you plagiarise too?”

“Heh, I’ve caught you red-handed. You’re miffed.”

Qiu Haitang laughing charmingly. Suddenly, she brought her hand over his hand that was on her chest between the clothes and pushed down.

Even Li Qingshan had not used so much strength before, afraid that he would hurt her. She simply said seriously, “My heart will never change. Are you willing to give your heart to me?”

How could Li Qingshan say no?

“You better not regret it.” Qiu Haitang seemed to be indicating something.

“I never regret anything.”

Qiu Haitang gazed at him and suddenly smiled. As a result, she made up her mind. Since you’ve already said that, then you can’t blame me. I’m just doing this to be doted on by you.

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She blinked her eyes and opened her lips. Her voice was clear and determined. “Take me!”

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Li Qingshan could not hold back anymore, kissing her on her delicate and charming lips.

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Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.