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ITDO - Chapter 172 - Land of the Gods

Situated within the wealthy suburbs of Shanghai was an elegant courtyard that wouldn’t have been out of place in rural China. Its decor blended northern and southern Chinese aesthetics in a pristine but decadent mix.

This courtyard was built by the Qin family following the Suzhou Garden style. The leaders of the family had spared no expense to ensure that their elders were interred within elegant grounds.

When the patriarch of the family had learned that his granddaughter had met the mysterious old man, the first thing he did was to prepare the courtyard for the guest.

And so he and Louie met and spoke.

The elder of the Qin family was a man of integrity. He also had an acute business sense and wisdom. He was smart enough not to make any requests to Louie and stayed respectful.

However, Louie was able to perceive that the elder of the Qin family was still physically strong but also worried about his own life expectancy. The elder probably wanted to ask Louie for a way to live a bit longer.

Perhaps the poor wished to die early and be reborn into better circumstances, but for the rich and powerful, they desired to live even longer!

Louie’s appearance undoubtedly gave them great hope.

After all, the old man was someone who lived for more than 500 years in the land of the gods!

“Sir is already waiting inside for you. Please come with me.”

What greeted Gui Bin was a beautiful young girl wearing traditional clothing. Gui Bin had already investigated the Qin family in detail and recognized that this young girl was the eldest young lady of the Qin family, Qin Yaxi.

Seeing this, he was slightly surprised. He felt that this young lady could really behave. As the Qin family’s young miss, she actually put down all her work to act as a maid and serve the mysterious old man. She even changed her clothes into ancient Chinese clothing. It seemed that the Qin family made great preparations to meet with this old man.

‘This family is quite upright.’

Gui Bin sighed as he walked deeper into the courtyard while being led by Qin Yaxi.

The two did not speak at all along the way. Qin Yaxi knew that the person was likely a representative sent by the government. She did not dare ask too much and suppressed her curiosity.

As the old man requested, the Qin family had helped him gather the things he needed. This would result in great fortune coming down on the Qin family.

When doing business in China, it was important to have a good relationship with the government. The Qin family had a good relationship with the municipal leaders, but they would not befriend anyone of a higher status.

With the arrival of the old man, the Qin family would also come into contact with those high-level figures. They didn’t even have to pay for anything as the government would supply what the old man needed.

In Qin Yaxi’s opinion, this god-like person did not like dealing with officials. He only let the Qin family go out and talk with the government, while he reaped all the benefits.

‘This is truly spontaneous and enviable.’

This was the dashing life that so many aspired to have.

Not long after, Gui Bin saw the old man who he only saw in the video.

Just like in the video, the old man had a child-like face. The skin on his body was like a newborn baby’s. It was truly an unbelievable thing. He sat on a sandalwood chair that faced towards a man-made lake. Beside him was a rosewood table where a pot of expensive tea that the government gifted him was brewing.

Louie’s closed eyes suddenly opened. He shot a few glances towards Gui Bin and said, “This old man already knew that you were coming. Sit.”

After being lightly looked at by Louie, Gui Bin felt that his everything had been exposed to the old man. The gaze that was shot at him felt like it had a substance like an immortal god.

Just a single look was all it took to place others in awe.

“Junior wouldn’t dare!”

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Gui Bin followed traditional manners as he lowered his head and clasped his fists.

Seeing this Louie almost laughed. It seemed his actions had affected modern Earth’s mannerisms to be more Chinese.

Qin Yaxi knew that some information was not for her ears and obediently left the room.

“This little doll is quite beautiful. She can be compared with my servant.”

Louie’s utterance made Gui Bin’s heart jump. These might have been simple words, but they contained a lot of information.

For example, he learned that this old man was not an immortal that did not need to eat and might just have the ability to go to the land of the gods. Moreover, he learned that the old man still had human desires. He also concluded that the old man must be of high status for him to have a servant taking care of him.

‘But Miss Qin is so beautiful. Since you say that she could barely compare to your servant, how beautiful is your servant?’

As a man, Gui Bin was a bit envious.

Louie took a sip of tea and said, “Little boy, if you have something to say just say it. I don’t like people beating around the bush.”

‘It’s just as what the higher-ups have guessed. The old man doesn’t like the government much.’

Gui Bin barely suppressed his mind and tried to recall the words he practiced countless times before coming. He maintained a respectful attitude and voice, “Old sir, this time the Earth has faced a crisis. Thank you for your help. Even the land of the rising sun is in awe of your compassion and generosity.”

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“We know that you need the wasabi plant. If you require it, we will bring it here by truckloads.”

“We have also prepared the supplies that you asked the Qin family to procure. We will let the Qin family receive them and deliver them to you.”

After saying that, Gui Bin just lowered his head with apprehension in his heart.

No one knew the true temper of this kind of 500-year-old monster. They didn’t want to accidentally infuriate him by giving him the wrong thing.

“Hahahaha! The government knows how to treat people well.”

Louie applauded and laughed. The cheerful laughter eased Gui Bin’s heart as the old man was not angry.

Louie sighed. This statement seemed ordinary, but in fact, he had completely delineated the Japanese side and the Chinese side. That way, people would unconsciously take him as part of the Chinese side.

“This old man does not like to say hypocritical words. This old man does indeed have a use for these things. Directly deliver the things that this old man needs to this place. This old man has his own means to take it away.”

Gui Bin knew that the old man had ‘universe in the sleeves’. This had already been determined by the Japanese researchers.

“Don't get a reward if it's not deserved. This old man had removed the evil calamity in Japan and they compensated me with ‘aoi’. This could be considered fair trade.”

“The government has provided me with this many things. If I don’t give you some benefits, some people might think I’m petty.”

After hearing Louie’s words, Gui Bin almost laughed out loud.

He had originally come over to deliver some things and to make acquaintances. The supplies that the old man wanted might be a lot, but for modern China, this was not much. In the beginning, the government had only intended to improve their relationship with the old man, but they did not expect that the old man would give them some benefits.

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