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CSG - Chapter 3140: The Xuanhuang Spiritual Fluid

Right when Jian Chen fused the swords and the Chaotic Force appeared, the serpent dragon coiled up a hundred kilometres away in the valley immediately narrowed its eyes. Its body tensed up instantly.

The violent force filled with a destructive presence that had suddenly appeared made it feel instinctively threatened.

The threat was so great that it became uneasy, making it feel fear.

On top of that, as the twin swords charged up, the destructive presence it gave off became stronger and stronger and more and more terrifying. In the end, it actually made the serpent dragon tremble all over.

Abruptly, the serpent dragon moved. Its body that spanned three thousand metres rose into the air. It did not choose to escape. Instead, it rapidly flew towards Jian Chen who fused the swords a hundred kilometres away.

Even it had no idea why it was doing that, as it had completely done this out of its instincts. Under the control of its instincts, it launched an attack at Jian Chen with a heart filled with fear.

However, as soon as it took action, a terrifying pressure appeared. The space around it seemed to freeze up immediately. Its tremendous body was restrained mid-air by an invisible force.

The serpent dragon let out a roar at the sky. Its thick and forceful body twisted madly in the air, putting up a violent struggle. It erupted with terrifying power that exploded in the air.

Under its mad struggle, the mysterious power that restrained it finally weakened slightly. Afterwards, it endured the colossal pressure from the fusing swords and approached Jian Chen as quickly as it could.

Ninety kilometres.

Eighty kilometres.

Seventy kilometres.

A measly distance of a hundred kilometres could originally be traversed in an instant by a Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime Xuanhuang beast, but at this moment, it endured the colossal pressure from the fusing swords. As such, its speed was obviously heavily affected, and the journey that should have been extremely short became extremely long in its eyes.

When the serpent dragon was only fifty kilometres away from Jian Chen, he completed the fusion. As he swung down with both arms, a black strand of sword Qi condensed from Chaotic Force turned into a black light. It abruptly slashed out with enough power to split the sky from the earth.

As Jian Chen unleashed the chaotic sword Qi, the pressure that the serpent dragon was under multiplied. Its colossal body that squirmed through the air directly plummeted out of the sky under this pressure, smashing into the ground below.

In the next moment, the chaotic sword Qi shone with devastating black light, tearing through everything in its obstacles. It shattered space, destroyed everything, and slashed the serpent dragon mercilessly.


Immediately, the sky shook, and the ground sank. The chaotic sword Qi left behind a bottomless chasm in the ground.

As for the Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime serpent dragon, only a small portion of its ruined body remained, laying on the ground. It was completely unconscious, unable to move ever again, as dead as possible.

Following the strike, the residual might from the Chaotic Force dispersed, and the surroundings recovered.

Jian Chen fell towards the ground slowly. He was drenched in sweat as if he had overexerted himself. Even his steps turned into a stagger, and he almost tripped over on the ground.

Right now, his complexion was pale-white as if he was very sick.

In reality, his internal injuries were even worse. The backlash from fusing the swords was nowhere near as severe as in the past, but it still left him heavily injured.

Despite being absolutely drained of energy, Jian Chen did not dare to waste a single moment. He knew that as soon as the serpent dragon here had died, the Xuanhuang beasts occupying the surroundings would swarm over very quickly and take this place for themselves.

After all, there were twenty-eight Twin-headed Lotuses growing here!

And right now, his body condition was an utter mess from the backlash of fusing the swords. He was basically incapable of fighting anymore.

Under this state, he would struggle to escape if he encountered any Chaotic Prime Xuanhuang beasts.

Jian Chen dragged his heavily-wounded body into the valley as quickly as he could, basically using all of his strength. He immediately picked the Twin-headed Lotus closest to him and ate it without hesitation.

As soon as the Twin-headed Lotus reached his belly, it turned into a tremendous ball of energy that nourished him.

His bodily wounds immediately took a turn for the better, like a field receiving some rain after a great drought.

Jian Chen did not move slowly. Seizing every moment, he collected the remaining twenty-seven Twin-headed Lotuses as quickly as possible.

Right as Jian Chen collected the final Twin-headed Lotus, the ground from the distance had already begun shaking. Xuanhuang beasts had sensed the vanishing of the serpent dragon’s presence. They left their dens without any hesitation, hurrying over to the serpent dragon’s territory.

Those that were bold enough to intrude upon the serpent dragon’s territory obviously could not be weak. They would be at late Chaotic Prime at the very least.

And there was more than one too!

Jian Chen immediately erased his presence, leaving the area silently through the use of his Chaotic Force.

However, as soon as he used Chaotic Force, the situation in his body that ingesting the Twin-headed Lotus had stabilised immediately worsened. He directly coughed up a mouthful of blood. However, without any regard for his wounds, he flew towards the mountain behind the valley.

He knew he no longer had a lot of time remaining. Once these Xuanhuang beasts gathered over, he would be done for.

Jian Chen rushed into the air. Very soon, he arrived at the top of the mountain behind the valley. After coughing a few mouthfuls of blood, he vanished with a few flashes.

Soon after his departure, a few powerful Xuanhuang beasts appeared in the valley.

In a lush jungle, Jian Chen was like a ghost, speeding through the air as he basically hovered right above the ground. He used the coverage from the foliage to travel away from the valley, heading towards the outskirts.

He was very close to the depths right now.There were many Chaotic Prime Xuanhuang beasts lurking in the surroundings. With his current strength and condition, remaining in this region was not safe. He could face danger that he struggled to deal with at any moment.

Suddenly, there was a pulse of spiritual Qi from a nearby bush, which immediately made Jian Chen slow down.

He hovered three metres above the air and hesitated slightly before changing directions resolutely. He approached the direction where the spiritual Qi came from carefully and cautiously.

Very soon, he found the source of this spiritual Qi. It was a depression only a metre across with some milky-white fluid gathered in there. The spiritual Qi came from the white fluid.

Xuanhuang spiritual fluid!” Jian Chen beamed with joy. He immediately recognised the white fluid. That was the spiritual fluid that the sword spirits had spoken of. It could be used when refining Godking pills.

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We are hosted novel, find us on google.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.