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ITDO - Chapter 171 - The Organization Has Decided That You Will Be the Hero!

Shanghai Office —

When Gui Bin arrived in the leader’s office, there was no one else there.

“Leader, did you call me for something?”

“Gui Bin, the organization has decided that you will be the martyr.”


Gui Bin felt that he heard that wrong and asked in astonishment.

“Ahem… No, no. I mean, you have a great opportunity now. The organization has decided that you will be the hero!”

The office was filled with smoke as the leader smoked inside the room. Gui Bin’s face darkened, and said, “I heard what you just said. Can’t I refuse this task?”

“What do you think?”

“Okay, I understand. Just tell me what you want me to do, leader.”

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Gui Bin gloomily sat down across the table.

“Want one?”

The leader took out a brandless pack of cigarettes. He offered it to Gui Bin and said, “You can’t buy this normally. If not because I was promoted, I wouldn’t be able to smoke this good stuff.”

“I don’t smoke.”

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Gui Bin shook his hand and refused.

The leader took out a cigarette, sniffed it close to his nose, and hastily said, “That’s a pity. Cigarettes are one of life’s greatest pleasures, especially this kind.”

After a short pause, he continued, “I think you know that the old man has appeared in Shanghai.”

“Yes. The internet has been clamoring over it. Some say that monsters are about to appear in China, which brought the arrival of the mysterious old man. Others say that he only returned here because he is thinking of his homeland.”

Gui Bun nodded his head as he already knew about this matter as someone researching on the internet.

“The higher-ups also can’t tell why the old man came to Shanghai. Since he came here, we shouldn’t let this opportunity slip away. We must come into contact with him and fast. If we wait until the old man disappears again, finding him would be very difficult. We don’t know why or how the old man came to Shanghai. There is no information that he came from the airport or the seaport. He may have flown or swum here.”

“The organization has tasked you with establishing communication with the old man!”

The leader said with a smile and a serious tone.

“Why me?” Gui bin wanted to cry out in frustration.

Other people might think that this was a good thing, but that’s wrong. This wasn’t a good thing at all. Contacting a superhuman while being the representative of a nation was a huge deal. In case the other side was not satisfied with the conversation, Gui Bin knew that he would be killed on the spot.

“Because the higher-ups felt that these superhumans were not happy about the current government. If people in the system came into contact with them, they would only make each other unhappy. My friend Gui Bin, the leaders have been very satisfied with your recent performance. You are young, passionate, smart, and bold, which is exactly why you are our best candidate…”

“Stop, stop, stop. Leader, I am also someone in the system.”

“Heh, you were previously just a couch potato. How are you a part of the system? Will you be running for a position?”

The leader sneered.

Gui Bin’s face reddened. He opened his mouth but could not refute.

“Well then, just think about our martyrs. You must have a consciousness of thought. Do not think about things too negatively. What if you were actually a gifted individual and the mysterious old man actually sees you as a good seedling for his disciple? He might just teach you how to cultivate to become an immortal. Young man, you should dream a little and not be too much of a realist.”

“You say it as if it were that simple, leader.” Gui Bin sat paralyzed in his chair.

Although he often read web novels and had fantasies about going on an adventure to learn some secret skills in the mountains, they were all just his fantasies. In reality, trying to find such things carried great risk. Only those big fishes would not hesitate to do so.

The leader stopped talking and took out a document, “Come, sign this document.”

“What is this?”

“Congratulations Gui Bin, you have been promoted. From now on, you are the deputy head of our department. You get to enjoy the state allowance, and the state gives you a 5-in-1 insurance. Although we aren’t an administrative department, your treatment is still equivalent to a deputy of one. There hasn’t been anyone as young as you become the deputy of a department ever since the foundation of the country.”

“You are still young. You must think about the future prospects. You won’t be able to get a better deal than this. When you retire, the country will support you. And even if you sacrificed yourself, the country will give you a decent burial so your family won’t have to worry. The state will also take care of them.”

Gui Bin looked at the documents. Under the encouragement of the leader, he picked up the pen with a trembling heart and signed his name on it.

“Very well. Deputy Gui, we will need to burden you with the future work of the department.”

The leader put away the documents and happily patted Gui Bin’s shoulder.

He then took out a thick stack of documents from a drawer, “The country isn’t asking you to kill yourself. The higher-ups have long prepared for this. The experts and think tanks have prepared these study materials on how to respond to questions. We are also not asking you to force the old man to give you his knowledge. With your gift in memorization, you should be able to memorize these things in the fastest time possible.”

“The higher-ups are not stupid. We all understand the step-by-step approach. Let’s form a good relationship with the old man. We are not asking you to compel him with the will of the state, but to seek cooperation in the name of the state. We have also prepared gifts such as wasabi and all kinds of supplies.”

Under Gui Bin’s puzzled eyes, the leader explained, “That old man is now under the care of Shanghai’s Qin family. Let them prepare all kinds of resources to give him such as wines, grains, spices, and other auxiliary materials. With our experts’ analysis, we believe that there should be a group of people close to ordinary people behind the old man. They also need to eat and drink, but their level of civilization should not be as good as modern civilization. This should give us the opportunity to form a cooperative relationship.”

“We have also been informed that the old man wants steel. This is good news for us. Our domestic production capacity happens to be over the limit. Since we don’t know how to consume them, just send a batch over.”

Gui Bin nodded silently. What else could he do? He could only obediently go and make contact with the unknown.

“Don’t be dejected. In order to see you off, I have brought all my precious collection.”

The somewhat chubby tea leader took a bottle of wine from under the table, “This is one of the most expensive wines I have in my collection. Now have a drink.”

“......” Gui Bin did not know what to say.

When Gui Bin arrived at the temporary residence of the mysterious old man, he found that he wasn't as afraid as he would have expected. Instead, he was rather calm.

Maybe he really was someone who would accomplish big things.

With this in mind, he let someone go over to inform the other party and obediently waited for the reply.

Louie knew that the country would contact him, so he had been waiting for a long time.

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