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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 008: Music throughout the City

Outside the Silver Moon Mountain Manor:

The experts from the Supreme Ascendant’s line of inheritance used “Murderous Ballad of the Ferocious Birds” to attack the Silver Moon Mountain Manor, trapping everyone from the Silver Moon Mountain Manor inside.

The sound wave attacks formed hundreds of types of ferocious birds that ferociously charged at the sound waves Yun Mo sent out as defense. If Yun Mo were careless, the courage-killing attribute of these attacks would scare him and potentially even frighten him to death.

The Silver Moon Mountain Manor no longer had the previous manor lord, relying on Yun Mo to support it. Although he managed to hold off the attacks temporarily, he was like a small boat in rough seas that could capsize at any moment.

The surrounding citizens fled in all directions in horror.

Although the music targeted the Silver Moon Mountain Manor, some sound still leaked out, scaring the citizens and shattering their courage. This prompted them to flee.

The music seemed to awaken an instinctive fear.

The leader of the group from the Supreme Ascendant’s line of inheritance was a midget called Feng Tonglao. He showed a ferocious expression as he played the piece, directing hundreds of zitherists to play “Ballad of the Ferocious, Murderous Birds” together so that they could avenge Fairy Waner’s past sufferings.

Although the Silver Moon Mountain Manor committed an atrocity a few years ago, causing its reputation to take a hit, it was still the pride of Silver Moon City.

With the Silver Moon Mountain Manor on the brink of destruction, all the citizens of Silver Moon City looked at these outsiders with enmity. However, no one could get close. That courage-killing music attacked their minds. The moment they got close, they would suffer harm.

“City Lord, let us go over! Manor Lord Yun cannot hold on for much longer!” a group of soldiers called out to a scholarly city lord from outside.

That was Silver Moon City’s new city lord. At this moment, he showed a sullen expression as he watched the music Dao duel from a distance.

Before the new city lord could say anything, the distant Feng Tonglao turned his head to look, apparently having heard the cries of the soldiers. A zitherist’s hearing was excellent.

With a cold smile, Feng Tonglao said, “City Lord Sima, we are honored guests invited by the Qian Nation. We are currently dealing with a personal grudge, so you had best not interfere!”

The Qian Nation’s honored guests? The new city lord’s face twitched. Indeed, the Qian Nation had invited them to the Ten Thousand Sages Convention. This made things difficult for him.

“City Lord, please make a move. Let us teach this insignificant lot a lesson.”

“City Lord, when has my Silver Moon City ever feared outsiders?!”

The surrounding soldiers clamored anxiously. Why was Silver Moon City famous? Why did the citizens take pride in Silver Moon City? It was because of the Silver Moon Mountain Manor, a holy land of the music Dao. Now, someone wanted to destroy their pride. Even though the pride of their city had made a mistake, it was still irreplaceable in the hearts of the citizens. This was like someone defecating on them. What was there to think about now?

However, the new city lord dilly-dallied.

“City Lord, please make a move. The Silver Moon Mountain Manor cannot be destroyed!”

“City Lord, that is the holy land of my Silver Moon City. Nothing must happen to the Silver Moon Mountain Manor!”

An outcry arose from the surrounding citizens. After one started, ten more shouted. Then, a hundred, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million.

Now, it seemed like the entire city cried out.

Now, the new city lord realized the place that Silver Moon Mountain Manor held in the citizens’ hearts. He had been too naive. To think that he wanted to play politics to fight for authority and benefits. Even if he changed the balance today, all the citizens would hate him. In that case, the so-called balance and authority would just be a joke.

“Make your move, then. Generals, chase these outsiders out of Silver Moon City and bring peace back!” the new city lord shouted.

“Yes!” countless soldiers immediately shouted excitedly.

“Fire the arrows!” some distant soldiers shouted.


Tens of thousands of arrows shot towards the group from the Supreme Ascendant’s line of inheritance. The arrow rain fell in a torrent, threatening to turn the zitherists into pin cushions.

Feng Tonglao turned his head and showed a cold smile. “Hah! Before I left, the Grand Mohist instructed us not to harm the ordinary citizens. That’s why we did not let our music spread to the entire city. However, you were the ones who attacked first, so you are just asking for it. You can’t blame us for this. Everyone, release the restraints on the ‘Murderous Ballad of the Ferocious Birds’ and let it ring throughout the city!”

At Feng Tonglao’s command, the Supreme Ascendant Dao zitherists shouted, “Yes!”

“No!” the Silver Moon Mountain Manor’s Yun Mo immediately cried out.


The surging music erupted, spreading as a storm of sound waves with the Supreme Ascendant Dao zitherists as the center. Churning dark clouds suddenly appeared and pressed down, suppressing the entire city.

Coo! Caw! Screech!

Suddenly, the ferocious birds surrounding the Silver Moon Mountain Manor increased tenfold—a hundredfold—as they soared into the sky.

The tens of thousands of arrows rained down, looking like they would strike the Supreme Ascendant Dao zitherists. However, the ferocious birds charged at the arrows.


A vulture let out a shrill cry.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The arrows suddenly started vibrating intensely, then exploded.


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An arrow turned into powder.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The arrows exploded one after another. All the arrows eventually turned into powder under the influence of the high-frequency sound waves.

“What?” The distant city lord’s expression suddenly changed.

The expressions of the citizens and soldiers changed as well.

Earlier, when some sound leaked, the citizens were already frightened into fleeing. Now, the sound waves burst out in full force and encased the entire Silver Moon City.

Dark clouds covered the sky all over the city.

Many zither-shaped dark clouds seemed to manifest in the dark clouds.

“Heavenly zithers?” The new city lord’s expression changed.

When the Supreme Ascendant Dao zitherists below played, the black zither clouds started playing as well.

Caw! Coo! Screech!

Countless ferocious birds suddenly flew through Silver Moon City’s skies, covering the place. They rushed all about the city, charging at the citizens.

Caw! Coo! Screech!

The babies and young children were the first to start crying and trembling.

“No! No! Save me! Argh!”

The loud zither music scared countless citizens, causing them to cry out with horrified expressions.

“A sound barrier! Hurry! Activate a sound barrier!” the Silver Moon Mountain Manor’s Manor Lord Yun Mo called out.

The citizens were frightened because of him, making him feel incredibly anxious. However, these Supreme Ascendant Dao zitherists were simply too powerful.

Sound barriers? Countless places in the city activated small sound isolation ritual arrays.

However, there were too many citizens. Not everyone could lay ritual arrays. The number of citizens protected by sound barriers was less than a ten-thousandth of the population. The other citizens could only cry out in fear.

However, the sound barriers were not of much help, either. Despite the Silver Moon Mountain Manor’s sound barriers, the manor lord and his disciples were still in such sorry states.

Three ferocious birds charged down at a sound barrier and crashed into it.


The ferocious birds exploded, and the intense vibrations instantly shattered that sound barrier.


The people in the sound barrier looked horrified.

Countless citizens in the city showed horrified expressions. They hugged their heads and trembled, incredibly frightened.


Now, a multitude of ferocious birds surrounded Silver Moon City. The citizens no longer had even the courage to flee. Countless people were frightened to tears. Some zitherists tried to play their zithers, but their pieces did not work.

Some people even tried playing Gu Hai’s “Sonata Pathétique.” Unfortunately, the music Dao was complicated. “Sonata Pathétique” was about a brave warrior never bowing to fate. However, it was not fate pressuring them this time but fear. “Sonata Pathétique” resisted external pressure, but this fear came from the heart, so “Sonata Pathétique” was useless.

Those that came in contact with the ferocious birds instantly lost their courage and died of fright.

“Father! Father! Don’t! Father! You mustn’t die! Ah!”

“You killed my mother! Ah! Save me! Ah!”

Horrified cries spread throughout the entire city. Only a few people near the city gates managed to flee. The others curled up on the ground, scared stiff.

The new city lord felt extremely anxious. “How dare you?! You bastards, stop!”

The new city lord held a brush and started writing in the air. Beams of golden light shot out. However, the birds were overly ferocious, and there were too many of them. Even the new city lord could only hide in a sound barrier, showing fear on his face.

Horror! Dread! Terror!

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The citizens showed despair on their faces, looking like they faced the end of the world. They were terrified, and everyone trembled.

However, Feng Tonglao sneered, “You asked for it. Humph! You overestimate yourselves!”

Yun Mo’s eyes turned moist. When he made that mistake in the past, his guilty conscience made him feel that the entire city looked down on him. He even wanted to leave this land of sorrow. Only now did Yun Mo realize that the citizens cared greatly for him. When he was in trouble, everyone wanted to protect him.

His eyes turned bloodshot, and warmth filled his heart.

Yun Mo finally understood what the previous manor lord said in the past.

“Yun Mo, Silver Moon City is our foundation, our home. It is a place worth protecting with our lives.”

Yun Mo now understood, feeling a sense of belonging to Silver Moon City. These citizens were worth protecting, but he implicated them in this.

“Feng Tonglao, you will die a horrible death!” Yun Mo roared in rage.

“Humph! I will die a horrible death? I won’t be the one dying, though. However, if you don’t die, the citizens will suffer with you. How about you just kill yourself?” Feng Tonglao sneered.

“Manor Lord, no!” the Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples cried out.

Yun Mo looked at the horrified citizens losing their courage, on the verge of getting frightened out of their wits.

It was such a desperate situation, but he could not do anything about it. He showed a faint, bitter smile, and determination slowly appeared in his eyes as if he had made a decision.

“Mister Gu, quickly make a move! Mister Gu, save the citizens! Mister Gu! Mister Gu!” An anxious cry suddenly came from the sky.

Mister Gu?

Nearly all the trembling citizens curled up on the ground looked over. They saw a flying ship with a man in black embroidered robes standing on its bow.

“Gu Hai?”

“It’s Mister Gu! Mister Gu!”

“Mister Gu returned! Mister Gu, save us!”

Countless citizens immediately showed joy on their faces.

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