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ITDO - Chapter 170 - Looking For A Spokesperson


Screams rang out from the terrified onlookers as clear visions of a tragic collision flashed through their eyes. But just as the situation seemed set in stone, an incredible figure appeared between the car and the large truck.

Louie, with his hands behind his back, looked calmly at the approaching truck. When he lifted his hand in front of him, people could feel something incredible was about to happen.



The impossible had been made possible. When the big truck met with that tender hand, the old man did not move even a millimeter. The force of the impact was easily diverted, causing the front wheels of the truck to screech to a halt. Black smoke even began to come out from the truck’s engine not long after the wheels flattened. The truck that carried more than ten tons of load came to a perfect halt.

The driver of the truck was dumbfounded at everything that had happened in front of him. When he saw the old man in fancy clothes, his pupils shrank in fear. He shivered in the driver’s seat, no longer daring to move.

He originally accepted this commission from a person. He got a sum of money that ordinary people could only dream of. All he needed to do was to wait for the perfect timing and crash into a car in front of him, to kill the person inside. Then after a few years, his employer would bail him out of prison.

The script should have played out perfectly, but who knew that the mysterious old man that appeared in Japan would appear in Shanghai!

“The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed.”

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Louie sighed. He only shot a glance at the truck driver, and then the head of the truck driver swelled. In the next instant, it exploded like a watermelon that was smashed by a bat. Various brain matter and blood sprayed out causing the inside of the truck to become disgusting.

“I-I’m saved?”

Qin Yaxi was stunned at everything that had happened. After seeing the mysterious old man who suddenly appeared and saved her, Qin Yaxi’s eyes glittered with warmth in her heart. But immediately after, she saw that the old man killed the truck driver with a look and created a bloody scene. As a pampered young lady, she could not handle it and immediately vomited.

Her bodyguard’s face also paled. His face was full of gratitude and horror at the disgusting scene. At the very least, he was handling it better than Qin Yaxi.

“Miss… miss!”

Thinking about his duties, he quickly shouted.

“I-I’m alright…”

After vomiting her stomach clean, Qin Yaxi reluctantly replied. She did not care about the filth in the car and got off.

Qin Yaxi did not dare approach the old man for fear of offending him with the smell of her vomit. After a brief hesitation, she followed ancient etiquette that she learned from television shows and bowed while tugging on her skirt, “Little girl, thanks old sir for your kindness in saving my life. If you have anything you want this little girl to do, Yaxi will not refuse under any circumstances.”

After saying so, Qin Yaxi had some apprehension and squirmed. She was afraid that the old man would feel displeased at her and kill her with a glance. As a modern person, she wasn’t accustomed to ancient traditions and ways of speaking at all.

Her words actually carried the meaning of wanting to be closer to the old man. Young people always had a greater curiosity about the unknown. Let alone being born into a rich family, she understood that befriending superhumans would bring great benefits to herself and her family.

The young lady’s thoughts ran wild. She thought that the old man might notice something about her that she did not know, like having unique bones and being a good seedling for immortal cultivation. She thought that the old man saved her to make her his disciple.

Louie did not know that the girl was imagining herself as a heroine in a novel, he just secretly spat out.

‘Shouldn’t she be saying I have nothing to return except for marrying you by now?’

Naturally, Louie was playing an old man right now, so that might have been the biggest reason why she did not say it.

The person in front of Louie was a true lady. If it was in the past, Louie might feel that she was unattainable, and being able to talk to her was a blessing, but the current Louie did not even fancy her. This girl might look like a movie star and was definitely beautiful in the eyes of Earthlings, but that was all.

His elven maids were more beautiful than the girl in front of him. It should be known that the elven maids had skin that was completely free of hair and pores. Their skin was like true jade.

Compared to the elves, the women of Earth were simply vulgar. Moreover, the stronger one was the more beautiful one became in the world of San Soliel. An example was the wolf girl, Lysfer who was beautiful and heroic. Louie still had so many races in the other world that he had not played with, how could he be interested in the women of Earth.

Thus, he went ahead and said, “That’s good. This old man requires someone to do some errands. Seeing the noble air around you, I think you can help this old man.”

“This old man doesn’t like to owe people anything. Just treat saving your life this time as payment. As for what happens after, fortune will definitely be in your favor, no need to pay attention to this old man.”

Louie understood that if he had this young lady and her family behind her help him gather materials, the Chinese government would definitely find out about it one way or the other. At that point, the government would take better care of this family. This was the same as Louie giving them great benefits.

The only way to have a good future in China was to have a good relationship with the government. Money alone was useless, so Louie was indeed a great opportunity for business.

As for why Louie did not go directly to the government, he knew that there were too many complications in dealing with them. He was not interested in accompanying government officials to play games. It was best to find a rich family to support him. Just a single word from him and these people would move accordingly.

Qin Yaxi was slightly disappointed.

‘So he’s not here to take me as a disciple. Sigh.’

But as a lady of the Qin family, she understood what Louie’s words meant. It meant that their Qin family could reach a higher place!

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Qin Yaxi did not expect to gain benefits after almost being murdered. She felt that she would come into contact more with the old man in the future. Even if she was not taken in as a disciple, gaining even a little bit of guidance would make her the envy of the world. So she needed to consider things in the long run.

As for the surroundings, there were already bold people secretly taking pictures and uploading them to social networks.

Louie did not care about them since he wanted to tell everyone that he was already in China. Next, he would be meeting with the Chinese government. After that, he would go to North America to carry out his final plan to seize the energy source that would allow him to evolve again. Then he will return to San Soliel as he had no interest in continuing to play with the governments on Earth.

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