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ITDO - Chapter 168 - Aliens, Technology, Gods, Mysteries

The president of the United States felt his hair was falling out. He and his staff as well as other top military and political officers had gathered and discussed the current situation.

“The Japanese have protested internationally because of our unauthorized bombing. They expressed no willingness to comply with the treaty and prohibited us from rebuilding the Okinawa Military Base. Right now, we can only move our forces in Guam.”

“We lost some ground personnel and army generals in the base at that time. The soldiers we sent to fight monsters also suffered casualties, but they are not large. In addition, we lost military facilities and various weapons. After calculation…”

“Stop, stop, stop. I don’t want to hear the exact figures.”

The president put his hand over his heart and interrupted the person reporting.

“I can’t take any more hits. The doctor said that my heart isn’t doing well lately either, so don’t mention the specific figures.”

Hearing the president’s words, the one reporting closed his mouth.

How much was lost in the military base in Okinawa? It was certainly in the billion? Tens of billions or hundreds of billions? The president did not want to think about it. As the forefront to contain Asia, the Okinawa military base had the most comprehensive facilities compared to other foreign bases. The advanced weaponry and aircraft alone cost up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

This time, their losses were so heavy that they could even surpass any country’s loss during WWII. Moreover, the balance in the entire Asia-Pacific had been broken. The intangible losses were incalculable and even if they wanted to take revenge, they couldn’t do so.

When terrorists attack, they still could cover the world to hunt these terrorists down, but what could they do now? Would they have to blow up the Torch Dragon that destroyed the Okinawa base, or would it be better to attack the mysterious old man who summoned the Torch Dragon?

In the face of such a strong existence, human technology and weapons were subject to geographical limitations. If the old man truly came to America, how were they supposed to fight him? Using normal missiles or nuclear missiles? At the end, let alone the problem of being able to kill the old man, other problems would occur in America no matter what they did in that kind of situation.

So unless the old man went overboard that left them no choice, they wouldn’t try to fight to the death which was equivalent to starting a nuclear war.

Even if the Okinawa base was destroyed, it was just a minor injury. Although the stock market was dropping, it had not yet reached the point of a financial crisis. Human beings still did not make the choice of dying together.

“How is the investigation of the ruins of the base going?”

“We have our research personnel collect the sand left behind in the Okinawa base. After research, we have found that many substances had their atomic structures changed. In other words, the deity known as the ‘Torch Dragon’ blew a mouthful of air to change the structure of matter. This situation has been described in some science fiction novels before, but it was always thought to be a mere thought experiment with no basis in reality.”

The one reporting felt dry in his mouth and smiled bitterly, “As for the sun, we couldn’t find any reasonable explanation for its existence and non-existence at the same time. We can only try to use quantum mechanics to forcefully analyze it.”

God’s power was truly surprising and terrifying to the point that even modern technology could not understand it. Some people even wondered if they were still asleep as the Earth had become so strange.

“According to the expert analysis, they concluded that Earth is probably only one of the planets that is governed by the Gods. With the powers they displayed until now, whether it's the Torch Dragon or Chtulhu, they had only appeared as shadows. It is obvious with the size of Earth that it wouldn’t be able to withstand the ravages of any of the Gods.”

“If the myths and legends about those Gods in the great war are true, then it wouldn’t happen on Earth. Perhaps the entire universe is a battlefield or even a higher dimension, but this conclusion is a bit over the top.”

The reporting officer said with his doubts.

The president was silent for a moment and looked at Secretary Johnson. Secretary Johnson slowly said, “This is originally our secret, but now that the situation has reached this point, it doesn’t matter if more people know. With the things we have found on the continent, America has long concluded that alien civilization exists in the universe and they have visited Earth before.”

“This is also why we were able to easily accept the existence of these superhumans when they first appeared. Since alien civilizations exist, then the existence of God did not seem strange. Just looking at the Cthulhu mythology, we can tell that many strange races believe in Cthulhu that does not even look like native species of Earth.”

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As the words of Secretary Johnson fell, the people who were listening whispered in shock. They did not expect that the country was still hiding such a big secret.

Only some people looked calm as they already knew about it.

“How is the public opinion survey?”

“The public is dissatisfied with your choice to use the thermobaric missile to attack the mysterious Chinese old man who ‘helped’ mankind. Now Hollywood stars and your political opponents are using this to attack you. There have also been rallies and demonstrations happening. As a result, your approval rating is also declining.”


The president cursed.

‘You all had previously supported me and shouted to make America great again, but why are you now countering me? Don't you know that my decision was in the best interest of America! Sigh, the final price is just a little high.’

“Let’s not worry about these first. Increase our Korean investments. If we want to contain the Asia Pacific region now, the military base there and the base in Guam are the only ones we can rely on. And then there's the information from Japan that we possess something that can attract evil beings as well as the evil god that we provoked. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?”

Everyone looked at each other because they lacked understanding of the unknown, so how could they have any opinions?

Seeing this, the president felt his head hurt even more.

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This was truly an eventful year for America, especially the cultural confrontation uttered by the Shinto priest. It was even more worrying than anything.

What was American culture? It was a hodgepodge to count for anything.

“Maybe the movies are real. President Lincoln is actually a vampire and President Kenny is actually a mutant. We need to have straight confidence.”

The president said words that even he did not really believe in.

Meanwhile, in Shanghai China, Louie transformed into the mysterious old man and appeared on land.

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