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ZL - Chapter 1153- Samurai


I landed softy on the ground and tried to lighten the weight on my body. I pulled out the army blade around my legs and waved it with my left hand. Blazing Sun Energy gathered to form actual flames to force back two spear-holding dragonblood warriors. I raised my head and saw a samurai sword slashing down from above. The blade reflected the light of the crescent moon and the cold energy was really threatening.

If a normal person attacked with a samurai sword, I dared to receive it with my bare hands but definitely not now. A Grade Artificials had strength comparable to beasts. The power from this blade shouldn't be underestimated. Moreover, this blade didn't look simple and it was definitely a high technology blade. If I blocked with my arm, I would definitely regret it.


Facing a dragonblood warrior, I didn't dare to be overconfident at all.


The blade slashed across and hit the samurai sword. Sparks flew and I took the chance to roll two meters away to avoid his blade. I used the quickness of the blade to slash his legs. While his black pants burnt, it revealed the deep red scales below. However, my blade was infused with Blazing Sun fire and sliced into the scales to leave many deep wounds.

I swept my left leg across and kicked him over. But at that moment, this person cursed. It was Japanese, this person was actually Japanese!

At this moment, I was even more certain that they were sent by Wang Zecheng.

A cold wind blew from behind me as another Dragonblood Warrior clawed me. I jumped up and pounced towards his back, using Blazing Sun energy to propel me quickly. The blade stabbed into his neck and he cried out right away. His body twitched and he tried to wave his claws to grab me.

I pulled the blade and instantly it sliced into his bones, slashing his entire back open. Like opening a bag, warm organs and blood are scattered all around. Even though his life force was strong, he would still die.

Right at that moment, my arm felt numb as another Dragonblood Warrior clawed at me. My Blazing Sun Armor could block his claws but I had to face too many of them so it was unavoidable that I ran out of strength. A fiery pain spread from my wound and I quickly injected Blazing Sun Energy into my left leg. I raised my blade to block his claws while also jumping up and kicking. "Peng", my flame wrapped left leg smashed his head in.


I dealt with three of them and the 4th charged over quickly. He was like a wild beast that used both his legs and arms to climb over.

Honestly, their attack and defence were all top tier but their fighting skills were lacking. They obtained god-like strength but they had the intelligence of normal people. This was the reason why such technology wasn't so good, but... If they trained tens of thousands of them to deal with other armies, they really had the power to destroy. Even I had so many problems, much less normal soldiers?

I brushed past him to avoid his pounce. I pushed my arm forwards and the blade stabbed into his throat. Flame energy spurted out as his head was scorched red from the flames.


The Japanese Warrior ahead shouted in rage and energy currents flashed across his arm. This was a skill similar to Electric Arc Sword but it was much more unrefined. After all, no one could compare to Tian Jin Corporation's technology. My blade pulled a long wound on his leg and he was losing blood. However, I wasn't planning to kill him.

Letting him live a life worse than death was more suitable.

Since Wang Zecheng dared to find helpers from Japan then I should let him pay the price.

What I needed to do now was to badly injure this Dragonblood Warrior and make him lose his combat strength. Then I shall hand him over to the army and the base to get more clues and evidence. However, in my heart, my fighting spirit was booming and I felt a little crazy. The energy in my body continued to pump. The last time I had this feeling was when Ah Lei died, this was probably the killing intent that all cultivators had?

I stood still and wiped the wounds on my arm. Five claws had scratched me and fresh blood flowed but I had no time to tend to my wounds.

I raised my hand and pointed my blade at him. I smiled, "Come one bitch!"

I didn't understand his Japanese but he definitely understood my English."


In the end, such provocation made him curse and he dashed with his sword. He slashed twice and this was a double slash skill. I couldn't tell that this person was actually a proper samurai.

My army blade sunk and I flicked his sword up. I brushed past him while slashing and also punching his hand with my left fist. My body sunk down and I kicked out at his legs. Flames wrapped around my right leg and one sweep caused the wild grass alone to be ablaze.

He jumped to dodge my attack but his wrist holding his sword had started to tremble. My attack looked simple but it wasn't so easy to take.

In the distance, a few students screamed. People had noticed our fight so I couldn't waste any more time. The higher-ups told me not to let many people see us fight or it would cause unease and chaos in society.


I hit his hand once more and this time I heard a crack. His right wrist was broken. The Dragonblood Warrior's dragon scale couldn't protect him anymore. Shen Bing gave me a report that during the battles with Artificials outside of Hangzhou, some soldiers and police officers had their bodies sliced evenly. These people were most probably the cause. This A Grade Dragonblood Warrior in front of me was also a Japanese samurai, so his blade probably killed many Chinese right?

When I thought about that, rage rose up in my heart.

"Ka... Ka..."

He cried out. His right hand couldn't hold the handle anymore and he switched over to his left.

When he changed hands, I attacked him directly. I raised my arm and knocked aside his broken right hand. My blade was like a snake that blocked his left and I added strength. Blazing Sun power burnt his sleeves and stopped his samurai sword.


I grabbed the handle. I liked such a long weapon. My body spun around and I sliced down!


I sliced his left arm around 20 centimeters from his shoulder. Fresh blood spurted out. I didn't give him a chance to react at all as I slashed four more times to remove his legs. At the same time, I used Blazing Sun energy to burn the weak sword and in a blink of an eye, it actually melted!

He really is trash, my Butterfly could handle my strongest moves and it wouldn't even go soft. Palace Decree and Palace Spirit's crafting skills were far above those of the Japanese.


"Ah ah ah..."

He fell to the ground as he screamed. Unfortunately, he didn't have the strength to even die now and he was totally handicapped.

I felt like I was about to run out of energy. Was five Dragonblood Warriors my limit? This was unacceptable. I had to train. Who knew how many Dragonblood Warriors Wang Zecheng had, maybe above A Grade were S Grade, SS Grade and SSS Grade? If my cultivation didn't improve, I might end up being killed by them.


I fell beside a tree and rested upon it. I called Shen Bing and said, "Sister Shen Bing..."

"What happened kid Li?" She knew something happened the moment she heard my voice. After all, it was rare for my voice to be so weak.

I said softly, "Wang Zecheng sent 5 artificials to kill me but he didn't succeed. The place is the garden of the university, send people over to lock this place down. Some students are taking pictures, I don't want people to see me like this."



A few minutes later, one could hear the police sirens. Many police cars zoomed in and started to cordon off the area. Wang Xin and Shen Bing also arrived 10 minutes later but they didn't light up the place probably to protect my identity. My mission was so special so they didn't want to bring more attention to me.

"What happened?"

Shen Bing came to my side and looked at the flesh and blood around. She was tongue-tied, "Are you okay?"

I smiled, "I am."

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I pointed at a shaking body, "Captain Wang, that person is good at samurai swords and is Japanese. He is an A Grade Artificial so infuse blood to him or he will die. If he dies then we can't get any information."

Wang Xin shouted, "What are you all doing, help that fool up the ambulance!"

Axe moved the Japanese and Wang Xin was anxious, "Axe you idiot, I meant help Li Xiao Yao this fool. Scoff, who cares about the Japanese?"

I was touched, "Captian Wang, you really treat your subordinates so nicely."

Wang Xin rubbed his nose, "If something happens to you, I can forget about remaining at my post."

"Damn you..."


After heading up the ambulance I found out that not only was my arm injured, I was also sliced on the back. With Blazing Sun Armor protecting me, I wasn't badly injured. If it was a normal person, they would probably have been sliced in two. But even then, as I lost too much blood, I felt sleepy and dizzy. Before Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er came I was sedated and I fell asleep.

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