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CSG - Chapter 3135: Picking the Divine Fruit

The Xuanhuang beast was extremely large. Even when it lay on the ground, it was already like a small mountain. Now that it stood up, it was obviously even mightier.

It chased after Jian Chen furiously through the trees. Whenever it took a step, the mountains would shake like an earthquake was occurring. Its tremendous body rubbed against the Xuanhuang Qi in the surroundings and produced booms against the air.

However, while its size was shocking, it moved extremely quickly as the wings on its back flapped away.

In a mere few breaths, it had caught up with Jian Chen. It raised a foreleg and launched an attack. As the energy surged, it even made the space there ripple.

Having lost an eye, it had been completely infuriated, so it obviously used its full strength with this attack. It was even more powerful than the two previous attacks.

Jian Chen knew his speed was nowhere near as great as the Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime Xuanhuang beast with the limitations on his strength, so he was prepared a long time ago for the Xuanhuang beast’s attack.

As soon as the Xuanhuang beast struck, Jian Chen anticipated it and evaded.

In the end, the Xuanhuang beast’s foreleg basically brushed past the hem of Jian Chen’s clothes with terrifying power.

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He had managed to dodge the attack, but Jian Chen’s expression changed suddenly. He could already sense the Xuanhuang beast’s second foreleg shooting over with similarly terrifying power.

Despite sensing the approach of danger beforehand with his powerful soul and senses, his cultivation as a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime left him helpless. He was unable to dodge this attack.


With a thump, Jian Chen was launched far away. In the middle of the air, blood spurted out from his mouth.

The enraged Xuanhuang beast was particularly violent. Whenever it struck, it possessed shocking might, no longer as gentle as before.

Having endured this Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime’s attack, it was unavoidable for Jian Chen to suffer severe injuries. Not only did his back turn into a bloody mess, but even his organs had ruptured.

The fish-shaped Xuanhuang beast let out a growl at the sky. A second attack followed closely, giving Jian Chen no time to catch his breath. The wings on its back abruptly quivered, slicing down towards Jian Chen’s head without any hesitation like a sharp blade.

However, before the Xuanhuang beast’s attack could lock onto him, Jian Chen had already departed from there. Despite being heavily injured, he seemed completely fine. Not only was his strength unaffected, but he even moved slightly faster too.

On top of that, Chaotic Force raged through his body like a turbulent river, filling every inch of his flesh. His wounds recovered at a visible rate.

If it had been any other Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime instead, they would have been left half-dead even if they managed to survive the attack from the Xuanhuang beast.

However, Jian Chen relied on the toughness of the Chaotic Body, so a wound like that did not affect him at all.


The blade formed from the Xuanhuang beast’s wings missed him. The great power slammed into the ground, producing an ear-splitting rumble. The earth shook violently as mountains all collapsed.

On the ground, a great crack that stretched for a thousand kilometres had already appeared.

The space here sure is much tougher than the Saints’ World!” Gazing at the giant chasm nearby, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly. In the Saints’ World, the terrifying power from a Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime could wreak much greater havoc than that.

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He did not pause, moving faster and faster, gradually luring the Xuanhuang beast away through its hatred towards him.

The Xuanhuang beast chasing behind him was completely unaware that a graceful, violet figure had already appeared silently beside the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification it guarded.

She was Shangguan Mu’er!

Arriving beside the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification, Shangguan Mu’er did not pick it immediately. Instead, she turned her head and looked into the distance in worry.

That was the direction in which Jian Chen had led the Xuanhuang beast away.

She stood beside the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification for a good while, waiting for the Xuanhuang beast to travel further and further away. Only then did she take out a jade box that had been prepared beforehand, storing the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification away carefully.

As she closed the jade box, the light from the fruit that was blue like the sky immediately vanished.

The tree that nourished the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification rapidly withered away. In a few seconds, it had turned into a dead branch, having lost all of its vitality.

The moment she picked the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification, there was a deafening roar from the distance. The Xuanhuang beast chasing Jian Chen seemed to sense it, abandoning him without any hesitation at all and returning as quickly as it could.

Shangguan Mu’er immediately became stern. With a flip of her hand, the jade box that stored the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification vanished. She immediately unleashed her full speed and shot off into the distance, without wasting a single second.

Behind her, the mountains shook as rumbles rang out constantly. The Xuanhuang beast smashed down the mountains in its path as it scrambled along the ground with its colossal, fish-like body, chasing after Shangguan Mu’er relentlessly. Its remaining eye shone with hatred.

Jian Chen also went from fleeing to pursuing the Xuanhuang beast. He chased after the Xuanhuang beast as quickly as he could while launching powerful attacks from a distance, trying to divert the Xuanhuang beast’s attention and buy time for Shangguan Mu’er.

However, extremely tough scales covered the Xuanhuang beast. Coupled with its strength that surpassed Jian Chen’s, none of his attacks managed to penetrate its scales. He was unable to harm it at all.

The Shadowless Lifetaking Strike that he had created could ignore all external defences and directly attack the interior, but the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike required a combination of the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Space to be used.

In the Xuanhuang Microcosm where he could not use laws, he obviously could not use the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike.

This Xuanhuang beast is far too fast. If this continues, it will catch up to Mu’er before she can make it very far.” Jian Chen panicked inside. Right now, there was nothing else he could use to kill the Xuanhuang beast apart from fusing the swords.

However, fusing the swords for the sake of a Divine Fruit of Sky Purification was not worth it at all. A mid grade God Tier Divine Fruit of Sky Purification could not make up for the cost of fusing the swords.

If Mu’er faces danger, then I’ll have to fuse the swords.” Jian Chen had already prepared himself for the worst. He was ready to fuse the swords at any time.

No matter how great the cost would be, he could not allow Shangguan Mu’er to face danger!

But they had not reached that step yet.

He continued to chase after the Xuanhuang beast relentlessly. Finally, when it crossed over a mountain, the Xuanhuang beast was obstructed and slowed down slightly. Jian Chen immediately caught up, using this opportunity to leap onto the Xuanhuang beast’s back. Chaotic Force surged out, condensing into a strand of black sword Qi that he stabbed towards the Xuanhuang beast’s other eye.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.