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ITDO - Chapter 166 - Universe Inside the Sleeves

Over the next three days, Louie spent his time in comfort.

After annihilating the military base, he had quickly flown back to Tokyo and changed to his human form. He then swapped places with his illusion and enjoyed the impeccable services of the hotel.

He barred anyone from entering, but many people still asked about any needs or requirements he had in hopes of fulfilling them.

Earth was an excellent place to enjoy leisure. Earth’s women could not compare to the women of San Soliel, especially those of special races, but in other aspects of material enjoyment, Earth was far superior to San Soliel.

The hotel Louie was staying at was protected by JSDF officers at all times. They were not afraid that someone would hurt Louie, but they did worry that someone would disturb him. If that happened and he became offended, then the Okinawa military base disaster might very well repeat itself.

Other countries might also become wary of Japan and China’s relationship with these superhumans and might make a mess out of things. This was extremely plausible.

The crisis with the deep ones had passed. Tokyo gradually returned to its normal rhythm. The only difference was that much fewer people were out of their homes. Some tourists had even fled from Japan due to fright, thinking that it was a land of disaster and evil.

However, once Louie began going around the whole world, those people would probably begin to feel that the disaster was not only Japan, but the entire world. At that time, they should probably go to Mars.

The shock caused by this incident was unimaginable. Before this, a dragon and Cthulhu had appeared, but it was just treated as a topic for conversations. This time, the events in Tokyo had truly made the world realize that myths and legends were real, and realize that superhumans with unbeatable strength exist!

For a period of time, all kinds of theology began to clamor, becoming the hottest topic of discussion today. Anyone who claimed to have superpowers and whatnot was immediately sought after, but these liars would soon be invited to tea by the police to expose their fake superpowers. That said, this craze was only getting stronger and stronger.

“After a while, when you find that you can not do anything no matter how much you study and cultivate, you will obediently go back to researching technologies.”

Louie declined to comment on this phenomenon.

If the people of Earth could really cultivate or learn magic, then they might substitute it for science, but unfortunately, only Louie was the real one who could use supernatural powers. Chtulhu, torch dragons, mysterious old man, Shinto priest, all these were fake. When people found out, they could come to the conclusion that they do not have the talent to cultivate or learn magic, and would stick to the sciences.

Louie tasted the tributes of the Japanese government. There were grapes that were sold by the piece and reached tens of thousands of yen and many other expensive goods. Louie did not refuse this treatment. He played the role of a qi refiner and an alchemist, not an immortal that did not need to eat and sleep.

In ancient times, alchemists were known to be descendants of Gods. They heavily demanded material enjoyment, which was why Louie chose this identity in the first place. If he really played as an immortal, then he had to act like an immortal, who was not worldly at all. In truth for a dragon with heavy desires, the immortal-kind of lifestyle was not something he wanted to experience.

Moreover, if he played like a God, mortal contact would be a big taboo. The true Gods of San Soliel would tell him off if he did so. Gods were the highest point of existence shrouded in mystery. Only by staying away from the people could they gain faith. If you spoke with humans every day as a God and became a pro-people God, then you wouldn’t be far from falling from your position.

People believed in Gods that they couldn’t see or touch. It was better if they could only fantasize about them and not meet them every day. A God serving the people would reduce God’s mystery.

Thus, the torch dragon that Louie played was just an illusion that disappeared after solving things. This was his style to make people imagine.

“Korea is really tragic.”

Louie looked at the news online and clicked his tongue.

The destruction of the American Military Base in Okinawa was something that could not be hidden from the world and was already known. Japan and China had been recently on friendlier terms, while Japan and America had a worse relationship. This was especially after the United States of America dropped a thermobaric bomb on Tokyo, making Japan prohibit them from building another military base on Japanese soil.

Even at this moment, the situation inside East Asia changed constantly like waves to the point that the United States could not understand what was happening. Having no choice, Father America could only find his second son South Korea. They immediately injected a large number of funds to expand their military bases. This caused the Korean government’s authority and prestige to greatly decrease. Many people in South Korea were saying that their government was a sellout.

No one knew that the storm that caused the world to tremble was only caused by one being, and Louie had without a doubt become a main character of the world.


After three days, Louie pretended to be the Shinto priest and excused himself, saying that he could not stay in the world for a long time. Before he disappeared, he asked the Japanese government to wait for his return, which naturally made the Japanese side excited.

Louie used the characteristics of Japanese culture to temporarily fool the Japanese government. Afterward, if he gave a few sweets to the Japanese side, he could make them do a lot of things for him. As for the identity of a Chinese alchemist, he would naturally have to go to China and fool the people there to get what he wants.

“My lord, the wasabi has been prepared, but the amount is too much. Where should we send them to?”

The Japanese government was very efficient. Although they weren’t able to bring all the country’s wasabi in three days, the amount they collected still piled up like a mountain.

The Japanese side was also making calculations. They thought that Louie would need modern machinery to help him move the wasabi. When that happened, they would be able to find out more about these superhumans as long as they know where Louie would want to send the wasabi to. They would be able to find out more of the secrets of the world.

But Louie did not give them this opportunity at all. He laughed loudly, “I won’t bother you with this. Moving things is not at all hard for this old man.”

Saying this, he waved his sleeves, causing the Japanese and Chinese representatives to look in a daze. The wasabi which was piled up like a mountain suddenly disappeared.

“A universe inside the sleeves?”

Some Chinese people gulped and exclaimed. The first thing that came to their minds was an immortal technique recorded in 《Investiture of the Gods》 and 《Journey to the West》.

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