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LGS - Chapter 1280 - The Fourth Layer of the Ape Demon, the New Ability


A bolt of lightning from the blue dyed the surroundings white, like the wrath of the heavens.

With a shiver, Liu Chuanfeng lay down on the back of the space-devouring beast, feeling like the lightning had erupted directly above him. Dumbfounded, he gazed at the figure that stared back at the heavens furiously, laughing away proudly. He never wavered even for an instant.

Si Long said, “Li Qingshan, if you want to destroy the world, then the world will destroy you!”

Li Qingshan could also sense the hostility from the intangible will of the heavens. If he was still a beloved son of the world when he faced the Corpse Emperor, then he had become a rebellious son of the heavens now.

He had anticipated all of this a long time ago, which was why he had hesitated back then. Once he took this step, he would be destroying what originally protected him, going up against the world. If this continued, the hostility and rejection from the world would grow stronger and stronger. The situation would not get any better. It would only become even more dangerous.

“I never thought you’d be such a foolish person, sir!” Si Long said in contempt, but there was a hint of fury involved.

Originally, according to Si Long’s plan, Li Qingshan only had two choices, either to leave this world or to face him in battle.

If he left, then that would be one less unpredictable enemy, and everyone that he cared about left behind in this world would end up in his hands. That could potentially turn into leverage over him.

If he stayed behind, then that would be for the best. Once he refined this world into a blessed land, everything here would be completely at his whim. He would have a very great opportunity at getting to the bottom of Li Qingshan’s secret too. Both the Swelling Earth of the Nine Heavens or his cultivation method were enough to tempt any cultivator.

However, Li Qingshan chose to take the third path—destroying the world.

This was basically mutual destruction, where they would both suffer severe losses. It could make his plans fall apart, but it would put Li Qingshan in an extremely dangerous situation, entwined in misfortune, restrained in terms of power. It would even directly invite an attempt from the world to kill him.

Cultivation was for the sake of longevity, so which cultivator did not cherish their life? He was basically a madman beyond reason to make such a violent attempt at resistance.

“Hah, just you watch how I, a fool, destroy the world! How I slay the dragon! How I defy the heavens!”

Li Qingshan made three declarations. The world rumbled with wind and thunder as the sea of clouds churned. He spread his ape arms, opening his fingers as if he wanted to grip the sky full of wind and lightning and the revolving celestial bodies in his hand.

Even if he smashed apart everything, committed endless sins, and even destroyed himself, he refused to be a chess piece on another person’s board. That was the heart of the ape demon.

The fourth layer of the Ape Demon Transformation—broken through!

Li Qingshan felt even more satisfied and carefree inside, which made him howl out. His voice pierced the earth and dispersed the clouds, such that the brilliant moon illuminated his heart.

Who said the ape howls were sorrowful? The satisfaction behind the howls was like he had obtained everything in the world, even if he was empty-handed.

Above the South sea, Gong Yuan suddenly saw Li Qingshan freeze, revealing a smile as bright and cheerful as a child’s. He turned into a black ape as if he had broken through a bottleneck. His aura suddenly swelled, kicking up great waves and even forcing her back.

The Ape Demon Transformation had originally been his only shortcoming. With that breakthrough, the ox, tiger, turtle, and phoenix had all returned to the fourth layer.

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For a moment, the tiger leapt, the phoenix danced, the ox mooed, and the turtle cried, appearing one by one within the small world in his body. There was also a black ape scratching its head among them and bounding around.

He felt glad that he did not flee. The immense dangers, the fear, and the threats all served as a grindstone for polishing his disposition.

Gazing up, the moon over the ocean was simply too far away, so he leapt up and used the Ape Demon Extends its Arm, slamming his hand against the surface of the water. Great waves surged into the air, reaching three thousand meters tall, looming like mountains!

Reaching out and closing his hand, the mountains of water froze on the ocean with the Ape Demon Locks the Space, magnificent like a dream.

Li Qingshan’s eyes shone brightly. He clenched his hand forcefully. “Destroy!”


The water mountains shattered, turning into a sky full of water vapour that drifted away with the sea wind.

Within the hazy mist, Gong Yuan’s mouth dropped slightly, also shocked by this devastating sight. She probably could not endure a single attack from him now. There were no Daemon Kings or great cultivators in the world that could endure a single strike from him. Before she knew it, he had actually become so powerful already!

This was the ape demon’s third innate ability, the Ape Demon Destroys the Space!

Of course, what it destroyed was not space. Instead, it used the power of space to destroy everything within it.

Li Qingshan gazed at his hand and smiled in satisfaction. He had not used the Swelling Earth of the Nine Heavens to achieve this. Instead, he only used his own strength, and he had “conveniently” comprehended the Ape Demon Transformation too, so he could now assume the form of the ape demon.

The Ape Demon Extends its Arm drastically strengthened the ape demon’s innate abilities, the Ape Demon Locks the Space trapped the enemy, and the Ape Demon Destroys the Space destroyed the enemy. These three abilities were basically an invincible bag of tricks. Once he used them together, they were completely unpredictable and undodgeable. They could only be received forcefully.

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As Li Qingshan’s strength grew, his mirror clone grew stronger as well. Daemon qi rushed into the air, unafraid of the might of the heavens.

Si Long fell silent. Originally, when he came down to the nine provinces, he had done so with an extremely relaxed mentality, ready to harvest everything. Yes, he did have that ability. Just several thousand years ago, he had the various Daemon Kings dancing in the palm of his hand. With his visit this time, he had almost destroyed the Great Banyan Tree King that had almost become a god with a flick of his hand, reducing his ten thousand years of cultivation to nothing.

Yet, this Li Qingshan happened to be beyond reason, unable to be threatened and unpredictable. He was an obstacle that was both tough and annoying to deal with, and he was showing signs of becoming larger too. However, Si Long possessed great determination and confidence. Such a small difficulty could not frighten him. Regardless of what Li Qingshan was capable of, as long as he was still a Daemon King, that would be his limit.

“Fellow, clashing recklessly like this brings no benefit to you or me. It will only lead to many unnecessary risks.”

Si Long’s tone eased up, and the awful atmosphere in the surroundings vanished too.

If the Great Banyan Tree King had not lost his memories, he would definitely become extremely cautious after hearing something like that.

“Then what do you want?”

Li Qingshan sneered. He sure changed his tone quickly. Sure enough, the reckless feared the violent, and the violent feared those who were willing to throw their lives away.

Si Long said, “I want to find a path that benefits you, me, and everyone else.”

Li Qingshan said, “Oh? Let’s hear it then?”

“This involves far too many matters. It’s not something that can be settled in a few words. It’s best if we both calm down and consider the costs and benefits. We also need to meet each other so that we can sit down and take our time to discuss.”

“You want me to go to your Dragonshead mountain to discuss, right?”

Si Long obviously hoped Li Qingshan would go to Dragonshead mountain. He possessed absolute confidence in restraining Li Qingshan there, but unfortunately, while Li Qingshan was a madman, he was not a fool.

“On the fifteenth of the tenth month, on the day of heavy snow, I will be marrying the empress of Great Xia in the jade palace, so you might as well come and attend the wedding. We can make it clear there whether we’re fighting or making peace.”

“Alright then. I’ll see how I feel!” Li Qingshan waved his hand in an unconcerned manner.

“I await your arrival.” Si Long’s voice echoed out before gradually dispersing.

The feeling of being watched vanished. Li Qingshan held his chin and sank into his thoughts. The enemy clearly had not reached the level of a god of the world. The difficulty behind refining the nine provinces into a blessed land was definitely no less than becoming a god. Instead, it would definitely be even greater. He definitely could not leave the Dragon province right now either. He could not even leave Dragonshead mountain.

The restraints from the laws of the world could not be overcome so easily. The Hungry Ghost realm did everything they could to kill Xiao An, where they even sent in a Corpse Emperor. A Human Sovereign like him would face even greater restraint, so how could he do as he pleased so easily?

But in a few more months, he could not be too certain about that anymore.

As for the Jade palace, was that not the Nine-tailed Fox Empress’s dwelling?

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Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.