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ZL - Chapter 1152- Wind is big at night

"Eh, so many familiar people?" Wang Zecheng laughed and his smile was experienced and fake. It was a smile trained from the business world after so many years.

 I looked at him and smiled, "I didn't expect to see CEO Wang here."

 He looked at me, "Captain Li is here, what a coincidence!"


 Zheng Fei Er was stunned and didn't understand the situation. It looked like we were close but she wasn't a full and naturally understood that be it in real life or in game, Wang Zecheng and I were enemies. To prevent us from fighting, she stood up and smiled, "Okay Tian Xun is here, let's sit and eat. Everyone is waiting for you! Si Yi is hungry..."

 Si Yi was holding the mike smiled awkwardly, "It's fine, I can wait. As for the people at the main table, do you want to introduce yourselves?"

 Although we are in the same school but we don't know one another.

 Zheng Fei Er smiled, "I am Zheng Fei Er, I don't have to introduce myself right? This is..."

 Her boyfriend stood up and smiled gently, "I am Chu Tianxun, Fei er's boyfriend, the deputy CEO of Shanghai's Jinling Corporation, hello."

 Wang Zecheng stood up and smiled humbly. he bowed towards the girls around, "I don't need to introduce myself right? Wang Zecheng, year 1 student, Busters China CEO."

 Two girls saw Wang Zecheng speak and they couldn't hold back anymore. After all, such a young, successful and handsome teen had many chasers.

 Tang Qi got up, "Tang Qi, year 1 student."

 I stood up, "Li Xiao Yao, I don't need to introduce myself right?"

 I didn't hide my identity, I looked towards Lin Wan Er and said, "I entered the university to protect Wan Er. My other identity is a special forces police, my badge number is 2921607, please take care of me!"

 Zheng Fei Er was shocked. Actually, everyone knew that I was a special forces member but I just didn't reveal it to the public. Me doing so surprised all of them.

 Lin Wan Er just smiled and said Lin Wan Er and so did Dong Cheng Yue. The main table was a little awkward due to Wang Zecheng's arrival but the delicacies were still really attractive. Eat first!

 Tang Qi knew that Wang Zecheng's identity was really suspicious and he was related to Artificials. So he said, "It isn't hygienic to eat like this right?"

 He was probably worried about Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er. Wang Zecheng used his chopsticks so would others get infected? Wang Zecheng was behind Artificials and maybe his body had some toxins?

 I lowered my voice, It is okay, just don' touch the dishes he touched."

 My voice was really soft so people 20 meters out couldn't hear it. Wang Zecheng's face flushed green. Such insults were ones that people couldn't handle but Wang Zecheng still held himself back. He smiled, "So let's start? I am so hungry..."

 "Shua shua shua", this bastard took from many plates. He really wanted to starve us.


 Luckily the dishes in front of us weren't infected. Before the table turned I picked more for Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. I nearly didn't drag those few pig trotters over.

When we were half done, we started to cut the cake. A luxurious 12 layer cake. Chu Tianxun and Zheng Fei Er cut it together and everyone looked on enviously. Wang Zecheng and Chu Tianxun looked close. I looked around. Since Wang Zecheng was here, I had to be alert.

 But something surprising was that Wang Zecheng didn't bring a single bodyguard. Weird, he dared to face me without fear?

 But it wasn't surprising. Wang Zecheng knew that I was a captain but without evidence, I wouldn't attack him so he was safe. He was different. He was in the darkness and he could do anything as long as he didn't get caught.


 We ate until 9pm and there was a party after. Zheng Fei Er and Chu Tianxun invited us but Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue rejected them after looking at my gaze. I was impenetrable but that didn't mean that they were. Wan Er and Dong Cheng were too important to me so I couldn't lose them.

 I sent them back home and Tang Qi followed. Right at that moment, Dong Cheng Yue touched her bag, "Damn..."

 "What happened?"

 "I lost my 18s... I think I left it on the table..."

 "This... Tang Qi was speechless, "I will go get it."

 Lin Wan Er's phone rang and it was from Zheng Fei Er, "Wan Er, Dong Cheng's phone is left at the restaurant. I helped to take it and we are on the way to Xifan Bar, do you want to come over? Or... I can send it over to all of you?"

 Lin Wan Er said hurriedly, "No need, just tell us where the bar is at, we will head over to take it."

 "Okay, number 11, I will wait for you at the entrance."


 The moment Lin Wan Er ended the call, Tang Qi's phone rang. He picked up the phone, "Boss... En, the fifth equipment boss appeared? Okay... I will be back soon, please wait for me."

 After hanging up, Tang Qi was a little awkward, "Boss Q-Sword's Rising Dragon Set's fifth equipment is triggered so I need to go online. Brother Xiao Yao, her phone... Can you go get it?"

 I touched my nose, "Okay, all of you go level, I will be back soon."



 After sending Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue back to their rooms, I headed out. From afar, a middle aged uncle was smoking in the school, this was Lin Tian Nan's secret spy. Apart from that, there was a young man wearing a black coat feeding mosquitoes at the water tower. He held a sniper rifle. He was also sent by Lin Tian Nan to ensure that Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were safe.

 I didn't drive and just ran over. The bar street within the school was booked by the student groups so it wasn't so busy as outside but it wasn't any worse than outside.

 Number 11, Zheng Fei Er, Chu Tianxun and Wang Zecheng stood there. Seeing me, Zheng Fei Er waved the phone in her hands and smiled, "Here!"

 I walked forwards and smiled, "Thank you."

 "Don't worry, I didn't expect Brother Xiao Yao to collect the phone."

 "No choice, the sky is too dark, it isn't good to let a girl come out alone."

 "Hehe, yes."

 Wang Zecheng looked at me and smiled, "The wind is bigger at night, it isn't safe for guys to run about, careful Brother Xiao Yao..."

 I glanced at him and smiled, "The world is dangerous but dawn will always come. Don't wear sunglasses, maybe one day when the sun shines in you might not be able to handle it."

 "Scoff, thank you for your reminder!"


 I turned around while thinking about his words. The wind was big at night, what did he mean?

 On the way back, I had to pass this flower garden. This was the most beautiful place in the university and many couples met here. But it was summer and there were many mosquitoes. Couples definitely wouldn't come here to suffer.

 I left really quickly. There was no light here, just the shining stars that projected down.


 "Sha sha..."

 I fully focused and there was a voice that didn't come from me and it didn't sound like leaves in the wind. Shortly after, a flame glow flashed in the bushes. That was the light from a bullet flying out of a silencer!

 I stopped and shook my arm. Blazing Sun Armor appeared on my fist and blocked that bullet. Only then did I hear the silencer, there were actually people ambushing me here!

 I pounced forwards and didn't give him a second chance to shoot. I jumped up, my fist turned red as I punched forwards!


 The flame light blew at the flowers around. A guy in a black jacket held a gun and looked at me in shock. He didn't expect me to be so quick. However, he was well trained. He hollered and red scales appeared on his neck. He tossed his gun and long claws stretched out from his fingernails before waving his arms at me!

 As expected, they were A Grade Dragonblood warriors!

 My fist turned into a palm as I pushed his arm aside. I raised my leg and we clashed. My left leg covered in Blazing Sun energy hit his neck and pressed him onto the ground. My left fist landed on his face!


 Flames scattered. I could see that many of his scales were hit off by me and I could see the muscles squirming below. I injected power into my right fist and it was covered in Blazing Sun energy. I spread my arm and turned my fist into a blade before slicing down. Blood splattered and his head rolled out. The grass around was ignited by Blazing Sun power and they started to burn up.

 Before I stood up, I heard the wind from behind me. There were more?


 From the sound, I rolled into the bushes and jumped up before killing upwards!


 I hit his chest and what welcomed me was many layers of thick dragon scales. I wasn't able to gather Blazing Sun energy so my leg felt numb. But he didn't feel good too as he rolled out and spat out blood.

 This was not it, two flame lights shot from the right. I rolled to dodge but a fiery pain spread from my arm. The bullet brushed the Blazing Sun Armor. Although I wasn't hit but I still felt some pain.

 Under the flame light, two Dragonblood warriors attacked from the right side. A black shirt dragonblood warrior holding a shining Japanese blade appeared on the left too.


 Damn, 5 so-called dragonblood warriors, did they want to kill me?

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.