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ITDO - Chapter 165 - You Have Provoked Another Evil God!

“Cough cough…”

The old man’s complexion reddened as he sputtered.

Previously he had borrowed the ‘power’ of the Torch Dragon to attack the strongest overseas military base of the United States. That was already too exaggerated. If he still behaved as if nothing happened, he would make everyone think that he could do a summoning multiple times. If that happened, the governments would feel anxious and perhaps act recklessly. Louie did not want to see the consequences of this.

Louie needed the Earth to be at peace since it was the best place that could provide him with resources and maybe faith. He did not need a war-torn Earth.

What’s more, for the United States of America, the destruction of the Okinawa Military Base was not just a loss of tens of billions of dollars, but a complete collapse of a military front in Asia. The invisible loss could not be measured with money at all. For Louie, this was already enough. If he did any more, everyone would be a loser.

“Are you alright, old friend?”

The Shinto priest created by Louie’s [Illusion] hurriedly came forward. His withered face was full of anxiety and held the old man who just summoned the torch dragon.

It couldn’t be helped. At this point, both the old man and the Shinto priest were illusions. It would still be explainable if the Shinto priest was an illusion, but if anyone were to touch the old man and find out he was also an illusion, things would easily be exposed.

Other Japanese personnel also rushed forward. They acted as if they were greeting their leader and surrounded the old man and the Shinto priest. They all bowed with restraint, fear, but also respect in their eyes.

“Prepare a place for my old friend to rest quickly.”

The Shinto priest’s face was grim. He shouted to the Japanese representatives with coldness, as if he did not care about their position at all. Comparing him to the warm old man, they formed an impressive contrast where one acts as the bad cop while the other acts as the good cop.

The Japanese representatives talked among themselves and finalized that they will prepare a luxurious mansion for the old man to live in.

Anyone would actually jump at this opportunity to get close to them. As long as they got on the old man’s good side, it would be good enough to be able to get acquainted with them.

These superhumans had fully displayed their power. It was enough to make anyone and any country respect them. What they represented now was a newly emerging power, the kind that was incomprehensible to mortals. No one dared belittle them and would rather maintain good relations with them.

Other countries could only lament. This place was Tokyo, Japan. Other countries could not easily intervene. The European side was still better off not offending them. From the previous information, they knew that the Shinto priest was not happy with Western culture.

The Chinese people could still accept this setup. No matter what was said, even if the old man was a person from the Ming Dynasty, Chinese people were easily homesick, so the old man would definitely return to China at some point. Only the Koreans were depressed. Japan and Korea were in a competitive relationship. Now that China and Japan had contact with these superhumans, as a country with a similar culture, they were the only ones who didn’t have anything!

Was the Republic of Korea going to become the backdrop of the universe? Only time would tell.

For a moment, the Korean representatives were torn. They wondered if they should ask the government to make the《The Classic of Mountains and Seas》and Shintoism a part of their cultural heritage.

“No need for the trouble, just prepare a good guest room for this old man. Just don’t disturb me. It took a lot of effort this time, but the result is acceptable.”

The old man waved his hand, paying no mind.

“Guest room?”

People flinched for a moment and then it occurred to them that the old man was talking about a hotel room.

The Japanese personnel did as they were told. The presidential suite of the Tokyo Imperial Hotel was immediately vacated and the old man was welcomed into the hotel by a crowd of people.

It was also fortunate that a lot of buildings in the core area of Tokyo were not seriously damaged by the deep ones. Although there were deaths and injuries, the situation was better than expected. The most seriously damaged area was caused by the thermobaric bomb by the United States of America. Other places would only take about ten days to half a month to repair. As for the place that was bombed, it would take a few months.

The United States bombing Tokyo without Tokyo’s approval was tantamount to provocation. As for how they planned to settle things after, it wasn’t Louie’s business anymore.

Before leaving the altar site, the Chinese man suddenly paused. He appeared to be looking at the American representatives. Under their apprehensive reactions, he slowly spoke, “An eye for an eye. Since you used a strange bomb on this old man, this old man had already retaliated, so we are on a clean slate. My next words are a warning to you, but my words are not predetermined.”

“This old man can feel that your home country has something that can attract evil beings. Moreover, it seems that you have already been locked on by another terrifying evil god. You might have provoked the evil god’s incarnation and gained its attention. As for the rest, try to do your best.”

Saying this, the old man and the Shinto priest went into the room and did not have anything else to say.

Many people left with the two. Only the American representatives were shocked as they thought about the old man’s warning.

‘What is the object that can attract evil beings? The United States of America is so big, how are we supposed to find it? Also, provoking an evil god?’

The American representative thought carefully about the meaning of the old man’s words. The United States of America shouldn’t have provoked Cthulhu recently, so who did they provoke?


The American representatives blurted out and suddenly thought of the first supernatural event of the world.

‘Was it not the United States of America who tried to hunt a dragon in the Amazon forest? Since dragons were representations of evil in Western cultures, the dragon might also be evil.’

Thinking about this, the American representative did not want to continue staying here. He had to quickly convey the old man’s words to the home country. They had no choice but to believe in the words of these superhumans.

“About the agreed-upon aoi, do not forget about it…”

Before entering the hotel, the Shinto priest reminded the representatives.

“Please don’t worry! We will absolutely have it prepared in three days!”

The Japanese representatives nodded their heads in agreement.


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The Shinto priest nodded his head in satisfaction, “We don’t need anyone to serve us. Just let my old friend have a good rest for two to three days.”

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After that, he said nothing else.

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