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EIF - Book 04 Chapter 187: Final Craziness

“Go to the imperial prison and kill Mo Yike! Kill Mo Yike! We do not need him anymore. We also cannot leave him for that old crook!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu seemed frenzied.

When Imperial Emperor Xi Yu shouted those words, the expression of Qin Zibai, who was recuperating in the city, changed.

“Oh no!” Qin Zibai leaped to his feet.

“Milord, you are still recovering. You should not move about!” the court physicians exclaimed.

However, Qin Zibai could not be bothered. His figure flashed, heading towards the imperial prison.

As Qin Zibai hurried to the prison, he discovered a group of black-robed figures rushing in the same direction. Among these black-robed figures was the eunuch who attended Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

“Halt!” Qin Zibai glared.

The group of black-robed men said with sullen expressions, “Lord Qin, please move aside.”

“Are you His Reverence’s secret guards? The assassins that His Reverence has been secretly nurturing? I never managed to find the secret guards before. It turns out that you were the ones?” Qin Zibai said with a sullen expression.

“Lord Qin, please move aside. If you do not, don’t blame us for being ruthless!” the black-robed men said.

“Are you going to kill Mo Yike?” Qin Zibai asked.

“His Reverence ordered it. Lord Qin, please move aside,” the secret guards replied coldly.

“Humph! What if I don’t?” Qin Zibai took out his bamboo cane.

“Attack!” an old eunuch, the leader, commanded coldly.


The secret guards immediately charged at Qin Zibai.

Qin Zibai swung the bamboo cane in his hand, sending out many sword qi.

The secret guards retreated. However, one of them did not and even arrived before Qin Zibai in an instant.

“What? Middle Heavenly Palace Realm?” Qin Zibai’s expression changed as he swung down the bamboo cane in his hand.


The attack knocked the Middle Heavenly Palace Realm secret guard a few steps back. However, anyone who could receive a strike from Qin Zibai was not going to be easy to deal with.

“You are the secret guard commander? Middle Heavenly Palace Realm? Were you the one who assassinated the Qian Nation soldiers in Vacant City back then?” Qin Zibai raised his eyebrows.

“Lord Qin guessed right. If you do not move aside now, don’t blame us for being ruthless. You cannot stop us,” that old eunuch said coldly.

“Humph!” Qin Zibai’s expression turned serious. Naturally, he would not move aside.

“I’ll delay Qin Zibai. You all go in and kill Mo Yike!” the secret guard commander said coldly.


The secret guards resumed rushing towards the imperial prison.


The secret guard commander’s sword clashed with Qin Zibai’s bamboo cane while the other secret guards entered the prison.

“You bastard!” Qin Zibai’s expression changed.

Unfortunately, the secret guard commander occupied him. He could not stop the secret guards at all.

“Halt! Halt!” Qin Zibai felt incredibly anxious.

“Your opponent is me now!” the secret guard commander said coldly.



Loud reports came from outside the imperial prison.

In the imperial prison:

Mo Yike leaned against the corner. He had heard Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s order to kill him.

“Hah! Hahahaha! ‘Kill Mo Yike? We do not need him anymore? We also cannot leave him for that old crook?’ Your Reverence, is this official just a tool to you? One that you would destroy if you cannot keep it? The secret guards? You would rather trust them than this official? Hah! Hahahaha! …Father, you have seen it. This child has done his best. This child has already done his best to protect the Yuan Nation. Unfortunately, this is all this child achieved after doing my best. I even implicated Qin Zibai. Hah…,” Mo Yike sighed softly.

Mo Yike could hear the battle between Qin Zibai and the secret guard commander. At this moment, he had no means of resisting.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A group of secret guards charged into the imperial prison.

Mo Yike looked at the secret guards, not showing any fear. Instead, he leaned against the corner and watched coldly. Perhaps his heart had already frozen over. Since he had to die, why fear it?

Mo Yike watched as the secret guards approached, arriving at the entrance to his cell in the blink of an eye. With a faint smile, he closed his eyes.

“He’s the one. Mo Yike. Hurry, kill him!” One of the secret guards glared as he thrust his sword at Mo Yike.

Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!

Just at this moment, many bats screeched in the prison. A dense flock of bats instantly swarmed inside the cell.


The bats surrounded the secret guard trying to kill Mo Yike.

“What? Argh!”

Suddenly, a miserable scream followed the shout. Then, that secret guard fell to the ground, reduced to a dried-up corpse.

“What? Bats?” the other secret guards exclaimed.

Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!

The bats surrounded all the secret guards in the blink of an eye.




A string of miserable screams split the air. The bats immediately reduced the secret guards to dried-up corpses, dropping them to the ground.

Mo Yike frowned as he opened his eyes.

The loyal secret guards all fell to the ground as dried-up corpses. Countless bats flew around the prison before quickly gathering at Mo Yike’s cell.

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Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!

All the bats coalesced, forming a human shape.

“Chang Ming?” Mo Yike suddenly raised his eyebrows.

Chang Ming was clad in black robes with a hood. Crimson eyes glowed from inside his hood, making him look incredibly mysterious.

“Mister Mo, His Majesty instructed me to protect you, no matter what,” Chang Ming said with a faint smile.

“It’s you? I understand now. Hahahahaha! I understand now! What a change in perspective! What a change in perspective!” Shock flashed in Mo Yike’s eyes.


“Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Betrayals?! Betrayals?! Betrayals?! Go on and betray us! Go on! We don’t need you anymore! We don’t need you! Go die! All of you, go die!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu suddenly said with a savage expression.

As Imperial Emperor Xi Yu roared, his aura grew increasingly stronger.

On the distant flying ship:

Sima Changkong’s pupils constricted. “Oh no! It seems to have achieved the opposite effect. Instead of becoming dispirited, he became even more ferocious, disregarding everything.”

Long Shenwu’s face sank as well. “What is Gu Hai doing? Did he mess up? What should we do about Imperial Emperor Xi Yu now? Once ten days pass, the berserk Imperial Emperor Xi Yu will be very terrifying!”

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu grew increasingly more ferocious. He glared at Gu Hai in the sky as he held his saber. Instead of a dispirited expression, he showed overwhelming rage. His eyes were bloodshot, and it looked like only killing Gu Hai would satisfy him. Now, an intense battle hunger surged out.

“Humph!” Gu Hai let out a cold snort, not thinking much of this.

“We said that we would slaughter the Long Clan. Mo En said that we would slaughter the Long Clan. Chang Sheng said that we would slaughter the Long Clan. Qin Yun said that we would slaughter the Long Clan. The others are now dead, so we will do it in their place. We will do it. Break!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu ferociously swung his saber at the sky.

A gigantic manifested saber chopped down at the barrier with all of Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s might.


The barrier shook intensely.

“Imperial Emperor Xi Yu has gone mad!” Long Shenwu’s face sank.

Gu Hai watched closely as he clenched his fist tightly. Seeing that the barrier managed to block, he inwardly let out his bated breath.

Gu Hai had taken a massive gamble on this. He gambled that this barrier could block Imperial Emperor Xi Yu. If he had lost the bet, things would be bad. Fortunately, the Heaven Splitting Ax combined with the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s energy managed to block Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

“Break!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu roared with a ferocious expression as he swung his saber again.


The barrier shook again.

Outside, Long Shenwu, Sima Changkong, and the others showed unsightly expressions. Imperial Emperor Xi Yu is so powerful. What if he breaks the barrier?

“Break! Break! Break!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu swung his saber over and over, getting increasingly more frustrated and furious.

Long Shenwu appeared worried, but Sima Changkong merely narrowed his eyes and said, “I think I figured something out.”


“Mister Gu is agitating Imperial Emperor Xi Yu on purpose. However, what is the point of doing so?” Sima Changkong frowned slightly.


In the imperial prison:

Mo Yike frowned as he heard the noise outside and felt the shaking of the prison’s surroundings.

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“What is Mister Gu trying to do?” Mo Yike looked at Chang Ming.

Chang Ming shook his head, not planning to say anything.

This was connected to Gu Hai’s plan. Before he succeeded, the plan could not be leaked to anyone.


Outside, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu grew increasingly more frustrated. He tried many times but could not break the barrier. Each failure severely wounded his pride, wearing him down.

“Mo En, First Elder Brother is trying hard!”

“Chang Sheng, First Elder Brother is doing his best!”

“Qin Yun, First Elder Brother has already done his best!”

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu continuously attacked like this for six days.

Outside, Long Shenwu and the others felt a chill in their hearts. This assault on the barrier had continued relentlessly for six days. Time passed in a flash; not much time remained.

When the barrier’s time was up, the consequences would be dire.


A loud report rang out.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu stopped.

Over the past six days, the sky and ground of Major Metropolitan City had shaken intensely. Unprecedented emotions burst out of Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

“It’s still not enough? Haha! It’s still not enough? Second Younger Brother, Third Younger Brother, Fourth Younger Brother, First Elder Brother cannot do it. Murong Yan? Murong Yan? Hahahahahaha!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu showed disappointment and despair.

The soldiers outside the city had already pledged their loyalty to the Qian Nation. After six days of torment, they no longer showed any emotion as they looked at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

Is everything I have done for naught?

Outside the barrier, Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s despair and helplessness. He felt that it was about time. He moved a hand behind his back, drawing a circle hidden from Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

Long Shenwu and Sima Changkong felt slightly startled. Gu Hai drew a circle where Imperial Emperor Xi Yu could not see. Is that a signal?

Indeed, the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s voice came from the palace hall.

“For Murong Yan?” the Qian Heavenly Emperor said.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu suddenly looked up at the flying ship. The Qian Heavenly Emperor was there. Now, after all he experienced, he fully believed that it was the Qian Heavenly Emperor.

To think that I am not even worth a strike to him? To think that I wanted to challenge him and even destroy his entire clan? Hahaha! How laughable!

“Never mind. Just go!” the Qian Heavenly Emperor sighed.

“What? Let Imperial Emperor Xi Yu go?” The expressions of Sima Changkong and Long Shenwu changed.

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