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CSG - Chapter 3130: Twin-headed Lotus

“Hmm? There’s actually a Twin-headed Lotus here!” Mo Tianyun’s eyes suddenly lit up. He immediately descended, landing in a valley with Jian Chen.

In the very centre of the valley, a lotus flower was wrapped in a thin layer of Xuanhuang Qi, shining with dazzling light and giving off powerful pulses of energy.

Not only was it a Twin-headed Lotus with Xuanhuang Qi, but it was also a high quality God Tier heavenly resource that was completely ripe.

In the Saints’ World, such a Twin-headed Lotus was enough to cause a fight between Grand Primes.

Twin-headed Lotuses were recovery heavenly resources of absolutely exceptional effect. They could heal all aspects of a cultivator, regardless of who they were. Its effects were not limited to the body, vitality, and vital energies, as it even healed souls as well. It truly possessed a divine effect that resembled the blessings of nature.

Suddenly, the valley began to shake. The terrifying presence of a Grand Prime surged out, filling the valley in an instant. Even the Xuanhuang Qi in the sky surged violently.

Clearly, a powerful Xuanhuang beast guarded such a precious Twin-headed Lotus. A long insect that possessed a hundred legs and resembled a centipede crawled out from the ground. Its turbid eyes immediately locked onto Jian Chen and Mo Tianyun.

Jian Chen immediately shivered inside. Just having a Grand Prime Xuanhuang beast lock onto him placed him under tremendous pressure.

A First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime!” He immediately identified the strength of the Xuanhuang beast!

If it were not for Mo Tianyun right beside him, all he could do was flee desperately against this Xuanhuang beast.

Grand Primes, even the weakest of Grand Primes, were far greater than anything he could contend against right now.

On top of that, he was currently in the Xuanhuang Microcosm, where his Laws of Space and Laws of the Sword were rendered useless. The suppression in strength he faced was far too great.

Most importantly, he was still heavily injured.

He had not recovered the vitality he had lost when he crossed the Bridge of Life and Death on the Prosper Plane. He had even fused the two swords again.

His current state could be described as absolutely feeble.

“This Twin-headed Lotus should be enough for you to make a complete recovery,” said Mo Tianyun indifferently as he ignored the Xuanhuang beast that appeared from underground. He stared straight at the Twin-headed Lotus up ahead.

In the next moment, he suddenly vanished, appearing before the Grand Prime Xuanhuang beast instantly and directly throwing a punch.

Mo Tianyun’s punch did not contain any power of laws. There was only the pure power of cultivation, as well as the great power of his body.

As a Sacredfeather Tiger Emperor out of the four imperial clans of the Daemons’ World, Mo Tianyun’s body was exceptionally tough.

Immediately, the surging power of his cultivation erupted, and the Grand Prime Xuanhuang beast that had only emerged a moment earlier had its head punched in.

It was not just its head. Even its body had completely ruptured under the blow from Mo Tianyun’s terrifying power, dying as pieces.

With a single punch, he completely killed a Xuanhuang beast equivalent to a First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. Jian Chen personally experienced Mo Tianyun’s strength yet again.

Killing a Grand Prime in a single strike. I wonder when I’ll possess such great strength as well.” That filled Jian Chen with admiration. Even across the entire Saints’ World, how many people could strike fear into his heart with such terrifying strength?

Most importantly, Mo Tianyun had not even used the power of laws in that punch of his.

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If it had been imbued with the laws of the world, the power of the punch would have been even more unimaginable!

“Jian Chen, ingest this Twin-headed Lotus. It should be enough for you to make a complete recovery.” At this moment, Mo Tianyun had already picked the Twin-headed Lotus and arrived before Jian Chen.

The Twin-headed Lotus was wrapped in a thin layer of Xuanhuang Qi, giving off a dazzling haze as it hovered before Jian Chen.

Gazing at the Twin-headed Lotus, Jian Chen felt anything but calm. The chance of encountering a Twin-headed Lotus had always been tiny, let alone the fact that the Twin-headed Lotus right before him was contaminated with Xuanhuang Qi and had grown to the level of high quality God Tier heavenly resources.

Its value went without saying!

If Mo Tianyun had not been beside him, he definitely could not have obtained this Twin-headed Lotus.

Jian Chen did not decline or act ashamed. He ate the Twin-headed Lotus in a single gulp before crossing his legs and healing his wounds.

At that instant, a hazy light rushed into the sky from the body. The tremendous effects from the Twin-headed Lotus wrapped around him, and Jian Chen’s injuries healed rapidly.

Mo Tianyun did not leave. Instead, he stood in the valley with his hands behind his back without budging at all. He stood tall and straight like a mountain, giving off a bearing like he possessed the ability to watch over an entire world.

There were many Xuanhuang beasts that desired Twin-headed Lotuses in the Xuanhuang Microcosm. Due to the presence of the stronger Xuanhuang beast, none of the Xuanhuang beasts nearby dared to encroach on this area.

Now that the presence of the Xuanhuang beast that watched over this region had vanished, the Xuanhuang beasts lurking nearby immediately became tempted.

Very soon, the heavy sound of footsteps rang out from outside the valley. Even the earth shook as colossal Xuanhuang beasts approached this area.

There was more than one.

It was not just from the ground, as even great shadows appeared on the distant horizon. Many birds approached this place at lightning speed.

They were in the depths of the inner world. Any Xuanhuang beast that could occupy a region here obviously could not be weak. As a result, even the weakest of the incoming Xuanhuang beasts had reached late Chaotic Prime.

One of them was even a Grand Prime.

However, the Grand Prime Xuanhuang beast was obviously much weaker than the one that Mo Tianyun had just slain.

All of the Xuanhuang beasts seemed to be drawn to the presence of the Twin-headed Lotus that Jian Chen gave off, converging on him.

They did not have intelligence, so they had no thought processes. They completely acted on instinct, so they were obviously unaware of Mo Tianyun’s strength.

Mo Tianyun took action. He swung his fist and launched it into the distance. Each punch was absolutely devastating, enough to make the world pale. The Xuanhuang Qi that filled the surroundings surged violently.

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A bloody rain began to fall in the surroundings. All of the Xuanhuang beasts were slain mercilessly, ending up in pieces.

Mo Tianyun was far too powerful. Even without relying on laws, he killed these Xuanhuang beasts effortlessly. He could kill whatever was in his way.

He did not even have to move from where he was. All he had to do was launch attacks into the distance from Jian Chen’s side, and he could kill all of the incoming enemies.

Instantly, the world fell silent. All of the howls and roars from the Xuanhuang beasts vanished.

Jian Chen continued to heal. In his surroundings, Mo Tianyun had cast down a barrier of energy to prevent any disturbances.

Mo Tianyun stood with his hands behind his back, right by Jian Chen’s side as if he would only leave once Jian Chen made a complete recovery.

At this moment, he swung his hand, and Shangguan Mu’er suddenly appeared.

“I’ve already killed all of the Xuanhuang beasts nearby. There were a few heavenly resources growing there, so you can go and collect them,” Mo Tianyun said to Shangguan Mu’er.

“Thank you, senior!” Shangguan Mu’er bowed slightly towards Mo Tianyun. Her gaze paused on Jian Chen for a moment, and she asked, “Senior Mo Tianyun, how is Jian Chen right now?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Jian Chen will rouse very soon. When he does, he’ll have made a complete recovery,” said Mo Tianyun.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.