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CSG - Chapter 3131: Splitting Up

Afterwards, Shangguan Mu’er combed through the surrounding region and found several dozen heavenly resources in total.

Originally, powerful Xuanhuang beasts guarded these heavenly resources. Even if she worked with Jian Chen, it would be almost impossible for them to steal these heavenly resources from the Xuanhuang beasts.

But now, Mo Tianyun had killed all the Xuanhuang beasts, so these precious God Tier heavenly resources obviously became ownerless. Shangguan Mu’er obtained them effortlessly.

This left Shangguan Mu’er overjoyed.

Although obtaining a few dozen God Tier heavenly resources was nothing difficult for the Tian Yuan clan with their current wealth, how could those heavenly resources compare to the ones growing in the Xuanhuang Microcosm?

Even throughout the entire Saints’ World, God Tier heavenly resources contaminated with Xuanhuang Qi were extremely rare. Every single one of them was priceless.

After gathering all of the heavenly resources in the surrounding region, Shangguan Mu’er returned to the valley and sat quietly on the ground as she waited for Jian Chen to recover.

Mo Tianyun would study Jian Chen from time to time as well. His eyes shone with a light of interest as he sank into his thoughts.

He could not help but recall what the Celestial Sword Saint had once said to him in the Sword God Mountains back then on the Desolate Plane.

Just what kind of crisis will Jian Chen be facing, where not only am I incapable of assisting him with my strength, but it might even doom me.

With my current strength, even if I can’t defeat the Ninth Heavenly Layer, I can retreat with ease. Probably only those sovereigns of the world that have become embodiments of the heavenly ways can doom me.

Is the crisis of life and death that the Celestial Sword Saint is referring to a threat from Grand Exalts, or is it due to some other factor?

Don’t tell me the Celestial Sword Saint has also noticed that Jian Chen has gained the recognition of the twin sword spirits? Perhaps they are the reason for this crisis?

But if the sword spirits really are exposed, the Grand Exalts of the Saints’ World really might take action. They probably won’t allow the sword spirits to return to the Immortals’ World. After all, during the war back then, many of the Grand Exalts from the Saints’ World had suffered at the hands of the twin swords.

No matter how Mo Tianyun thought, he was unable to confirm where this so-called crisis of life and death would stem from. He had tried peering into this matter too, but all he saw was thick mist. Even with his cultivation, he was unable to divine anything about Jian Chen.

Jian Chen sure is quite special.

Jian Chen only used three days to recover. After that, he had completely absorbed the effects of the Twin-headed Lotus.

The Twin-headed Lotus basically breathed new life into Jian Chen. Not only did he completely recover from the latent effects left behind by the Bridge of Death, but even the backlash due to fusing the two swords healed.

He had already returned to his peak condition by now!

“Thank you for your assistance, senior Mo Tianyun. I’ve made a complete recovery,” Jian Chen stood up and immediately clasped his fist and bowed towards Mo Tianyun. He was filled with gratitude.

Mo Tianyun waved his hand in an unconcerned manner. “You don’t have to thank me. This is what we owe to you. Without you, we never could have forced our way into the Xuanhuang Microcosm.”

Mo Tianyun paused for a moment before continuing, “Since you’ve completely recovered, I can leave in peace.”

“However, we are already quite close to the core. Grand Prime Xuanhuang beasts are constantly on the prowl here. With your strength, it’s not very safe for you to remain here. Let me send you out first.”

Afterwards, Mo Tianyun personally escorted Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er out of here again. He erupted with the surging power of his cultivation and moved with unbelievable speed, shooting through the sky in a flash like lightning.

Finally, Mo Tianyun brought Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er to the outskirts of the inner world. Only then did he leave.

“This should be where Godhood Xuanhuang beasts are active. Infinite Prime Xuanhuang beasts rarely appear here. Mu’er, we can only rely on ourselves for what comes next.” Jian Chen looked around before turning his head and gazing at Shangguan Mu’er’s alluring face. He let out a gentle smile.

Shangguan Mu’er furrowed her brows slightly. Her voice was slightly stern. “I can’t control the laws of the world at all here. Under these circumstances, my strength has been severely affected.”

“That’s fine. You have me. As long as we don’t venture too deep, the Xuanhuang beasts can’t threaten us. Mu’er, leave the Xuanhuang beasts to me. You can be responsible for collecting the heavenly resources,” Jian Chen said in an unconcerned manner. His most important objective with this visit to the Xuanhuang Microcosm was not to find high grade heavenly resources from the depths, but to gather the spiritual fluid that the sword spirits spoke of.

That, as well as the Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon God that could allow Nubis to recover!

To him, there were no heavenly resources, no matter how rare or precious, that could match the Primeval Divine Hall and the Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon God in importance.

The Primeval Divine Hall was a sovereign god artifact in perfect condition, and he had the support of the artifact spirit too. He did not have to worry about being unable to unleash the sovereign god artifact’s power at all.

The Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon God had to do with Nubis’ future as well.

These two items were extremely important to Jian Chen. They could be called essential items that he had to obtain in his trip to the Xuanhuang Microcosm.

Shangguan Mu’er shot a glance at Jian Chen and said faintly, “That won’t be necessary. I’m not as strong as you, but I’m not as weak as you think.” With a flip of her hand, the Zither of the Demonic Cry immediately appeared in her hands. Clutching it in one hand, she gently pressed down on the strings with the other hand.

Immediately, the strings on the Zither of the Demonic Cry shone with dazzling light. Each string seemed to become a sharp blade, shining with cold light.

“I sure have underestimated you.” With a smile, Jian Chen tidied Shangguan Mu’er’s slightly messy hair and said softly, “Let’s go. Let’s head back in the same direction that senior Mo Tianyun escorted us in. When senior Mo Tianyun brought us inside, I just happened to have discovered a few Violet Immortal Peach trees and Comprehension Tea trees.”

“Violet Immortal Peaches don’t have a particularly great effect on us with our cultivation, but God Tier Comprehension Tea is still a treasure that I’d like to get as much as I can of.”

“We’ve made it in here after so much difficulty, so we have to gather as many resources as possible. Even if we have no use for them, the family and friends around us will need them.”

Bringing Shangguan Mu’er with him, Jian Chen gradually ventured deeper along the way in his memories. They encountered some Xuanhuang beasts equivalent to Godkings along the way.

Before Jian Chen could even do anything, Shangguan Mu’er plucked the strings of her zither gently and sharp light shot out, slicing through everything and cutting these Godking Xuanhuang beast to pieces effortlessly.

“These Xuanhuang beasts all possess a core. That’s the essence of their energy. We can’t let that go to waste.” Jian Chen smiled with ease. He could still clearly remember how he had broken through with the Chaotic Body through absorbing the cores within Xuanhuang beasts when he came in here the first time with Tie Ta.

However, right when Jian Chen was about to gather the cores, his face suddenly stiffened. He discovered that the Godking Xuanhuang beasts which Shangguan Mu’er had killed were all missing cores.

He stared at the corpses and studied them carefully before learning the reason very soon.

“I see. The way in which Xuanhuang beasts evolve is quite unique. Once their strength reaches Godhood, the cores in their body will merge with their body, such that the energy in the core will have fused with every inch of flesh.”

“Only Xuanhuang beasts below Godhood possess cores, but any single pill I can refine right now is much more powerful than an Origin realm beast core.”

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This novel is _hosted_ by hosted novel.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.