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ITDO - Chapter 162 - Schrödinger's Sun

A brilliant star rose over the Tokyo horizon, burning with the same brilliance as the sun. In a few minutes, it shifted from lying near the skyline to hanging overhead in radiant glory. At that moment, the few stars that could be seen from the city were blanketed with a blue sky.

Japan, or to be more accurate, Tokyo City was greeted with daylight the moment the Torch Dragon opened its eyes.

“T-the sun has risen!”

“What kind of power is that!”

“This is unscientific!”

“But it seems magical.”

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Inside Tokyo, everyone looked at the sun’s ascension with disbelief. Their expressions were filled with fright and awe as they looked at the Torch dragon flying above the mysterious old man.

Listening to the Chinese representatives there, they understood that what appeared was a god recorded in 《The Classic of Mountains and Seas》 — a Torch Dragon. In the records, its body was said to be a thousand miles long. Although the figure of the Torch Dragon that the spectators witnessed was only a few kilometers long, no one could see its tail which seemed to extend into the void. It was clear that the god’s full length was not on display at the moment.

“I thought that the descriptions for the Torch Dragon were made because ancient people didn’t know the cause for the changes in weather. They had decided to pin these as godly acts and so prayed for favorable weather. I just never imagined that the records were real.”

Previously, the mysterious old man had punched a thermobaric missile, but everyone still believed that this could be achievable by science. No one knew when, but they were sure that someday bio-engineering would reach that level, and carbon-based life forms could evolve into their strongest form.

But the power displayed by the summoned Torch Dragon had already surpassed what could be conceived by modern science.

“The position of the sun didn’t change.”

“The rotation of the Earth didn’t change.”

“Other than Tokyo, the rest of the Eastern Hemisphere is still nighttime. While the sun is still in the Western Hemisphere!”

“Then tell me, what is the sun that has appeared above us? Could it be fake?”

“I-it should be fake, but it should also be real.”

The researchers were about to cry. This simply exceeded any scientific logic!

Who knew how many researchers were avidly researching the new sun with various instruments. But their results all told them that it was real. But if the sun was real, then what was the sun that was shining down on the Western Hemisphere?

“Two suns appeared at the same time. This reminds me of the story when Houyi shot down the sun.”

“Perhaps this sun is different from the sun we understand as scientists. It might just be the concept of the sun and not a real star? Didn’t Houyi shoot down nine suns in Chinese mythology?”

Many of the Chinese people began brainstorming.

On the other hand, the Japanese representatives were excitedly looking at the withered priest. Previously, they had heard that the priest should have been the one to call forth Amaterasu Omikami and not the old man summoning a torch dragon. Didn’t this mean that the withered priest also possesses inconceivable power that could make the sun descend?

It was known that in Japanese mythology, Amaterasu was the sun god and the ruler of the heavenly realm and hundreds of thousands of Gods according to Shinto. Who knows if this priest could also borrow the power of other gods.

Even if there weren’t hundreds of thousands of Gods, there were still many powerful Gods included in it.

America, White House —

The powerful president of the United States was desperately finding a solution with his advisors. Previously they had fired a thermobaric missile at the mysterious old man and felt anxious and fearful. Although the old man did not take revenge, they couldn’t rest easy when they placed themselves in the old man’s position. If they possessed inconceivable power, would they just let things go if someone poured shit on their head?

After a discussion, the White House believed that the old man would choose to take revenge, but they could not yet guess the old man’s means of taking revenge at the moment. Those American forces in Japan could be in great danger, but because of the trouble happening in Japan, they could not pull out their forces at the moment.

They were now discussing what would happen if the old man took revenge and if they should return fire. In the end, their final conclusion was to wait and see the degree of revenge that the old man would take.

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Although they had reached this conclusion, they still felt terrified. They were afraid that the old man would charge into the White House and kill them all with his bare hands. At that time, even if America had various modern weapons, they would just be a nuisance to the old man and they would still die.

“Mr. President, this is the latest report from Tokyo. According to various spectrometers, the light rays released by the sun that appeared above Tokyo is the same as a real one.”

“When we tried to look for it from space with satellites, we could not find traces of it at all. But anyone in Tokyo who looked up could see it. Thi-this is simply Schrödinger's Sun. It exists and doesn’t exist at the same time.”

The person reporting said with disbelief.

“C-could this mysterious unexplainable phenomenon be related to quantum mechanics?”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Since they could not understand magic at all, it was impossible for them to come to an effective conclusion. In the end, they could only wait and see.

Back in Tokyo, after having the torch dragon summon the eternal sun, Louie felt that this was enough. With a thought, he deactivated the first legendary spell. Those undead creatures created from the legendary spell let out extremely tragic cries.

The strong sun beat down on the ground. The people forced to kneel at the core of Tokyo witnessed the deep ones performing the ritual let out ear-piercing cries. The deep ones began to melt and their muscles seemed to collapse as they let out a horrible stench.

In an instant, people let out horrified cries at the scene and took the chance to run away. This time, the deep ones could not catch them anymore as their bodies gradually disintegrated. They seemed to have received recoil from failing with their ritual.

On the other hand, the high priest of the deep ones also looked at the body of the Torch Dragon and let out a terrified scream as he looked at Cthulhu’s disappearing figure. It also slowly disintegrated but before that could happen, it quickly found a river and jumped inside, making it look as if it knew that it had failed and chose to escape.

When the Torch Dragon appeared, everything seemed to have gone smoothly. Those deep ones that gave the humans so much trouble had easily disintegrated and even the blood sacrifice ritual had turned to ashes under the glory of the sun.

As everyone relaxed and thought that everything was finished, the Torch Dragon in the sky seemed to move its head and looked afar. Then it suddenly exhaled a single breath of air.

But that one breath had caused the Americans to turn pale.

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