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EIF - Book 04 Chapter 182: Seven-Colored Pill

Long Aotian showed a prideful gaze as he looked coldly at the distant Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, not thinking much of him at all.

Indeed, the Yuan Imperial Dynasty had no one else to send.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu showed a sullen expression as he looked at the distant jiangchen zombie.

“A jiangchen zombie? Haha! Have you prepared yourself for death since you want us to fight you personally?” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said coldly.

As Imperial Emperor Xi Yu spoke, he flung out his sleeves.


Boundless snow appeared out of nowhere and blanketed every corner of Major Metropolitan City and outside the city.


Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s figure flashed, and he vanished.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu moved so quickly that Long Aotian could not react, save for a change of expression. The jiangchen zombie at the side moved instantly, throwing a punch.


When Imperial Emperor Xi Yu next appeared, he was right before Long Aotian. His fist clashed with the jiangchen zombie’s fist.

Strong winds swept out from where the fists met.

Long Aotian immediately moved behind the jiangchen zombie.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu showed a ferocious expression as he increased the force in his punch. Now, the jiangchen zombie looked like it could not last much longer.


Suddenly, the jiangchen zombie roared, and sharp fangs sprouted from its mouth. Then, a pair of pitch-black-scaled dragon bone wings burst out of its back. Boundless black fog surrounded it, and its eyes turned crimson. Now, its aura soared greatly.

The jiangchen zombie managed to block Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s fist thoroughly.


A loud report rang out as the impact pushed Imperial Emperor Xi Yu and the jiangchen zombie apart.

“A jiangchen zombie?” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu narrowed his eyes slightly.

He had used his full power in the earlier attack. Nevertheless, the jiangchen zombie managed to block it.

Am I really that much weaker than the Qian Heavenly Dynasty? To think that I cannot make short work of even one of the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s grandsons?

“Hahahaha! What do you think? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, I’ll give you a chance now. Submit and serve me. What do you think? I can spare you from death!” Long Aotian said with a cold smile.

Shielding Long Aotian, the jiangchen zombie looked ferociously at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

Submit and serve you?

Not to mention Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, even the countless citizens of Major Metropolitan City showed rage. The emperor of an imperial dynasty serving an insignificant, unknown character like Long Aotian?

Nearby, Gu Hai looked at Long Shenwu in confusion.

Long Shenwu showed a bitter smile as he shook his head. Clearly, he had no way of handling Long Aotian’s arrogant character, either.

“Humph! Submit and serve? Hahahaha! Even the Qian Heavenly Emperor doesn’t have the qualifications to say that. Humph!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu sneered as his figure flashed, charging over again.

An Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator moved too quickly, so quickly that most people could not see his movements.


What seemed like an afterimage charged over and clashed with the jiangchen zombie. Space trembled.

Before Long Aotian could see anything, the jiangchen zombie suddenly moved behind him.


Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had moved at an even faster speed than before, attacking from behind. However, the jiangchen zombie blocked him again.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s speed increased. Long Aotian could only hear earthshattering reports coming from various directions. Powerful explosions happened around him. Just the shock waves of those explosions shook his defensive barrier.

Long Aotian’s eyelids twitched wildly. However, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had no intention of stopping.

Long Aotian could not clearly see Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, but the jiangchen zombie managed to block Imperial Emperor Xi Yu every time. Now, his initial arrogance returned in the blink of an eye.

“Humph! You can’t do anything, right? Jiangchen, kill him!” Long Aotian roared.


The two parted after clashing fists.

Then, the jiangchen zombie reared its head back and roared. Its eyes flashed crimson.

Suddenly, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu let out cold laughter. “Since you want to see Yinggou, we will show it to you. Humph!”


Imperial Emperor Xi Yu roared as well. Then, his aura suddenly soared rapidly. Fangs sprouted from his mouth, and a large pair of silver-white-scaled dragon bone wings burst out of his back.

As Imperial Emperor Xi Yu stood in the air, layers of energy flame billowed around his body.

His aura instantly suppressed the jiangchen zombie’s aura.

Long Aotian’s expression changed. “Jiangchen, kill him! Hurry, kill him!”


The jiangchen zombie roared as it pounced at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

“Humph! Jiangchen? It is probably just an emperor who cultivated the Jiangchen Art when it was alive. Unfortunately, it is dead already. You have no way to control it fully. To think that you dare to be so audacious before us in our Yuan Nation? You are seeking death!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu glared.


The jiangchen zombie instantly approached and punched.

“Heavy Snow Falling for Five Hundred Thousand Kilometers!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu counterpunched.

After Imperial Emperor Xi Yu transformed his body into Yinggou’s body, a vast snowstorm appeared when he punched, as if he manifested a colossal snow dragon when he landed his fist on the jiangchen zombie.


The vast snowstorm exploded.

This full-power strike with the Yinggou Art was already close to Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s limits. The powerful punch shook everyone in Major Metropolitan City, causing their blood and energy to surge.


The jiangchen zombie roared, and its strength increased again. However, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu was too powerful. The storm seemed to collapse into a black hole when he punched.

The enormous impact sent the jiangchen zombie flying.

The force was too great. Long Aotian could not dodge. The shock waves from Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s punch were already sufficient to destroy him. However, he managed to survive due to the jiangchen zombie’s protection.


As the snowstorm exploded, it slammed into the jiangchen zombie carrying Long Aotian.


Long Aotian spewed out a mouthful of blood in midair. The sound of bones breaking came from all over his body.


Long Aotian let out a miserable scream as he flew back to the Qian Nation’s army—more accurately, back to the flagship with the palace hall that seemed to have someone in it.


After Imperial Emperor Xi Yu knocked away the jiangchen zombie and Long Aotian with one punch, they crashed into the doors of that palace hall.


The two knocked the palace door open.

Oh no! Sima Changkong’s heart skipped a beat.

There was no Qian Heavenly Emperor in that palace hall. It was just Gu Hai’s plan to trick Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

Long Shenwu’s expression changed as well.

Did Imperial Emperor Xi Yu do that on purpose? He guessed that His Holy Eminence might be in the palace hall but was not sure, so he used Long Aotian to knock the doors open to investigate?

Once Imperial Emperor Xi Yu sees the interior, everything will be exposed. Then, he will charge over.

Even though Long Shenwu appeared anxious, Gu Hai remained calm. Gu Hai even walked over to the palace doors.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu knew exactly how powerful his earlier punch had been. Perhaps it would not destroy the jiangchen zombie’s body, but it would definitely cripple Long Aotian. More importantly, it managed to knock the doors open for him to investigate.

Blargh! Long Aotian slumped to the ground, spewing mouthfuls of blood.

Long Aotian’s escorts were about to rush over anxiously.

Long Shenwu glared and immediately formed a force field to stop them.

“My meridians are broken! Xi Yu! You sneak-attacked me!” Long Aotian cried sorrowfully in pain as he lay slumped.

However, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu ignored Long Aotian. Instead, he looked into the palace hall from a distance.

Sima Changkong and Long Shenwu looked at Gu Hai. We are about to be exposed. What should we do?

“Huh?” The distant Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s face sank.

The sudden change in Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s expression slightly startled Sima Changkong, prompting him to look into the palace hall as well.

The palace hall was very dark, and there was a large, glittering throne in its depths. At this moment, a gray-robed old man sat on the throne. This old man showed a calm expression as he rested his arms on the armrests, gently tapping one.

His Holy Eminence?

Sima Changkong felt greatly startled, nearly crying out.

Long Shenwu appeared like he had seen a ghost. Is it really His Holy Eminence? How can it be possible? Why is His Holy Eminence here? Why did I not know about it?

Didn’t we do that just to trick Imperial Emperor Xi Yu?

Long Shenwu nearly bowed. However, Sima Changkong pulled on him, startling him to his senses.

The two saw Gu Hai walking towards the palace hall.

They had handed the palace hall to Gu Hai to make arrangements. Previously, he said that they would trick Imperial Emperor Xi Yu into thinking that the Qian Heavenly Emperor came here, but that was just a hoax.

However, what was before them now?

With Long Aotian’s meridians and bones completely broken, he was on his last breath. When he saw what was in the palace hall, he suddenly revealed an expression of wild joy.

“Your…Your Holy Eminence? So, you are here? Eminent Grandfather, save…save me!” Long Aotian cried out in pleasant surprise.

Now, Gu Hai arrived at the palace hall’s entrance.

In the palace hall, the Qian Heavenly Emperor extended his hand and pointed. Then, a seven-colored light came out of his fingertip and coalesced, slowly forming a pill. After the pill formed, a monk walked out from the side. It was Venerable Liu Nian. Venerable Liu Nian carefully received the pill and brought it to the entrance.

Gu Hai carefully received the seven-colored pill at the entrance and walked over to Long Aotian. The jiangchen zombie seemed to want to continue protecting Long Aotian.

“Don’t stop him. Eminent Grandfather is saving me!” Long Aotian called out, telling the jiangchen zombie to move aside.

Gu Hai helped Long Aotian up.

“My bones are all broken. Be gentler. Argh!” Long Aotian cried out in pain.

Gu Hai fed the seven-colored pill into Long Aotian’s mouth while supporting him.

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When the seven-colored pill entered Long Aotian’s stomach, his body suddenly gave off beams of rainbow light.


Long Aotian suddenly leaped to his feet.

“I’m healed?! Am I completely healed? Eminent Grandfather, the pill that you formed is so incredible. Hahaha! My meridians are all healed! My bones are healed as well!” Long Aotian said excitedly.

Long Shenwu and Sima Changkong appeared slightly shocked.

Is it really His Holy Eminence? Who else would have the means to do this, using their energy to create a pill and heal Long Aotian in the blink of an eye?

Far away, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s eyelids twitched wildly.

Is it really the Qian Heavenly Emperor? It is true? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu knew the extent of Long Aotian’s injuries. It was healable, but even a mystical pill could not completely heal those injuries instantly. That was impossible.

However, it happened. How could it happen?

Is he really here? Is that really the Qian Heavenly Emperor in there?

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