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EIF - Book 04 Chapter 178: Gu Hai’s Plan

Prior Metropolitan City:

This was the large Yuan Nation city nearest to Major Metropolitan City. The Qian Nation soldiers attacked the defending army and officially captured Prior Metropolitan City.

After Long Shenwu celebrated with the army, he invited Gu Hai aside for a secret talk.

Only three people remained in this pavilion shelter: Long Shenwu, Sima Changkong, and Gu Hai.

“We have conquered Prior Metropolitan City. This prince has just celebrated with those who contributed. Today, I invited Mister Gu over to discuss how we attack Major Metropolitan City.” Long Shenwu smiled at Gu Hai.

The past few years had already proven Gu Hai’s capabilities. Although Prince Shenwu had experienced it for himself, he knew that he could not convince Gu Hai to work for him. However, he was not the only one leading attacks on another nation this time. This was a chance for him to shine before the Qian Heavenly Emperor. Naturally, he wanted to stand out the most.

“Prince is endowed with extraordinary intelligence. I am just a stupid person simply following Prince and cheering you on,” Gu Hai said with a smile.

“Mister Gu is stupid? If you are stupid, what would the rest of us be?” Sima Changkong immediately smiled.

“Mister Sima praises me too much.” Gu Hai shook his head.

“Mister Gu is the one being too humble. This time, Prince brought only me along, not even bringing Long Aotian. He wants to discuss how to deal with the Yuan Imperial Dynasty and hopes that Mister Gu will be generous with your advice. Speaking of which, doesn’t Mister Gu want to deal with Imperial Emperor Xi Yu to take revenge for the Han Nation citizens? What’s wrong? We are about to face Imperial Emperor Xi Yu. Why is Mister Gu still hiding your skills?” Sima Changkong said while smiling.

Gu Hai looked at Sima Changkong and smiled bitterly. “Does Prince think I can deal with an imperial dynasty?”

Long Shenwu frowned slightly. Clearly, he did not think that Gu Hai was that capable.

At the side, Sima Changkong smiled and said, “I’m not certain about others. However, since Mister Gu already mobilized your soldiers, you naturally have a plan. That is why we ask Mister Gu to be generous with your advice.”

“Mister Sima expects too much of me. How capable can I be? Everything still depends on Prince.” Gu Hai looked at Long Shenwu.

Sima Changkong smiled bitterly and said, “Prince, beating around the bush with Mister Gu is just asking to be humiliated. How about we just be straightforward?”

Gu Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Mister Sima, you treat me too well!”

Long Shenwu took a deep breath and said, “Does Mister Gu remember the Heaven Splitting Ax?”

“Oh? The Qian Heavenly Emperor’s Heaven Splitting Ax is still with you?” Gu Hai looked at Long Shenwu. However, he did not show any shock as though he had expected this.

Long Shenwu nodded. “His Holy Eminence sealed two sets of energy in the Heaven Splitting Ax; that means two strikes. I used the first strike in your Chaoge City. Do you remember that?”

Naturally, Gu Hai remembered that. When the Heaven Splitting Ax attacked, the transformed Imperial Emperor Xi Yu wielding Blood Prison lost to it. Apart from using the power of the Yuan Nation, that was already Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s peak power. Even so, he could not retaliate at all.

The Heaven Splitting Ax had two sets of energy sealed by the Qian Heavenly Emperor. Long Shenwu used one strike already, so there is still one more?

“Does Mister Gu think that the remaining strike can deal with Imperial Emperor Xi Yu?” Sima Changkong asked with a frown.

“Let’s assume that Imperial Emperor Xi Yu has recovered from his injuries already. While Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had Blood Prison previously, can he use the power of his nation this time, drawing power from all the citizens in his nation?” Gu Hai frowned.

“Yes, and there is only one strike left in the Heaven Splitting Ax.” Long Shenwu nodded.

“If Imperial Emperor Xi Yu does not use his nation’s power, you would definitely win, but he uses his nation’s power, it would be hard to say. Furthermore, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu already lost to the Heaven Splitting Ax once. He would not just stand there to receive the Heaven Splitting Ax’s attack like last time. Once the Heaven Splitting Ax fails to strike Imperial Emperor Xi Yu…,” Sima Changkong said with a worried frown.

“Also, Mo Yike has found nearly all the spies of any importance. The strategy of causing chaos from within will no longer work,” Long Shenwu said seriously.

Gu Hai frowned slightly. Since Long Shenwu and Sima Changkong had already gone this far, there was no need for him to beat about the bush, either.

“The Heaven Splitting Ax? Did the Qian Heavenly Emperor not consider your safety when he lent you the Heaven Splitting Ax? What if…,” Gu Hai said.

“Naturally, His Holy Eminence considered it. If the Heaven Splitting Ax fails to take down Imperial Emperor Xi Yu in one strike, I can activate the Heaven Splitting Ax’s defensive ability. The Heaven Splitting Ax can form a protective barrier to keep me safe. Imperial Emperor Xi Yu cannot break it, and it can last ten days. His Holy Eminence will know about it within ten days and show up to save me,” Long Shenwu said seriously.

“Oh? The Heaven Splitting Ax’s defensive barrier?” Gu Hai felt slightly startled.

“That’s right. So, I need to clarify something before that. If I fail, you had better stick close to me if you want to remain safe. Otherwise…” Long Shenwu shook his head.

“Imperial Emperor Xi Yu cannot break this barrier?” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Definitely not!” Long Shenwu nodded.

“Imperial Emperor Xi Yu already cannot break the Heaven Splitting Ax’s barrier when it does not have the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s energy. Now, there is still a set of the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s energy in there. Can it be…” Gu Hai smiled.

“Can we pour His Holy Eminence’s energy into the Heaven Splitting Ax’s barrier? To cover the entire Major Metropolitan City?” Sima Changkong’s expression suddenly changed.

“And trap Imperial Emperor Xi Yu in the barrier? However, it will last only ten days. Do you want His Holy Eminence to show up? If you plan for him to show up, why would I even need to be here to deal with Imperial Emperor Xi Yu?” Long Shenwu frowned.

“No. Trapping him in Major Metropolitan City is enough.” Gu Hai’s narrowed eyes flashed with a cold glint.

“That won’t work. The Heaven Splitting Ax can only trap Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, but he will regain his freedom after ten days. At that time, we would be in danger since the energy that His Holy Eminence sealed in the Heaven Splitting Ax would be drained. We won’t be able to use the Heaven Splitting Ax any longer to deal with Imperial Emperor Xi Yu,” Long Shenwu said worriedly.

“If Prince trusts me, then do as I say. I’ll deal with Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.” Gu Hai smiled.

“A ritual array?” Long Shenwu looked at Gu Hai, puzzled.

Gu Hai shook his head.


Great Sigh Palace Hall:

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu sat on his throne with his officials standing respectfully before him. Many of the officials were frowning.

“Your Reverence, it has already been half a month since the Qian Nation soldiers captured Prior Metropolitan City. To think that they just remained there and did not advance further!” one of the officials said with a frown.

“Your Reverence, the Qian Nation soldiers probably do not dare to attack Major Metropolitan City, stopping at Prior Metropolitan City. Your Reverence, this official is willing to lead soldiers to Prior Metropolitan City and attack the Qian Nation soldiers!” a general immediately called out.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu frowned, remaining silent for a while.

“What have Long Shenwu and Gu Hai been doing? Is there any information?” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu asked in a heavy voice.

“Reporting to Your Reverence, Long Shenwu and Gu Hai secluded themselves, not showing up at all,” one of the officials replied bitterly.

While Gu Hai had guessed that Long Shenwu held the Heaven Splitting Ax, so had Imperial Emperor Xi Yu. As everyone expected, he planned to wait for Long Shenwu to show up so that he could use his nation’s power. At that time, the Heaven Splitting Ax would not matter.

As long as Imperial Emperor Xi Yu remained in the Yuan Nation’s territory, he could attack from a distance. However, that would be a force manifested by blessings; its might would not be at its peak. If he sent out attacks that the Heaven Splitting Ax broke, the morale for both armies would change significantly.

“They are not coming out? Humph! We can move our capital and take you down!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu showed a sinister expression.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had already been waiting for half a month. During this time, he had planned how to kill Long Shenwu before showing up at the Qian Heavenly Dynasty.

However, the matter, which should have been completed more than ten days ago, kept dragging out.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu felt extremely upset, burning with battle hunger. However, battle hunger could not be sustained for long. If things dragged out much longer, his battle hunger would diminish.

Move the capital? The blessings would be moved to Prior Metropolitan City. Although Imperial Emperor Xi Yu would lose some blessings, it would be sufficient to deal with the Heaven Splitting Ax.

Just as Imperial Emperor Xi Yu was about to declare the change of capital, a guard rushed into the palace hall. “Your Reverence, there’s movement! The Qian Nation soldiers are on the march. They are heading for Major Metropolitan City!”

“They are coming?” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu narrowed his eyes.

“Your Reverence, this official will go and stop the Qian Nation soldiers!” a general called out.

“There’s no need. Let them come. Humph!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu snorted coldly.

“Yes!” the officials answered.

Qin Zibai already knew of Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s plans from Mo Yike, so he did not say anything.

After the imperial assembly was over, Qin Zibai rushed to the imperial prison and told everything to Mo Yike.

“Half a month? They finally made their move?” Mo Yike raised his eyebrows.

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This novel is _hosted_ by hosted novel.

“Indeed. Mister Mo, do you know why? Why did they delay for half a month? According to our people’s reports, there have been no changes in Prior Metropolitan City over the past half-month.” Qin Zibai felt completely lost.

Mo Yike pondered this as he paced in his cell.

“There were no changes at all? That’s impossible. Gu Hai and Sima Changkong are experienced schemers. How could they just waste half a month there? That is absolutely impossible. Something must have happened over the past half-month. Furthermore, it should be something extremely important,” Mo Yike said with a sullen expression.

“Something extremely important? But…”

“Who entered or left Prior Metropolitan City over the past half-month?” Mo Yike asked with a frown.

“How could I know that? Prior Metropolitan City is already in their hands!” Qin Zibai smiled bitterly.

Mo Yike frowned and pondered the information. After some silence, he said, “What were they preparing over the past half-month? Furthermore, they had to prepare it right before us? Hah! This somewhat seems like Gu Hai’s style. However, there are no signs at all. What is he doing?”

“Mister Mo, you have no clues, either?” Qin Zibai said worriedly.

Mo Yike shook his head. “I have interacted with many people, but I find only a few unfathomable. That Sima Changkong is one thing, but this Gu Hai always catches me by surprise. Furthermore, he always strikes the critical point. There is no way to deal with him at all.”

“What should we do?”

“We can only think about this in reverse. If they want to defeat His Reverence, they can rely on only one thing: the Heaven Splitting Ax. However, the Heaven Splitting Ax would not be effective without the Qian Heavenly Emperor to use it, especially since His Reverence has experienced the Heaven Splitting Ax’s attack already. A second use would be ineffective,” Mo Yike said with a frown.

“Since they cannot deal with His Reverence using martial prowess, what other methods are there?” Qin Zibai asked worriedly.

“Psychological attack? That’s right, a psychological attack. That is Gu Hai’s forte. Since he cannot deal with His Reverence, he will launch a psychological attack. Let me think about what weaknesses His Reverence has.” Mo Yike felt anxious as he tried to reverse-engineer the danger.

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