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MCAB - Chapter 147


TL Notes:

The second half of this chapter involves a game that uses a lot of Chinese idioms, so there will be a lot of awkward translations. Please bear with it. x.x


Retribution struck swiftly and mercilessly like a tornado. Everyone who previously badmouthed Jun Zishu felt as if they had just received a thousand slaps on their faces after rereading the post made by A Week in Love's official account.

Tangerine Flavored: I'm in a very weird mood right now. I don't know how to express it in words. I once dissed Jun Ling thinking that there was nothing good about her except her face. I hated her because she abused Fanshu's fame to generate publicity. Yet, now, Fanshu is going on a dating show with Jun Ling... I'm finding it difficult to accept this situation.

deeee: Could this be false advertising by the production crew??? I hope it's fake! Ahhhhh!!!

What If: I think I might drop my fan status if Fanshu really attends the show. Why must she get together with Jun Ling?

Only Love Fanshu: @What If, leave if you want. We don't need fence-sitters like you among our Little Stars. We Little Stars support all of Fanshu's normal activities. So what if she's attending a dating show? So what if her partner is Jun Ling?

Nuonuo: Yu Fanshu's Little Stars really are an interesting bunch. They were the ones who hated Jun Ling the most before, yet they are also the ones who support Yu Fanshu working together with Jun Ling right now... How confusing...

Tonight's Weibo and other social media platforms were in a chaotic state. #YuFanshuIsBack, #YuFanshu&JunLing, and #YuFanshuVarietyShow occupied the top three trending topics on all platforms. It was especially true for the first hashtag.

While browsing Weibo on her bed, Jun Zishu got to feel just how popular Yu Fanshu was. Almost all of the trending topics were related to Yu Fanshu in one way or another.

Jun Zishu didn't think that Brilliance Entertainment, the entertainment company behind Yu Fanshu, had bought traffic for Yu Fanshu. After all, it was completely unnecessary to do so.

After checking out Yu Fanshu's Weibo account, Jun Zishu switched to the TV crew's official Weibo and found a magical sight occurring in its comment section.

Fish Bone: I really didn't expect such a day to come.

My Little Angel Jun Ling: Hahaha! The time has finally come for us Little Angels! How embarrassed do you feel right now, Little Stars?!

My Eyes Are Only For You: The sun might have risen from the west today.

Say No to Grape Skin: @My Eyes Are Only For You, wake up, brother. It's nighttime right now. I suspect that the production crew made this post to make us lose sleep tonight.

Sleeping Hypnosis: I doubt anybody is in the mood to guess who's the second ship. Right now, all I want to do is call Fanshu while covering my swollen face and shedding tears of remorse.

After looking at the comments, Jun Zishu summarized into five main factions.

The first faction was the false advertisement faction. The members of this faction believed that Yu Fanshu had returned but were doubtful that she would participate in the dating show. However, the number of people who actually agreed with this assumption was few and far between since anyone with a logical mind could tell that the TV crew's promotional post was most likely true. They were simply having a hard time accepting this fact. Thus, they'd rather believe that this was only a dream.

The second faction was the conspiracy theorist faction. The members of this faction believed the TV crew's advertisement but sought to look into the cause of this situation. They felt that Jun Zishu might have won the favor of a bigshot in the entertainment industry. Thus, Yu Fanshu was forced to cooperate with Jun Zishu to make her popular.

However, similar to the false advertisement faction, few people belonged to the conspiracy theorist faction. After all, Yu Fanshu's acting career was clear for all to see. Since her debut, the three films she had acted in were all blockbuster films. Moreover, she had played a leading role in all three films. There was no doubt that Yu Fanshu had powerful backing in the entertainment industry, so it was unlikely that she would succumb to any coercion.

The third faction was the true love faction. Members of this faction were Yu Fanshu's true fans, a.k.a. brain-dead fans. They didn't care what Yu Fanshu did. They were simply glad that their idol had returned, and they showered Yu Fanshu with supportive comments.

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The fourth faction was the spectator faction. Members of this group were simply here for fun. Some of them didn't even know what all the commotion was about and were simply here to fan the flames.

The fifth faction was the exit faction. Members of this faction were Little Stars disillusioned by Yu Fanshu's decision to collaborate with Jun Zishu and lost their love for their idol. Although the exit faction's members initially tried to stir up trouble, the true love faction's members quickly drowned out their voices.

Jun Zishu rubbed her eyes and yawned. Honestly, she found the interactions between netizens quite lively and entertaining.

"You're still on Weibo, Big Sis Jun?" At this time, Chenzi entered the room with a cup of milk. After passing the milk to Jun Zishu, she said, "It's getting late, so you should sleep soon."


Jun Zishu stretched and moaned a little.

"You'll definitely get better in the future, Big Sis Jun."


After Jun Zishu finished the milk, Chenzi took the cup and got ready to leave the room. However, before she reached the door, she heard Jun Zishu calling out to her:


"I'm here."

"How long has it been since you started working for me?"

"Since you debuted, Big Sis Jun. It's close to two years now."

"Do you have any plans on changing bosses?"

Chenzi shuddered and nearly lost her grip over the cup. Then, with widened eyes, she asked, "Are you kicking me away, Big Sis Jun? Did I do something wrong?"


"No, no, what are you thinking? You've always done very well. I am very satisfied with your work," Jun Zishu hurriedly said when she saw her scared little assistant.

"You scared me to death. I thought you didn't want me anymore."

"How can that be? It's just that the company is the one that has been paying your wages. I'm just asking if you want to continue following me in the future."

"Big Sis Jun, do you mean that…you're planning on…leaving?"

"Yes. I have to leave sooner or later. This place isn't suitable for me; I need a better space to grow. So, will you follow me when that time comes?"

"Of course. I'll pack my bags and leave with you right away!"

Chenzi was quite happy to work as Jun Zishu's assistant. Whether it was her previously gentle boss or her current calm and collected boss, both were kind and amiable.

Based on what Chenzi heard from others, many big-name celebrities had bad tempers and snobby personalities behind the camera. Although one could earn a lot of money working for these celebrities, the working experience was horrible. Rather than work for those types of celebrities, Chenzi would rather settle for lower pay and keep on working for Jun Zishu.

"Okay, good night," Jun Zishu said with a smile. It was naturally great that her little assistant was willing to follow her.

Nine o'clock the next morning, Jun Zishu took a cab to the shooting venue with her little assistant.

Unlike the studio yesterday, today's shooting venue was a villa surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush trees.

Jun Zishu was the third guest to arrive, and arriving before her were the comedic duo.

When Jun Zishu found the comedic duo, the two were seemingly in their own world as they constantly bickered at each other. Nobody could intervene in their passionate conversation.

Shortly after Jun Zishu arrived, the honey group also arrived one after another. Millie wore pink today, and her dress had a very girlish design. Standing beside Tang Tongtong, she appeared very much like a gentle cutie.

Yu Fanshu was the last to arrive. After everyone exchanged greetings, they sat in a spacious living room as they waited for the production crew to get ready.

The living room was designed with an artistic sense, giving off the feeling of a fresh and natural forest.

After a short wait, the chief director entered the living room and said, "Everyone, welcome to the recording site of A Week in Love. From now on, you are a family that loves each other.

"Your current location will be your little home. The first step to moving in is naturally to choose your own nest.

"As a couple, you must have good chemistry with each other, and nothing says good chemistry more than a game of Pictionary. The order in which you get to choose your rooms will depend on how great your chemistry is."

Upon hearing the director's words, Jun Zishu and Yu Fanshu looked at each other and nodded.

They should have good chemistry…probably.

Meanwhile, Millie and Tang Tongtong smiled sweetly at each other and exchanged cheering gestures.

As for Lemon and Jiu Xi, they looked at each other in disgust before turning away.

"I don't have any chemistry with him whatsoever."

"I don't have any chemistry with him whatsoever."

"Why are you copying me?"

"Why are you copying me?"

The two boys spoke in complete unison, their reactions amusing everyone present.

"See? You two have good chemistry after all," the director said. "Now, play a game of rock paper scissors to decide which couple will go first."

"Will you go? Or should I?" Jun Zishu asked as she nudged Yu Fanshu.

"I'll do it."

Jun Zishu nodded. Then, she watched as Yu Fanshu extended her hand.

Scissors, scissors, paper.

Yu Fanshu calmly sat back and withdrew her hand. Then, she coolly said, "Going last is good as well. We get to see how the other groups do."

"Mhm, mhm."

After another round of rock paper scissors, it was decided that Lemon and Jiu Xi would go first.

"Which one of you will draw, and which one of you will guess?"

"I'll draw, and he'll guess," Jiu Xi said as he walked up and sat in front of the provided canvas.

The term that Jiu Xi needed to draw was displayed behind Lemon, so other than Lemon, everyone else in the room could see it—Barbie doll.

"Your one minute starts now," the director said.

Immediately, Jiu Xi started drawing a stick figure with a ponytail. Then, he confidently showed his creation to Lemon.

"A little girl?" Lemon guessed.

"Wrong, it's the thing that girls love to play with," Jiu Xi corrected.

"A Barbie doll."


"Can you make it look any uglier?" Lemon rolled his eyes.

"You do it, then," Jiu Xi said, also rolling his eyes.

The second item was a clay doll.

Jiu Xi was momentarily stunned when he saw what he needed to draw. Then, after pondering for a moment, he drew a few dots with waves underneath beside the doll he had previously drawn.

"Huh? It's the same thing?" Lemon asked when he saw the drawing.

"The last word is the same."



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"Puppet doll?"


"Sunny doll?"


"What is it…"

"The thing Nuwa used to mold people with."

"Clay doll."


"How is that even a clay doll?!"

The third term was an idiom—the difference between clouds and mud (great difference in social standing).

"Stormy rain?

"Did I draw any rain?"

"The sea and the sky merged into one! It must be this one!"


"What? Then… After gloom comes brightness?"

"Totally wrong."

"I want to snatch the pen away from you."

After a series of quibbling and guessing, Lemon and Jiu Xi ended up with four correct answers.

"I think we did quite well," Lemon commented, feeling very good about himself.

However, Lemon quickly ate his words when Millie and Tang Tongtong were done with their turn. Millie and Tang Tongtong's chemistry was off the charts, the couple getting eight correct in one minute.

"It's our turn now. Should I draw, and you guess?" Jun Zishu asked as she pointed at herself.

In response, Yu Fanshu nodded and said, "Okay."

A rain cloud and a rainbow.

"After gloom comes brightness."

A stick figure with musical notes on all sides.

"Besieged on all sides(四面楚歌)."

"The heck? That works?"


Lemon was dumbfounded.

A mountain and an upward arrow, followed by waves, a left arrow, and a right arrow.

"Mountains and rivers(山高水阔)."

Yu Fanshu answered without hesitation, and Jun Zishu couldn't help but give her a thumbs up.

With how abstractly she had drawn her drawings, the average person would've had a tough time guessing the correct answers.

"This… This…" Tang Tongtong stuttered with a dumbfounded look on his face.

A flower, a cross, and a fruit.

"One season following another."

"Ahhh! We're not on the same level at all! There's no way we can compete with such a pair! Director, we want to protest!"

Millie felt as if she had just been struck in the head.

"Twelve in one minute… You two…"

"We're surprised by this as well," Jun Zishu said, shrugging. She hadn't done any colluding with Yu Fanshu.

Yu Fanshu remained indifferent, though the curve of her mouth had deepened slightly.

"Maybe this is the power of a true couple…" Jiu Xi murmured in a daze.

TL Notes:

[1]Some of the idioms used in the Pictionary game don't translate well, so the drawings and answers might look a little strange, but please bear with it. x.x

Hellscythe's Notes:

MCAB's first patreon goal (150$) has been met! So, expect to see two chapters released on Sundays from now on!

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