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LGS - Chapter 1267 - A Combination Between Li Qingshan and Xiao An, Carving up the Corpse

Lifting up his huge ape arm, Li Qingshan’s entire body thinned down.

The Ape Demon Extends its Arm did not have any special or cool effects. It just gathered all of his strength in one arm, but it was quite simple and practical. After all, basically all of the ape demon’s innate abilities were about the arms. That was equivalent to strengthening the entire Ape Demon Transformation.

As for other abilities and transformations, as long as he unleashed them using this ape arm, their power would skyrocket as well, except the other abilities like the wings of wind and the Ox Demon Forges its Hide would drastically diminish in power, or even be rendered completely unusable. Both his speed and defence would be heavily affected.

If he wanted to achieve victory, this innate ability alone definitely was not enough.


Kuang Tianyou’s forehead bulged with veins. When he saw how Li Qingshan dragged his arm along, he basically felt like he had been slapped across the face. Even the successor of white bone who had cut off his arm did not fill him with as much hatred.

With a twist of the blade, the violent attack poured towards Li Qingshan. He would butcher him first.

If Li Qingshan also possessed an innate ability as a human, that would definitely be called the Great Mockery technique. He agitated others as easily as pie, and he loved doing that too.

Li Qingshan continued to look at him with scorn and contempt, but he was extremely wary inside. His enemy was a Corpse Emperor that had undergone the fourth heavenly tribulation, an entire major realm of cultivation higher than him. On top of that, he did not even seem like a regular Corpse Emperor, so even in terms of bloodline and the toughness of his body, he would not have too many advantages.

This was the strongest enemy he had faced so far. Even Qiongqi back then was essentially an embodiment only, limited by the laws of the world to the peak of the third heavenly tribulation.

His current state was nowhere close to his prime condition either. He had already comprehended the Ape Demon Transformation to the third layer, so in order to maintain the balance of the small world inside him, the other transformations were all suppressed to the third layer too. In terms of cultivation, he was even weaker than when he left the nine provinces.

However, the fighting spirit within him burned and roared.

His feet sank into the ground, and his body became connected with the earth, closely bound. Endless strength flowed into his body. He was the son of the earth—Strength of the Earth.

He extended his fingers and claws sprang out. His arm abruptly thickened again, kicking up fierce winds like the roar of a vicious tiger—Frenzy of the Tiger Demon!

However, Li Qingshan’s eyes became as tranquil as the deep ocean, calculating and seeing all the variations possible within the attack. In the past, he would have never been able to use these two techniques at the same time, but nothing hindered him now.

He lifted up his ape arm slowly; it was like a drawn bow, ready to strike at any moment.

Kuang Tianyou experienced a hint of unease. His sharp instincts told him that this man who had suddenly appeared was not a weakling he could destroy with a flick of his hand. He had become a vicious beast that could threaten him. In particular, that single arm was the fang of the beast.

Maybe I shouldn’t clash with him directly. As long as I avoid a direct clash slightly…

Abruptly, he jerked back to his senses, discovering that Li Qingshan’s fighting spirit had actually stunned him, which left him feeling even more humiliated.

Idiot! It’s already a great disgrace that I lost an arm! With so many of the old coots watching, I’ll really have embarrassed the Zombie clan if I can’t even directly crush a measly Daemon King. How am I supposed to face my master once I’ve returned to the Hungry Ghost realm?

When he looked at Li Qingshan again, his eyes became filled with contempt. “With your cultivation, you don’t choose to find an opportunity for a sneak attack like the successor of white bone, instead choosing to confront me directly. What a foolish choice. You better watch how I crush you to pieces!”


Li Qingshan completely disregarded his words and hurled out a fist! However, his arm seemed to be weighed down by something heavy, making it extremely sluggish. It seemed to pause with every inch it covered.

Kuang Tianyou became filled with even more contempt. He had confirmed he was unable to control that power at all. His blade swung down.


The blade landed on the fist and time seemed to freeze.

Li Qingshan did not budge, sneering at Kuang Tianyou.

Kuang Tianyou was stunned with his eyes wide open, filled with disbelief.


A fracture ran along the blade, covering the entire weapon in the blink of an eye. With a clang, it shattered to pieces.

The iron fist slammed heavily into Kuang Tianyou’s face of disbelief. The power of tremors that had been charging up for all this time poured forth.


Space shattered like a mirror. Cracks ran across Kuang Tianyou’s body. When Li Qingshan sent him flying, he was already in a thousand different pieces.

On Dragonshead mountain, all of the cultivators were dumbfounded. Even the emperor of Great Xia no longer cared about his image, letting his mouth hang agape. A single punch from a mere Daemon King had actually slain the powerful and unstoppable Corpse Emperor?

The “stars” in the sky lit up as well, filled with surprise and doubt.

After shattering Kuang Tianyou in a single punch, Li Qingshan did not follow up with anything. He maintained the same punch-throwing posture, standing exactly where he was without budging, like a statue that stood the test of time.

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Bang! The earth beneath Li Qingshan’s feet shattered and collapsed.

Rumble! Like a great earthquake, Dragonshead mountain shook as well as if it could collapse at any moment. A crack even ran across the mountain.

Suddenly, his ape arm exploded like a pricked balloon. His body began to rupture at the same time.

Forcefully taking on that slash had already surpassed the limits of what his body could endure. Even when he tried his best to redirect the blade qi into the ground beneath his feet, the blade qi had still ripped his body to pieces and shattered his tiger bones.

An ordinary-looking lump of earth fell down. Almost no one from the World of the Nine Provinces recognised it, but cries rang out in the Hungry Ghost realm, “Swelling Earth of the Nine Heavens!”

Li Qingshan had clenched this lump of Swelling Earth of the Nine Heavens in his fist the entire time. That was a divine object that even regular worlds had no right to possess, turning powers and abilities unfathomably powerful, which was why he could forcefully shatter Kuang Tianyou’s divine body as a zombie.

This left everyone even more surprised. In a single clash, the two of them had shattered their bodies one after another, actually pershing together in the very end!

Si Bao murmured, “No, they haven’t perished together. Neither of them are dead. So powerful!”

The moment Li Qingshan’s body ruptured into pieces, a phoenix’s cry rang through the sky. Flames burned and roared as he underwent Nirvāṇa Rebirth.

Kuang Tianyou’s scattered pieces began assembling mid-air too.

Everything happened in a split second. The two of them only needed a moment to recover their battle prowess. Whoever achieved that faster would possess the upper hand.

However, they were not the only ones fighting. When Li Qingshan obliterated Kuang Tianyou, a white figure emerged with a flash behind him, swinging the Buddha Slaying sword and stabbing the countless pieces in the air.

The sword stabbed into a piece that resembled an ankle before being pulled back immediately and stabbing out again, repeating this simple action.

A hundred flashes seemed to erupt at the same time, like the furious bloom of a flower.

Despite being apart from many years, their teamwork was still flawless, so wondrous that it was subtle.

The pieces that she stabbed all began to burn.

In a single moment, Kuang Tianyou had regathered all of the pieces of his body, except he became extremely frightening and horrifying to look at. A third of his head was missing, one of his calves had vanished, and there was a great hole in his chest. He was missing parts from all over his body. The remaining half of his face was filled with surprise and anger.

Only at this moment did the Swelling Earth of the Nine Heavens hit the ground, but it suddenly flew up again, returning to a large hand that tossed it around. Li Qingshan smiled brightly, basically in a condition even better than when he had first arrived.

Rebirth in flames, growing stronger as he fought.

No, why am I directly confronting him? I clearly have a myriad of different ways to defeat him, and I sensed danger right from the beginning. Don’t tell me… the world has clouded my mind and twisted my will!?”

How could the boundless will of the heavens be deceived that easily?

Kuang Tianyou’s mind cleared up. He immediately experienced the danger of death, which made him shiver inside. Kicking off the ground with his remaining foot, he rushed into the air, fleeing towards the Gate of Hungry Ghosts without any regard.

“You think you can still leave after offending Xiao An? Get back here!”

Li Qingshan gripped the Swelling Earth of the Nine Heavens firmly and unleashed the Force Field of the Earth at full strength, reaching towards Kuang Tianyou from afar.

Kuang Tianyou came to a halt, having been caught by an invisible force. He was being tugged back bit by bit. He refused to accept this. What kind of fucking Daemon King is this? Why didn’t anyone tell me that the successor of white bone had someone like him beside her!?

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After dragging Kuang Tianyou over, Li Qingshan threw another punch.


Space shattered, corpse pieces scattered, and Xiao An took action, stabbing out with the Buddha Slaying sword.

He reassembled his body and tried to flee again, only to be captured again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the beginning, Kuang Tianyou still tried to fight back, but his resistance became weaker and weaker. Most of his body was destroyed, and the tiny remainder of his face was already filled with despair.

Li Qingshan asked, “Are you tired?”

“I’m not.” Xiao An shook her head with a face full of happiness.

The “stars” in the sky twinkled violently. Dragonshead mountain was deathly silent. The great cultivators under the emperor of Great Xia’s lead only watched on speechlessly as the powerful Corpse Emperor who had rampaged through the nine provinces was cut down bit by bit. The entire process was like slow slicing.

Gu Yanying sighed. “What a brutal combination!”

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Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.