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LGS - Chapter 1265 - Arrival of the Colossal Star, Qingshan Returns

The sword pierced the black armour and white clothes, making contact with his skin.

All of Kuang Tianyou’s hairs stood on end, experiencing the terror of approaching death. Disbelief filled his eyes. Having inherited goddess Ba’s bloodline, his body was so tough that even atmospheric winds could not leave a mark on him. His regeneration was even more powerful. Even if he were sliced to pieces, he definitely would not die. As a matter of fact, zombies had even been mistaken to be unkillable.

The word “death” was far too foreign to him.

As he thought, his response had not been delayed at all, reaching around and gripping the sword.

Looking back, golden light shone from his eyes, meeting the dark eyes. He sneered. “What else are you capable of? Ah!”

Suddenly, he felt pain from his palm as blood gushed out, dyeing the Buddha Slaying sword red. It immediately turned into flames, spreading along the injury that it had ripped open.

“Piss off!”

Kuang Tianyou swung his arm and sent Xiao An flying. His right arm, all the way up to his wrist, had been set alight. In the blink of an eye, it reached up to his elbow.

Without any hesitation, he made a decision and cut off his arm. His entire right arm broke off from his shoulder, turning into a ball of flames in the air.

Xiao An felt some pity. If she had struck a vital point with the attack, she had an extremely good chance at killing him. No matter how tough his body was or how rapid his regeneration was, it would still be death. Even if she only stabbed his torso, she could heavily wound him.

She had managed to cut off an arm, but she would never get another opportunity again.

Her slim chance at survival was snuffed out swiftly.

“How dare you injure me!”

Kuang Tianyou’s fangs protruded as his face twisted viciously, letting out a bellow. The strike had not just cut off his arm. It had also injured his soul, as well as his dignity.

The feeling was like when a person played around with ants, only to be suddenly bitten by one. If it only hurt, then so be it, but the ants were venomous as well, forcing the person to amputate his limb to survive. That was basically a miserable joke.

His humiliation turned into anger, and his violent aura rampaged about, shaking up the Chess Tomb. Even the sea of blood that gushed towards him immediately dried up as soon as it approached him.

Xiao An gripped the Immortal Relinquished sword, becoming one with it and leaving the Chess Tomb, flying towards the south.

Under the watch of the countless eyes, she clearly knew her end was near, yet she would not be fazed by this emotion and simply wait for her death.

Surprisingly, the Corpse Emperor did not go after her immediately, which left her slightly puzzled. Had she heavily injured him with that strike?

In the Chess Tomb, Kuang Tianyou’s forehead bulged with veins. He kneeled on one leg as he gathered all of his strength in his right shoulder. A fleshy stump sprouted, where the tip divided into five parts, vaguely resembling a small hand.

He was confident about killing the successor of white bone with a single hand, but he did not want to run around with a missing arm in front of so many people. That would basically be absolutely humiliating. He would definitely become the laughing stock of the Hungry Ghost realm.

And among the many eyes were his master’s too.

Originally, he could recover from a “small injury” like this with a single thought. It would only take a little bit of strength at most, but now, he discovered that it was not that simple. On the Great Banyan Tree King in Towering city, that sword slash had already become insignificant, yet it still existed. Wounds created by the Buddha Slaying sword could not close up that easily.

“Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! I will definitely butcher you!”

Xiao An travelled southwards, crossing into the Dragon province until she arrived beneath Dragonshead mountain. She stopped there.

The golden dragon condensed from dragon qi roared at her. The roar was like a warning, ringing throughout the imperial court.

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The emperor of Great Xia, the officials, and the generals all arrived on the cliff. Peering through the clouds beneath their feet, they saw the white figure.

“It’s the buddha nemesis. What is she trying to do?”

Qian Rongzhi happened to be among them. She clearly had not undergone the third heavenly tribulation yet, but she seemed to be highly respected, even able to stand with the emperor of Great Xia, which made her seem quite proud of her success. But right now, there was a gloomy haze in her eyes. She already understood what Xiao An was trying to do.

No one present was a fool. They all realised it too.

The religious preceptor of the left said furiously, “The buddha nemesis is trying to lure the Corpse Emperor to the imperial court!”

To her, the nine provinces were large, but there was nowhere for her to go. She had to make use of everything she could make use of, so all she could do was use the Immortal Relinquished sword to breach the formation of the imperial court and make her way in. However, she had to grasp the timing properly if she wanted to divert the problems, or she would be stuck in a pincer. The imperial court of Great Xia also viewed her as a mortal enemy, and Dragonshead mountain was basically the belly of the beast. If it were not for the fact that she was out of options, she would have never taken this risk.

The religious preceptor of the left added, “Your majesty, why don’t we use this opportunity to kill the buddha nemesis?”

Regardless of when and where, the buddha nemesis was the primary enemy of buddhism. As for the demonfolk and the undead, they all came after the buddha nemesis.

It led to a sneer. Everyone looked towards Qian Rongzhi. The religious preceptor of the left frowned. “Why do you laugh, fellow?”

Qian Rongzhi said, “I’m laughing at your priorities, religious preceptor. If we battle it out with the buddha nemesis first, do you think the Corpse Emperor is going to thank us once he arrives? That he’ll just watch us make offerings to heaven? If the offerings to heaven fail, then it’ll only be mutual destruction. Even the best outcome would be turning into undead.”

The religious preceptor of the left’s face changed, but upon considering her identity and origins, as well as the fact that the officials beside her agreed with her, he was forced to stay silent.

The emperor of Great Xia asked, “What would be your opinion, fellow?”

Qian Rongzhi said, “If she wants to come in, then let her in. Don’t attack her. Set aside your grievances for now and work with her to fend off the Corpse Emperor.”

The emperor of Great Xia said, “I’m afraid we won’t be able to fend him off. That definitely isn’t an ordinary Corpse Emperor.”

“We can buy as much time as we can. We’ll start the offerings to heaven immediately!”

The minister of rites said, “But we still haven’t completed all of the preparations!”

Qian Rongzhi said, “We can’t afford to worry about that. Once the Hungry Ghost realm completely devours this world, we’ll only be able to make offerings to ghosts.”

The emperor of Great Xia glanced at the sky and suddenly discovered an additional blue star among the countless eyes. It was extremely small and dim, but that definitely was not an eye.

In the blink of an eye, it vanished again. He could not afford to think too much about it. He had already made up his mind, so he ordered, “Begin the offerings to heaven!”

They immediately arrived before a tall altar in the centre of the imperial court.

The altar was composed of two bands, round on the outside and square on the inside, raised towards the north and sunken towards the south. The exquisitely carved white jade railings were clearly different from the style of architecture by otherfolk, so it was definitely built by man. It was not particularly large, but it was stylistically simple and grand. It was a “temple of heaven”.

Qian Rongzhi made her way onto the altar. Right when she was about to plant the Heaven Climbing Vine in its centre, she suddenly looked up. She also saw the deep-blue star, shining away with extraordinary brightness.

Everyone followed her gaze. The star vanished again.

This time, it did not take long for the star to reappear. It was like a blue moon, shining brilliantly and illuminating the nine provinces.

From the Merfolk of the South sea to the shepherds of the Frost province, all of the living creatures gazed into the distance and asked, “What is that?”

Xiao An looked up as well. Abruptly, she felt her own heartbeat. That meaningless piece of flesh seemed to actually become the support of her life, beating with each flash of the star.

The feeling was abnormally warm and abnormally familiar.

When the blue moon appeared again, it smashed apart the malicious sky, flying towards Dragonshead mountain with a long tail like a colossal meteor.

Everyone in the imperial court paled with fright. If the meteor struck Dragonshead mountain, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Xiao An gazed at it in a daze, like a girl who had made a wish towards a shooting star.

The star landed at the foot of the mountain, merging with the space there like a burst bubble before vanishing.

Before Xiao An could even return to her senses, she was firmly embraced. His voice rang out from beside her ear, “I’ve missed you!”

The world seemed to shake. All of her emotions since she parted with him suddenly surged through her heart. The longing and pain, the grievances and the guilt turned the clear, tranquil lake into a surging ocean before settling again in his arms.

All of her wishes had come true.


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Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.