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LGS - Chapter 1262 - I am You

The small violet person slammed against a gorgeous, multicoloured barrier and rebounded heavily.

The gorgeous barrier constantly wriggled about, actually composed of countless venomous snakes. It was her Venomous Snake hell.

The school of Legalism was most skilled at capturing and imprisonment. Hell by itself had always been a series of prisons, suppressing the vicious spirits and fiends of the six realms of saṃsāra and the trichiliocosm.

This is impossible. Only true great cultivators of the school of Legalism can produce a domain of their own. She’s only at the second heavenly tribulation!

The small violet person with Chu Tian’s appearance finally became frightened. After escaping with his violet manor, even regular formations could not stop him, so he never imagined she could trap him.

If she were a regular second heavenly tribulation disciple of the school of Legalism, then she could obviously do nothing to him.

There were many disciples of the school of Legalism throughout the world, but most of them only borrowed the aura of hell, like the hell guards outside the prisons, inflicting pain to others. If they were supposed to get a taste of their own medicine, they would also respond violently and refuse desperately.

There was a very, very small number of people like the two of them, master and disciple, who directly drew the hot winds of hell and the venomous snakes into their bodies.

That could temper their souls and benefit their cultivation tremendously, as well as provide them with great power in battle. However, they had to face so much pain and torture day and night that living became pointless. It could even cause tremendous mental damage. On top of that, once they were possessed, they could not break free from it for the rest of their lives. Many disciples of the school of Legalism bold enough to take this step all ended up going insane or committing suicide.

It was said that even upon death, they would be dragged into the corresponding hell. Now that was truly eternal damnation. As a result, the Illustrations of Naraka became a taboo of the school of Legalism, practised by a very select few.

Gu Yanying came from an extraordinary background and had many methods to increase her strength. She had also been eyeing the kunpeng’s feather the entire time, so she was not in too much of a hurry for quick success. She could slowly draw in the hot winds according to her ability to adapt. Then she could slowly balance and adjust to it, so it would not affect her mind. She had only reached this step after many years.

Qian Rongzhi was different. Whether it was her background, her insight, her ability to comprehend, or her talent, she came nowhere close to Gu Yanying. She drew as many hell snakes into her body as possible in an almost self-destructive way, without any consideration for the so-called limit. She continued until she turned into a nest of snakes, unable to accept another venomous snake.

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She should have gone insane a long time ago, but her actions were already no different from insanity. She should have died a long time ago, as this was no different from seeking death. However, the deeper the pain was, the heavier her hatred became, cursing everything from within hell.

As a result, whenever she submerged herself in cultivation, she would manifest this miniature Venomous Snake hell, producing a domain of her own and trapping herself.

Qian Rongzhi advised him calmly. “Lin Xuan, just blow yourself up, considering you still have the opportunity to drag me down with you right now.” Suddenly, she smiled. “Others might even think we died over love!”

Chu Tian happened to be considering using self-destruction as a threat, which immediately left him speechless. This crazy woman! Once I blow myself up, my soul will be destroyed! I’m a mighty Reincarnated Celestial. I still have a limitless future ahead of me, so how can I die with a crazy woman like her?

As a result, he calmed down. “Rongzhi, I think we still can talk this out. Whether I’m Chu Tian or Lin Xuan, I’ve never done anything that’s let you down, so why must we face mutual destruction like this? I’ve lost this round. You can keep the Heaven Climbing Vine. I can even give you extraordinary cultivation methods that can completely free you from your current pain. I will leave the Green province forever. We can each go our own way from this moment onwards, without anything to do with each other.”

Qian Rongzhi said furiously, “You’re lying. These venomous snakes have already become embedded with my soul. How can they be removed?”

Chu Tian became hopeful. “No, nothing is impossible. There’s a heavenly tome from the Myriad Heavenly Tomes called…”

Qian Rongzhi listened patiently as if she was rather tempted.

Chu Tian said, “Let me go, and I’ll give you the heavenly tome.”

Qian Rongzhi furrowed her brows. “If I let you go, what if you change your mind?”

That led to another series of disputes before they finally came to a compromise. Chu Tian threatened her. “If you still don’t agree to these conditions, I’ll blow up my violet manor immediately!” A strange sensation of heaviness suddenly overcame him, and his consciousness blurred slightly. A wisp of black smoke rose up from the forehead of the small, violet person. “W- what did you do?”

“Since it’s the Venomous Snake hell, there obviously will be venom! Except it just takes too long to come into effect,” Qian Rongzhi said.

The venom of the hell snakes did not harm the body at all. Instead, it ate away and numbed the soul. Chu Tian practised the Heavenly Tome of Violet Manor, so his soul was abnormally powerful, which was the only reason why he had lasted until now.

Chu Tian realised in surprise that she had been buying time the entire time. He said resolutely, “I’ll take you do-”

Before he could even finish his words, Qian Rongzhi suddenly opened the Venomous Snake hell and pulled back.

Chu Tian was immediately thrown into a dilemma. If he went after her, it would be almost certain death for Qian Rongzhi with the violet manor’s flight speed, but after a moment of consideration, he turned into a streak of violet light and shot off towards the east.

As long as there was a chance at survival, who would simply let it slip by?


Qian Rongzhi turned into a streak of colourful light, diving into the earth and slithering away towards the north.

The boundary between the Green province and the Dragon province, where the Ice Sword cliff once stood, had been replaced by jagged glaciers.

After so many years, roasted by the proud sun of summer countless times, it still did not melt. Instead, with each winter, it grew even larger and sturdier.

A streak of violet light landed among the glaciers, turning into the tiny, violet person again. However, his originally distinct facial features had now become blurred. His body was enveloped in a layer of black smoke. The snake venom had completely come into effect.

He thought with a great reluctance to let everything end here, I am the genius of the Human realm, the first senior brother of the Myriad sect. I am tasked with an important duty, so how can I die here!? It’s all that woman’s fault, that damned woman!

He crossed his legs and sat down, doing his best to gather his concentration and purge the snake venom.

With the wonders of the Heavenly Tome of Violet Manor, it was not a problem for him to suppress the snake venom and make it to the imperial court of the Dragon province.

Qian Rongzhi suddenly walked about from behind a glacier. “You’ve come!”

Chu Tian was absolutely shocked. With his speed, he should have shaken her off a long time ago, and he had clearly travelled off towards the east.

“Don’t forget, I am a White Hawk commander. The celestial that the imperial court is searching for is you, right?”

Qian Rongzhi made her way over to him and crouched down. She extended her hand, and a tiny snake slithered out of the violet manor, returning to her hand. The snake was basically even thinner than a hair, able to directly slither into pores.

“Lin Xuan, why didn’t you perish with me? You had the opportunity.”

Chu Tian could no longer say anything. His consciousness blurred, basically unable to maintain a humanoid form. Her voice seemed to ring out from an extremely distant place. The anger and hatred in him made him attempt to gather his focus and blow up his violet manor.

A vine wrapped around him gently and sucked away everything. Glistening, violet light lit up, flowing into Qian Rongzhi’s body along the vine. She shut her eyes and tilted her head backwards, letting out a moan of great joy.

Countless fragmented thoughts flew through her sea of consciousness. These were probably the memories of Lin Xuan and Chu Tian. There were even some memory fragments that were distant and blurred, such that she could not identify them clearly. They were probably from his past life.

But among them, there was one memory that was extremely clear, even clearer than all the memories of his current life. It was as if it was embedded in his soul.

Qian Rongzhi opened her eyes. It all made sense now.

She said in a mournful manner, “Don’t worry, I will make your final wish come true.” She began to laugh again. “From today onwards, I am you.

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She stood up, crossed over the layers upon layers of glaciers, and made her way towards the Dragon province.

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Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.