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CSG - Chapter 3124: The Snow Goddess Appears (Two)

None of the experts of the Snow sect dared to utter a word. When they heard the Origin Arts Ancestor’s fearless, arrogant words, all of them became alarmed. They looked straight down, unable to muster the courage to see how the Snow Goddess had responded.

By now, the Origin Arts Ancestor’s colossal finger of energy had reached a hundred metres away from the discussion hall. Once the finger struck the discussion hall, it would be in danger of destruction even as a high quality god artifact.

This was a terrifying attack from a late Grand Prime, and the discussion hall was only a seventh grade god artifact.

The seventh to the ninth grade all belonged to the category of high quality god artifacts, but seventh grade was at the bottom of such artifacts, making them the weakest of their quality.

However, right when the Origin Arts Ancestor’s finger of energy was about to obliterate the discussion hall, the Snow Goddess seated on the throne finally took action. She flicked her finger gently. A white wave of cold air immediately wafted out, wrapping around the colossal finger that was about to strike the discussion hall.

Immediately, the attack from the Origin Arts Ancestor came to a halt, stopping just three metres away from the discussion hall. It was immediately frozen into a huge column of ice.

The Origin Arts Ancestor widened his eyes and stared straight at the frozen finger. His face was filled with shock and disbelief.

All of the Primordial realm experts from the Heaven’s sect, and even the experts from the other organisations, widened their eyes at the same time in shock.

Just how terrifying was the Origin Arts Ancestor’s attack? Despite its might, it had actually been frozen instantly, turned into a great column of ice.

The frightening attack of a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime had actually been nullified so easily. All of the Primordial realm experts there found this to be surreal.

Ancestor Qi Feng’s eyes immediately narrowed, filled with shock and disbelief.

As one of the native organisations that had stood on the Ice Pole Plane for countless years, the Chillwind sect might not have known everything about the Snow sect, but they did know a good deal about it. The Chillwind sect possessed a basic understanding of the Snow sect’s trump cards as well.

However, in their knowledge, the Snow sect definitely did not possess a trump card that could block the attack of a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime so easily.

With such ease, all of the energy and laws from a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime had been frozen. That was far too frightening.

Even Eighth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes were definitely incapable of something like that.

The snow in the surroundings fell heavier and heavier, blanketing the region and obscuring the sky.

But at this moment, the Primordial realm experts from planet Cangmang, as well as the Chillwind sect, all narrowed their eyes.

Through the flying snow, everyone could vaguely make out a hazy throne of ice and snow up ahead, with a blurry figure seated on it.

With the figure’s appearance, all of the snow in the surroundings seemed to revolve around her, making her even hazier and more obscured.

However, when ancestor Qi Feng of the Chillwind sect saw the blurry figure, he immediately behaved as if he had been severely frightened. Not only did he pale instantly, but he even seemed to lose all of his strength too, collapsing on the ground without the bearing of a supreme expert anymore.

“I-i-it’s-” Ancestor Qi Feng’s lips trembled uncontrollably. His body shook out of extreme fear, clearly losing the ability to speak from fright.

The two other ancestors from the Chillwind sect were not any better. They were both frightened out of their wits as their knees buckled.

As reputed experts of the Ice Pole Plane, they recognised the Snow Goddess in a single gaze.

Despite being unable to make out her appearance, the familiar throne of ice and snow and the familiar figure of cold pride was unique to the Ice Pole Plane, to the entire Saints’ World as a matter of fact.

Just like how reputation was a reflection of the person, the Ice and Snow Goddesses possessed far too much prestige on the Ice Pole Plane. Everyone feared and revered them. As a result, as soon as they recognised the Snow Goddess, ancestor Qi Feng and the others who already had a guilty conscience were immediately frightened out of their wits.

“S-S-Snow Goddess, y-y-you’re the Snow Goddess!” At this moment, the Origin Arts Ancestor who had been filled with confidence and haughtiness just a moment earlier struggled to remain composed. His face changed rapidly, becoming extremely ugly. Even his voice trembled slightly.

The Snow Goddess was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. Even among the realm of the Ninth Heavenly Layer, she stood towards the very apex.

Even the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng who possessed alarming strength and could overwhelm others at the same cultivation realm as her had once been defeated by the Snow Goddess.

Against such a terrifying supreme expert, even the Origin Arts Ancestor who had already reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer struggled to maintain his composure.

When he recalled all the disrespect he had shown towards the Snow Goddess earlier, the Origin Arts Ancestor became even paler.

Earlier, he was certain that the Snow Goddess would not be returning, which was why he spoke so fearlessly and recklessly.

After all, an expert like that could not return on a whim. On top of that, the Flame Reverend hidden in the shadows was watching too.

However, he never expected the Snow Goddess to actually return.

At this precise moment, all the Primordial realm experts from planet Cangmang had been frightened to the point where their legs buckled and their faces paled. Despair filled their eyes.

That was because they recalled the saying that spread through the upper echelons of the Saints’ World. The experts of the Saints’ World would rather offend the War God of the God clan, the Space-time Elder, or even the Anatta Grand Exalt than provoke the Ice and Snow Goddesses.

If they accidentally offended the former Grand Exalts, a sincere apology was sufficient as long as the matter was not too severe. It basically would not lead to severe consequences.

However, offending the Ice and Snow Goddesses was almost doom or even certain death.

“No, you’re not the Snow Goddess. You can’t be the Snow Goddess. Icecloud Founding Ancestor, do you think you can fool me by creating an illusion that the Snow Goddess has returned? Hmph, before absolute strength, all schemes and illusions are nothing.” Suddenly, the Origin Arts Ancestor bellowed out. His presence erupted as he cast a God Tier Battle Skill without any hesitation.

Immediately, a powerful pressure of the world descended. A blurry figure appeared behind the Origin Arts Ancestor, tall and mighty like a god. Then it directly swung its fist towards the Snow Goddess.

All the disciples from the Snow sect and planet Cangmang had their breaths stolen away by the pressure.

This was a God Tier Battle Skill from a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. The power was far too terrifying, leaving everyone breathless. Even Chaotic Primes felt their chests weighed heavily as if a boulder was pressing against them.

Is this the true strength of a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime? It’s far too terrifying!” Many Infinite Primes and Chaotic Primes were overwhelmed with shock.

Open the formations of the Snow sect. Regardless of whether the Snow Goddess is real or not, we need to spread this news. If she’s real, then we can only wait for the Flame Reverend to take action.” As he cast the God Tier Battle Skill, the Origin Arts Ancestor simultaneously communicated to all the Grand Primes from planet Cangmang.

None of the Grand Primes from planet Cangmang hesitated for even a moment. They launched their full-powered attacks at the protective formations of the Snow sect.

Under the pressure of a God Tier Battle Skill from a late Grand Prime, only others that were similarly Grand Primes could still move about and launch attacks.

However, when their devastating attacks landed on the formations, the formations were not destroyed as they wished. As a matter of fact, they failed to even shake the formations.

A thin layer of ice crystals had already appeared silently, blocking all of their attacks with ease.

At the same time, the Snow Goddess seated on the throne raised her slender, snowy-white hand, reaching towards the Origin Arts Ancestor casually.

As she closed her hand, the colossal, god-like figure from the Origin Arts Ancestor’s God Tier Battle Skill actually became a snowy-white colour rapidly, becoming covered in countless ice crystals.

In an instant, it became a colossal statue of ice, standing there in the same posture as before.

The Origin Arts Ancestor’s God Tier Battle Skill was frozen instantly, reduced to a statue.

The Origin Arts Ancestor’s eyes narrowed immediately. He was filled with utter shock as if he had just seen a ghost.

However, that was not even the most terrifying part. In the next moment, the terrifying coldness that froze the God Tier Battle Skill poured down and enveloped the Origin Arts Ancestor.

“Oh no!” The Origin Arts Ancestor’s expression changed drastically. He tried to dodge subconsciously, but as soon as he tried to move, he discovered in shock that the space around him had silently been turned to ice, forming a prison that trapped him there.

In the next moment, the terrifying coldness poured down, enveloping the Origin Arts Ancestor with the supreme power of laws.

The Origin Arts Ancestor bellowed out. The power of his cultivation erupted like a tsunami as he used his full strength as a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime to contend against it.

However, their difference was far too great in the end. His resistance seemed so powerless and useless before the Snow Goddess.

In the next moment, the Origin Arts Ancestor turned into ice, maintaining the same posture as before, standing right where he was.

A mighty Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime had been completely frozen without even being able to put up any resistance. The Origin Arts Ancestor’s fate immediately filled the Primordial realm experts from planet Cangmang who still bore some hope and the people from the Chillwind sect with despair.

They had already realised that the figure of the Snow Goddess definitely was not something the Icecloud Founding Ancestor had conjured to frighten them.

The Snow Goddess had truly returned!

The supreme Laws of Ice that were only a step away from becoming an embodiment of the heavenly ways could not be faked.

“Please forgive us, your highness. We haven’t come intentionally to cause offence on your sacred plane. We were coerced by the Origin Arts Ancestor.”

“Please calm down, your highness. We were all forced into this by the Origin Arts Ancestor, or we would lose our positions on planet Cangmang in the future.”


The experts from the peak organisations of planet Cangmang all spoke up and begged for mercy. Before such a powerful Snow Goddess, they could not even develop the thought of resistance.

Moreover, they had already sensed that the entire surrounding space had been frozen, transformed into a personal domain of the Snow Goddess. That was equivalent to residing in a different world. Even if they tried to use their fleeing secret techniques, they could not leave this place.

“Those who blaspheme my Ice Pole Plane cannot be forgiven!” the Snow Goddess said. Her voice was frigid and cold as if she represented the judge of the world. With that, the Laws of Ice descended from the surroundings.

In the next moment, all of the Grand Prime ancestors from planet Cangmang were reduced to ice statues.

It was not just the Grand Primes. Even the Chaotic Primes, Infinite Primes, and the Godhood disciples even lower, ranging from Godkings to Deities, had been turned into vivid ice statues.

In a single instant, everyone who had travelled such a great distance to get here from planet Cangmang, whether they belonged to the Heaven’s sect or not, regardless of the strength of their cultivation, was reduced to a region of thickly-dotted ice statues, without a single one spared.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.