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ZL - Chapter 1143- First Darkness Dragonrider

"Pa pa pa..."

The sword light got clearer and clearer and each strike had a strong knockback effect. The Two-winged Demons that tried to surround me were smacked away like bugs. Magma Lances shot out from beneath our legs. This was Dong Cheng Yue's attack and Dancing Forest also used her Huangzhong Bow to deal multiple hits.

"The Blood Wolf Guard are here, shield formation!"

Lin Wan Er sat on Little White and waved her dagger to deal dozen meter long blade lights to slice the Two-winged Demons, "Don't led them scatter our formation!"


On the ground, the Furnace God Cavalry smashed their shields onto the ground to defend against the Blood Wolf Guards. Fortunately, most of the Courageous Hell Spearmen were killed so we just had to deal with the Blood Wolf Guards and the Two-winged Demons. Roughly 1000 of us formed a square formation and there were monsters around.

Everyone went all out and many people that died would be revived by the healer. Anyways this wasn't a country war and they just lost 1 level.

The battle lasted for 2 hours and one heard war drums once more. The 4th wave was here!

Many black ships came to shore and when the deck was lowered, we heard a low roar. An enormous beast jumped down. This was the Three Horned Flame Dragon. They were good at aoe damage and their defence was really high. The hundred of us suffered from them around God Demon Well but... There were more Three Horned Flame Dragons today, many more. very quickly they formed a black wave and looked at me with animosity. When over a hundred thousand of them gathered, they finally started to charge! !


One sword sliced on the head of the Blood Wolf Guard. At that time, the Blood Wolf Guards around our few guilds were mostly killed and the beach was covered in blood. There were monster blood and also human blood.

"They are about to arrive." Yue Qing Qian clenched her dagger and smiled, "4th wave, it seems like our ability to tank is above what we thought."

I looked at everyone's level. The 2 million of us lost 1.5 levels on average, many people even lost 2-3 levels. But because of the honor of the guild, no one was willing to retreat. This was what we wanted, who cared about level and equipment, one had the courage to bring about one's potential!


"Kong kong kong..."

The Three Horned Flame Dragons were here. The dragons launched their attacks on us and also buffed themselves with Flame Shield. It greatly increased defence and could also scorch enemy targets around. I waved Butterfly and said loudly, "Archers use Armor Breaking Arrow, stack 5 times or it would be tough for us to kill them!"

Armor Breaking Arrow, a level 80 Archer skill that can stack armor penetration 5 times and in total it would reduce the target's defence by 15%. For example, if the player had additional armor penetration, the effect might reach 20%. Dancing Forest's Armor Breaking Arrow skill can reduce the target's defence by 36%, it was truly a god skill!

"Xiu xiu xiu..."

A cold arrow brushed across my ear and pinned into the heads of a Three Horned Flame Dragon. Instantly, the icon "armor break +1", "armor break +2" appeared above its head and the effect was based on the player with the highest effect. Basically, each and every Three Horned Flame Dragon that charged towards us was marked. The Furnace God Cavalry raised their spears, swords and axes and welcomed the fight.

"Peng peng peng", one could imagine how strong the Three Horned Flame Dragons were. The frontline of Furnace God Cavalries was forced two to three meters back and they barely blocked their charges. Instantly, a bunch of them were knocked up and the formation was gone. The Three Horned Flame Dragons took the chance to enter and stab their sharp horns into the Archers and Musketee, insta killing them.

Maybe some people might have underestimated these cumbersome level 8 Hybrid Demons but after this, no one dared to underestimate them. This was a low tier dragon race that could destroy us!

"Kill the frontline!"

Li Mu and Wang Jian waved their swords and sliced on the frontlines. Old K and the others activated their skills and dealt critical strikes on these violent Three Horned Flame Dragons. I charged forwards along with the Ancient God Tiger and started to break far away from the formation to try to attract large amounts of them. I used Trampling Thunder, Seven Star Fragment Slash, Sword Tempest etc on them and in a blink of an eye, I relied on my strong equipment to leave a wake of corpses around me. At the same time, I reduced the pressure on the Zhan Long camp. If not, the more Three Horned Flame Dragons appeared, things wouldn't be able to be salvaged.


We only lasted for less than 30 minutes for this 4th wave, the 7 guilds including Flying Dragon started to collapse. After Drunken Spear informed us, he led the Flying Dragon players back and many of them used City Return Scrolls to head back to Moon City.

After 30 minutes, Blood Contract and Enemies at the Gate fell back.

A short while later, Judgement and Appearance Alliance couldn't take it anymore and requested to retreat too.

The allies dropped one by one and in the end, only Zhan Long was left. But we did have the skill. When numerous Three Horned Flame Dragons turned into experience and equipment and fell in front of us, truth proved that this was worth it. The experience from this event was super high and players who lost levels from dying basically got it back from training. So the achievement points of the event were for nothing.


We held on for another two hours and the Three Horned Flame Dragons of the 4th wave were broken by Zhan Long's tens of thousands of members. They surged around us towards Moon City. From the shared view system, one could see that Moon City was surrounded by Three Horned Flame Dragons and Blood Wolf Guards, forming a level 8 Hybrid Demon ocean. Luckily Tian Ling Empire sent many blacksmiths over to repair and strength the city so it wouldn't be broken in a short time. Moreover, the lady of the city was Fiona, the Dark Moon Elves Queen. She had numerous Dark Moon Elves and using the height advantage, she could kill monsters easily. The only worry was the strength of the walls. Could they survive the axes of the Blood Wolf Guards? Probably not, we probably still had to return sooner or later.

War drums rang out, the 5th wave of Hybrid Demons was finally coming.

A black wave of ships appeared on the ocean surface and after getting close to shore, they lit up the night sky. The ships were filled with Hellfire Skeletons. In God Demon Well we saw their strength. Double Hit+Breaking Dawn+Heartflame explosion was a classic and very few people could tank that!

Lin Wan Er shared their screenshots to the guild and said, "Be careful, the three skills of the Hellfire Skeletons are attack types and they can be combo-ed together. But Breaking Dawn and Heartflame explosion have a 1 second delay. All healers keep your instant heals and heal them during that gap. We have to use gaps to deal with such monsters or we won't be able to hold on."

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Everyone nodded their heads.

Those Hellfire Skeletons charged over right away and all we could do was to try to block them. When I dashed forwards with my swords, numerous skeletons brushed past me and slammed into the crowd behind. They screamed as they engaged with the Furnace God Cavalries. Blade Spins pierced through their bodies. Furnace God Cavalries had many damage skills, along with Sword Break, Whirlwind Battle Axe etc skills, they were attack type tanks.

But Hellfire Skeletons were still Hellfire Skeletons so how could the troops trained by Azure himself be weak. Light around them swelled and it was the light before the use of a level 20 skill. Double Hit+Breaking Dawn+Heartflame explosion swept a huge area. Although the Zhan Long healers could intermittently heal but one Furnace God Cavalry was facing 2-3 attacks so he couldn't block at all. Hundreds were killed instantly and the whole area was in danger.

I didn't hesitate and used Ring of the King's skill-- King Domain!

It greatly increased both defence and attack so the Furnace God Cavalries weren't so squishy anymore.

But things didn't last for long. With the war drums being played, more Hybrid Demons came to shore. This time it was even more terrifying. Not only were there Hellfire Skeletons, but they were also cavalry that had lightning wrapped around their feet. It was Beautiful Life's Lightning Trampling Cavalry. As expected, Clear Black Eyes brought her men over in the 5th wave.


"Damn, are my eyes playing tricks on me?" Old K was shocked.

I nodded, "You are right, the Indians have joined the Hybrid Demon system. To them, we are monsters and they can get experience. Of course, we can gain experience from killing them!"

thousand of Lightning Trampling Cavalry have appeared and also some Archers and Mages. They aren't in a rush to attack and are just gathering. Their names are red like the names of the Hybrid Demons.

Actually, I had thought of this day when I chased Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple out through the east so there wasn't anything to regret. Since they dared to join the Hybrid Demon camp, they should have thought about the price. We had the city as the shield so our levels and equipment would be higher than them. It would be as if they were monsters to us.


Finally, when at least 200 thousand people gathered, a familiar person appeared in the crowd. Drunk Maple was finally here. This time he was riding a dark bone dragon. Damn, was he the first true dragon rider amongst the players?

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.