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MCAB - Chapter 139

When Jun Zishu learned of Jiang Yinsheng's discovery, she promptly called the station, assembled her team, and got ready to conduct a rescue and arrest.

"Is it really Yu Hang, Chief?"


"How did you know that there's another victim at that place?"

"An informant told me."


Jun Zishu had long since thought of giving such an excuse to explain Jiang Yinsheng's abilities. Every officer worth their salt would have at least one or two informants working for them. Meanwhile, most informants were typically ex-convicts, so nobody would suspect or look into her source of information by giving such an excuse.

The police cars did not turn on their sirens as they approached the target house. After all, it was currently 3:40 am.

After getting out of their cars, the police officers quietly surrounded the house.

Jun Zishu carefully scouted out the path to the front door with her gun in hand.

"He's not inside," Jiang Yinsheng reported after doing a quick survey inside the house.

Hearing this, Jun Zishu quickly signaled the other officers to break open the door. Then, she led the team to the bedroom Jiang Yinsheng indicated and opened the secret door hidden inside the cabinet.

When Jun Zishu and the others entered the hidden room, Xiao Baisen remained unconscious and tied up inside. Seeing this, Wang Duoduo promptly untied Xiao Baisen's restraints, and he and several others worked together to carry Xiao Baisen out of the house and send him to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Jun Zishu made a call and instructed the officers surrounding Yu Hang's house near the restaurant to apprehend Yu Hang.

Yu Hang never thought that he would suddenly get arrested in his sleep. Even so, when he was brought back to the police station, he remained very calm.

"Officer, it's bad behavior to intrude on private property and arrest someone in the middle of the night."

"You can start hiring a lawyer now," Jun Zishu said indifferently as she laid out the photographic evidence they had collected in front of Yu Hang.

"You've organized things quite nicely. We didn't even need to try to find the evidence."

They found two boxes in the cabinet leading to the hidden room. Of these two boxes, one of them stored Chen Yang's phone and wallet, while the other stored Tan Linlin's phone and student ID inside the hidden room.

Yu Hang's expression changed slightly when he saw the photos. Even so, he remained relatively calm.

"What are these things?"

"Still trying to play dumb? Do you think your design was impeccable? Should we bring your third victim to confront you?" Wang Duoduo said, sneering as he smacked his palm on the table.

Wang Duoduo had to admit that the cabinet's hidden door was very well hidden. If Jun Zishu hadn't opened it, he wouldn't have known that the cabinet wall could be slid aside.

"Xiao Baisen is your third target, right?" Jun Zishu asked.

Yu Hang was momentarily stunned. Then, after looking at Jun Zishu and Wang Duoduo with a strange gaze for half a minute, he suddenly smiled and asked, "Since when have the police had supernatural powers?"

Yu Hang originally thought that his plan was flawless. After all, the house he used to commit his crimes was quite isolated. The house also wasn't under his name, so even if the police investigated him, they wouldn't discover that house. Yet, it would seem that he had slipped up somewhere along the line.

"There are no secrets that can be hidden forever. The moment you chose to commit a crime, you should've realized that such a day would arrive," Wang Duoduo said.

However, Yu Hang simply snorted, seemingly unimpressed. Then, he asked, "Can I know how you managed to find that place?"

"You can take your time figuring it out in prison," Jun Zishu said with her lips curled slightly and an icy look on her face.

Jun Zishu had to admit that Yu Hang was incredibly cautious with his actions. Xiao Baisen was an adult who lived by himself. He also liked to travel a lot, so nobody would be surprised even if he disappeared suddenly. Not to mention, Xiao Baisen had taken the initiative to send himself to Yu Hang's doorsteps this time.

"Officer, did you know? I've tasted all kinds of food across the world, some of them delicious, and some of them terrible. The only thing I hadn't tasted was human flesh. So, I thought I could give it a try."

When Yu Hang spoke, his eyes carried a hint of fanaticism, his mouth curving into a creepy smile.

"When I told my friends about my plans, they thought I was joking."

Yu Hang clicked his tongue, seemingly feeling lonely that nobody understood his thoughts.

Yang Tianxiao shuddered in disgust when she heard Yu Hang's words.

As for Jun Zishu, she didn't show much of a reaction, simply writing down Yu Hang's words into her notepad.

According to Yu Hang's statement, he had begun laying out his plans as soon as he had the idea of eating human flesh. His appearance and financial situation also allowed him to easily approach his targets.

In Chen Yang's case, he was a hoodlum and the boyfriend of a woman staying in the same residential block as Yu Hang.

When Chen Yang visited Dong Hong to get back together with her, Yu Hang offered him some money to help move some stuff. After accepting the money, Yu Hang didn't suspect a thing as he followed Yu Hang.

Yu Hang mentioned that since Chen Yang was his first experience with human flesh, he removed Chen Yang's offal and tried everything. However, the taste wasn't very good, so he opted against eating his following victim's organs.

The reason why Yu Hang designated his second victim as a girl was because he wanted to see if there was any difference between the flesh of males and females.

Yu Hang had learned of Tan Linlin through a conversation he overheard between Tan Linlin's teacher and someone else. According to Tan Linlin's teacher, the girl didn't get along with her family, and she was incredibly hard working.

After cannibalizing his second victim, Yu Hang felt that it was time he played with the police. He felt that the police were quite useless since they had yet to find any leads on the first victim even after such a long time had passed.

Meanwhile, after comparing the taste of males and females, Yu Hang decided that he preferred the tighter texture of men. So, he asked out a male acquaintance he hadn't contacted in a long while.

Yu Hang thought he had done everything perfectly. He simply couldn't understand where his plans had gone wrong.

Regardless of Yu Hang's thoughts, Jun Zishu was one step closer to completing her mission. Now, all she needed to do was apprehend one more criminal.

After concluding Yu Hang's case, Jun Zishu wondered if she should take a long leave to investigate Jiang Yinsheng's case. Otherwise, she wouldn't have time to travel to another city.

However, accidents often came more suddenly than one expected. When Jun Zishu was about to have lunch with her colleagues to celebrate the end of a case, they came across a person on a pedestrian crossing, the other party seemingly arguing with someone over the phone.

At this time, the green light for the pedestrian crossing had already turned red. Yet, the person walking on the pedestrian crossing remained oblivious of this fact. The truck that had just turned around the corner also noticed the pedestrian, but he was already too late when he stepped on the brakes.

Seeing this, Jun Zishu's body moved instinctively as she dashed forward and pushed the pedestrian out of harm's way. Then, just when she thought she was about to get hit, an invisible force pushed her body aside and onto the ground with the pedestrian.


"Captain Jun!"

The truck driver

"Can't you see the red light?! What the heck are you doing?!" the truck driver bellowed angrily out the window after his truck came to a halt.

"Police. Nobody's injured, so move along," Wang Duoduo said to the truck driver.

The truck driver originally wanted to continue venting his anger, but he eventually chose to keep his mouth shut and drive away.

Meanwhile, Jun Zishu ignored the pain on her body and looked at Jiang Yinsheng, who stood beside her looking like she was in excruciating pain. Immediately, she grabbed Jiang Yinsheng's ethereal hand and ran into a nearby restaurant's restroom.

Jiang Yinsheng's face was red and swollen, looking like she had just been burned.

"Are you alright, Jiang Yinsheng? Why did you come out?"

"I had a feeling that…"

Jiang Yinsheng held her throat. It looked like even talking was agonizing for her.

Jiang Yinsheng could've simply stayed at home just like she always did. Yet, for an instant, she suddenly had a very bad feeling. Then, before she knew it, she had appeared near the pedestrian crossing and saw that Jun Zishu was about to get flattened by a truck.

"What should we do now? Will you get better if you hide here until dark?" Jun Zishu asked in a panic.

"It's too late…"

Jiang Yinsheng felt as if her body was set ablaze right now. Then, amidst the scorching pain, fragments of memories surfaced in her mind, causing her eyes to widen.

Little Fairy, what should I do? What can I do to save her?"

When Jun Zishu recalled that she still had a system, she hurriedly asked for help.

[We don't have such a function, Host. Moreover, she was originally an abnormal existence…]

Little Fairy said in a helpless tone. She, too, did not expect such a situation.

"You have to be alright, Jiang Yinsheng…"

At this point, she didn't even dare to touch Jiang Yinsheng for fear of intensifying the latter's pain.

"You'll get better. I'm sure you will. Just stay here for now. There are only a few more hours until it gets dark," Jun Zishu murmured, her words meant for both Jiang Yinsheng and herself to hear.

"If I hadn't come… Had I stayed at home…I wouldn't have been able to meet you again… I've already died once, in any case… Getting to know you…has made me very happy…"

Jiang Yinsheng spoke intermittently, trying her best to avoid making herself look hideous as much as possible.

"Do I look ugly now?"

Jiang Yinsheng knew that her body would become red and swollen after getting hit by the sun. Seeing as her body hurt so much right now, her body must've swelled up into an ugly mess.

"No, you're not ugly. You're not ugly at all."

"I feel very happy…yet very sad at the same time…"

"Stop talking. Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine."

"I won't be able to accompany you anymore in the future…"

"No, we can still stay together for a long time. We still have to go and investigate your past."

"No need… I remembered everything… I already killed the person who killed me…"

Jiang Yinsheng remembered that when she returned home one day, her step-father was at home, drunk. It had been a chaotic night that night. Although she put up a struggle, she eventually died in front of the house.

What disgusted her even more was that the mother that had given birth to her had actually helped her step-father dispose of the surveillance footage and her car.

Under the influence of powerful authorities, many things were swept under the rug.

Eventually, though, Jiang Yinsheng got her revenge on the two bastards, and she ended their lives with her own hands. Then, she became a wandering ghost, traveling from place to place as she gradually forgot about herself.

Fortunately, not all was bad about her tragic fate as she came to know a wonderful person.

Jun Zishu felt a deep sense of powerlessness in this situation. She could only watch as Jiang Yinsheng's body turned more and more translucent without being able to do anything about it.

"Jiang Yinsheng… Don't go…"

"Miss Officer… Actually, I…"

I love you.


"I…can't bear to let go of you…"

Jiang Yinsheng was originally going to speak her mind but decided against it. She was going to disappear, anyway, so there was no need for her to become a shackle for her beloved.

"Don't cry…" Jiang Yinsheng said.

Jun Zishu raised her hand to touch her face, discovering that tears had started running down her face without her knowing.

So she was capable of shedding tears as well?

"You have to live well and happily."

Jun Zishu wanted to take another look at Jiang Yinsheng, but she was too late. The air was deathly quiet, and there was nothing in front of her.

The little ghost who clung to her, cooked for her, and sweetly called her "Miss Officer" was gone.

Jun Zishu stood still for a long time before washing her face in front of the mirror.

The woman in the mirror had a deathly white complexion, and her eyes looked a little hollow.

When Jun Zishu stepped out of the restroom, Yang Tianxiao and the others promptly surrounded her.

"Are you alright, Chief?"

"How are you feeling, Chief?"

Jun Zishu shook her head. She wanted to smile to show that she was okay, but she couldn't.

Nobody knew what she had lost.

It wasn't love, but something far more important than love.

Author's Note:

The little ghost is gone, so Big Sis Jun has a sweetheart in this world. This is a process Big Sis Jun must experience. After all, you will never understand what you have until you have truly lost it. The next arc is a showbiz arc with high amounts of sugar, so get ready to get diabetes!

Translator's Note:

The next arc is very sweet and fluffy.

Hellscythe's Notes:

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