Chapter 138
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A few days later, the officers responsible for tailing Yu Hang reported that they had lost track of him in a crowd.

Jun Zishu could only dispatch limited manpower to keep watch over Yu Hang. After all, they were only conducting a stakeout, not an arrest. They didn't have the evidence necessary to identify him as the murderer.

"Is he really the perpetrator, Chief?" Wang Duoduo asked dubiously as he read through the messages his colleagues sent him.

This case hadn't been progressing very well. They had yet to find either victims' personal belongings until now. Both bodies had also been meticulously cleaned, so there were no remnants of anything found on them.

Jun Zishu couldn't give a definitive answer to Wang Duoduo. Instead, she pinched the bridge of her nose and said, "The suspect fits the description of our criminal profiling. In my mind, the chances that he is the killer have already risen to 90%. So long as we keep an eye on him, I feel that we will find something eventually."

"But this person should have noticed that we are watching him already, right? Why hasn't he escaped yet? Is he afraid he'll expose himself?"

Yu Hang was someone who often flew abroad. Now that they had no evidence to charge him with, it'd be a simple task for him to leave the country.

"It's possible that he's having a hard time suppressing his desires."

"What desire? The desire to kill people?"

"The desire to eat people."

Yu Hang was too obsessed with food. He was like a top-tier gourmet who was incredibly picky about the freshness and taste of his food. He wasn't a glutton, but something much scarier than that.

Human desire was like water gathered behind the floodgates known as self-restraint. If a person who was typically strict with themselves suddenly decided to let loose their self-restraint, not only would they act on their desires, but they would do so in an extreme manner. At that time, they wouldn't be able to resist acting on their desires even if they wanted to.

If Yu Hang had already placed humans at the top of his ingredient list, after committing two consecutive crimes, there was no way he could restrain himself from committing more crimes. Moreover, there was the possibility that he didn't find anything wrong with his actions at all. Instead, he might be thinking that he was simply engaged in a very normal hunt for ingredients.

One should never evaluate a crazy person's morals and thought process from a normal person's perspective. It was precisely because their thought process and logic were different from ordinary people that they were regarded as abnormal. The conscience was the basic bottom line of a person's morals. If a person no longer possessed a conscience, communicating with them would be very difficult.

"Keep an eye on the list of missing people. One of them might very well be the next victim. Also, try to keep him under surveillance as much as possible."


Jun Zishu was confident Yu Hang wouldn't leave the city. After all, he didn't have the desire to leave at all, judging by his calm demeanor. Moreover, Lanhai City was a place he was more familiar with. A person with his personality wouldn't commit crimes in a place he felt unsafe and unfamiliar.

As the Lunar New Year's arrival came closer and closer, the weather grew colder and colder.

Everyone was tucked warmly in their beds this evening, and nobody wished to leave their comfortable beds anytime soon.

After receiving a message, Xiao Baisen got out of bed and dressed.

Tonight's moon looked frigid and gloomy as it hung in the cloudy night sky in a tattered state.

After making sure that he looked spick and span, Xiao Baisen left home to go to his appointment.

Xiao Baisen originally thought he would be in for a romantic night. However, he couldn't help but find the romance he received to be a little overwhelming.

"I'm not into SM."

Xiao Baisen frowned as he looked at the person in front of him in confusion. He could tell that his body had been cleaned and tied up like a pig. The upper half of his body was also stripped and tied tightly to the chair, and his legs were spread apart in an uncomfortable position.

Yet, in response to his words, the man before him simply smiled, the smile causing him to shudder.

To be fair, the man before him was the type he liked the most. The man was handsome and had a sickly gloom on his face. The man was also well-mannered.

Xiao Baisen would've been even happier if he wasn't in his current situation.

"I know. I have no intention of playing with you, either."

Yu Hang narrowed his eyes and revealed a satisfied smile as he looked at Xiao Baisen obsessively, his fingertips roaming all over the other party's body.

"What are you doing, then?"

Xiao Baisen felt his temples throb in pain, and his flesh ached from being tied up.

"It really is perfect."

Yu Hang slid his fingertips across Xiao Baisen's abs with a satisfied expression.

Xiao Baisen couldn't help but find Yu Hang's gaze a little strange. While Yu Hang's eyes indeed looked like they were filled with passion, that passion felt different from the type he thought it was.

Right now, Xiao Baisen felt like a block of meat on a chopping board that was currently being sized up by a grocery shopper.

"Let me go, you fuck!"

Xiao Baisen tried to struggle. However, the rope restraining him was tied very tightly, and the painful sensation from his skin rubbing against the rough rope quickly made him stop struggling.

"Are you sick, Yu Hang?"

"You're noisy."

Yu Hang frowned. However, his eyes fell on Xiao Baisen's lips the next moment, and he extended his fingers to them. Then, he yanked out a red tongue with two fingers.

With his body restrained and his tongue held captive, the only thing Xiao Baisen could do was to glare angrily at Yu Hang.

"I don't think I've tasted this part yet. Perhaps I can give it a try," Yu Hang said thoughtfully, the white light shining down on him casting an eerie shadow over his face.

Xiao Baisen felt his body growing colder and colder. He had even started shivering at some point. However, what made him shudder wasn't the cold air touching his exposed skin. Instead, it was the fear he felt from seeing Yu Hang's expression.

Currently, Yu Hang's face was full of greed and thirst. His eyes also looked more like a beast's than a human's.

Seeing this, Xiao Baisen thought, It's over. I'm going to die here today.

Even if Xiao Baisen had a strong desire to live and tried to do his best to stay calm, when he saw Yu Hang appearing before him with a knife, the string in his brain snapped.

Unfortunately, no matter what Xiao Baisen tried, he couldn't break free from his restraints. In the end, he could only watch as his body got cut up bit by bit.

The intense pain coming from his inner thighs almost made him faint, and he gritted his teeth and tensed up his body in response. He could also vividly feel the blood flowing down his leg, the sticky and disgusting sensation filling him with disbelief.

Xiao Baisen originally thought that he was dead. However, he later found that Yu Hang had stopped hurting him. Instead, Yu Hang took the piece of flesh that he had cut from his body and walked to…the kitchen.

Fuck! Is he a psycho?! Not only is this motherfucker sick in the head, but he's also perverse to the extreme! Would any normal person eat people?!

Sweat continued to emerge from Xiao Baisen's body as he yelled out his frustrations in his mind. However, the pain eventually overwhelmed him, and he quickly fell unconscious.

Yu Hang knew that if he wanted to give the police the slip, he needed to appear before them intermittently. He needed to make sure they could see him without letting them follow him too closely.

Yu Hang was aware that the police had started to suspect him. If he suddenly disappeared from the police's line of sight for several days in a row, the police would most likely conduct a city-wide search for him, and it'd be terrible if that happened.

Unfortunately, Yu Hang's wits had gotten the better of him this time, his decision to show himself to the police causing him to fall right into Jun Zishu's hand. After all, Jun Zishu had a secret weapon.

No ordinary person could evade the stalking of a ghost in the dead of night.


Wearing the long thin sleeves she wore when she first met Jun Zishu, Jiang Yinsheng quietly followed Yu Hang.

Even though Jiang Yinsheng preferred to stare at Jun Zishu's face over Yu Hang's face, this matter was of utmost importance. Not to mention, this was a request from Jun Zishu, so she had to do it properly.

Just when Jiang Yinsheng thought that she would have to stare at Yu Hang's sleeping face the entire night, the man suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. Then, after getting dressed, he carefully left the house through a side exit.

After looking around and failing to notice any police, Jiang Yinsheng hurriedly followed Yu Hang through the dark, avoiding one surveillance camera after another before arriving at a relatively isolated house.

After entering the house, Yu Hang headed straight into a room.

The bedroom was mostly empty, with only a few pieces of furniture decorating it. However, when Yu Hang opened the cabinet doors and slid the back of the cabinet aside, a flight of steps leading down to a different space appeared in Jiang Yinsheng's sight.

Jiang Yinsheng couldn't help but be in awe of this revelation. At first glance, the cabinet looked no different than an ordinary cabinet. If one didn't thoroughly inspect it, one wouldn't find anything strange with it, much less suspect that there was a huge space behind it.

After moving aside the hidden door, Yu Hang walked down the staircase and turned on the lights.

Jiang Yinsheng could see well even in the dark. However, with the lights turned on, she could see with even greater clarity. So, she instantly noticed the tall man tightly restrained in the middle of the room and the man's bandaged thighs. She also noticed the faint smell of blood that filled the air.

Seeing the tall man's bandaged thighs, Jiang Yinsheng instantly recalled some of the details regarding this cannibalism case. The first two victims similarly had the flesh around their inner thighs removed.

Jun Zishu was right. Yu Hang was indeed the murderer.

The tall man had his eyes closed, so Jiang Yinsheng couldn't tell if he was dead or unconscious at first glance. After moving closer and checking his breath, Jiang Yinsheng sighed in relief when she realized that the man was still breathing.

Deciding not to waste any more time, Jiang Yinsheng quickly memorized the location of this place and flew back to Jun Zishu's house.

Hehe, it's not bad being a ghost after all.

I get to meet her and help her.

How lucky I am.

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