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ZL - Chapter 1135- Never forget Ah Lei

When we returned to the office, Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er were still waiting. Tang Qi was here too. When I brought Amy over, they saw that Amy wasn't in a good state.


"What happened?" Lin Wan Er asked with concern, "Amy, you don't look so good?"

Amy kept silent.

i said, "Nothing much, Amy go pack up and then end work."


She looked at me and returned to her whole office.

"What happened?" Lin Wan Er looked as Amy walked into the distance. She asked me softly with Dong Cheng Yue listening, "Right, what happened. Brother Xiao Yao did you end up eating Amy?"

I stared, "Even if I want to eat I won't choose her! Haiz... The people that Buster sent over are problematic, one of them was interested in Amy so he started to touch her. In the future don't let her go alone, I shall go or you let Tang Qi go."

"En..." Lin Wan Er clenched her fist and was annoyed. After all this concerned Wan Yue Design so she was responsible no matter what. She raised her head and said, "Buster? I shall teach them a lesson!"

I pulled her hand, "Little Miss, don't interfere in this, leave this to me. This isn't the time to be a rogue!"

"Ah, why?" Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue asked.

I tried to lower my voice, "I fought that bald headed guy and nearly forced him to transform into a dragon blood warrior..."


Tang Qi was shocked, "Buster... They are artificials?"

Artificials had caused a huge storm and even the news reported that such organisations had appeared. One could say that their appearance caused the entire country to panic. Tang Qi definitely knew about this evil organisation.

I nodded, "So leave this to the special forces. Wan Er doesn't try anything. Tang Qi you need to be very careful and protect Wan Er and Dong Cheng. I might focus a portion of my energy to Buster. Since Wang Zecheng has shone himself then I have to investigate."

Tang Qi looked at me, "I heard my father say that their bodies and genes have been changed and they are stronger than beasts and sharper than eagles. Their body surface is also covered in an indestructible layer. Is it really okay for Artificials and you to fight?"

"Don't worry, I can handle it."

"That's good!"


I returned home and took a bath. When I changed, I heard knocking and noticed that Lin Wan Er was standing outside.

"Can I enter?" She asked.

"Of course..."

I pulled helped her in and closed the door, "Wan Er, what is going on?"

She looked at my special forces pants and the blades at both sides. Her eyes flushed red and she nearly cried, "Can you not go?"

I was shocked, "What... Why?"

Tears flowed down her cheeks. She really cried and she said angrily, "Do you know that each time you head out,

I am so worried. Do you know that if you don't come back, I can't fall asleep at all! Why can't it be someone else, why must it be you. Are you the only one that can go? ! Tell me, why must it be you! What if... What if... What will happen to me?"

I looked at her and said, "Did you forget how Ah Lei died?"

Lin Wan Er was stunned.

My voice was shaking, "He trusted and relied on me and felt that I could protect everyone but I disappointed him. Ah Lei was filled with disappointment and anger. That is a hole in my life. Wan Er you are a smart girl, you understand why it must be me. Because, I have to go!"

Lin Wan Er teared up and was unwilling to look at my eyes.

I sucked in a deep breath so that my tears didn't fall, "Trust me, we didn't forget Ah Lei. Dong Cheng cries at night thinking about her brother. What can we do? Both you and I owe Dong Cheng, we are her best friends. How can I let her be disappointed? I don't care who is behind the Artificials, I will catch them and let the law deal with them. That is my destiny. Even if I end up dying, I won't regret it."

Lin Wan Er cried even more. She rubbed her tears and sat down slowly. She hugged her knees and shook.

I bent down and knelt onto the ground with one knee, "Wan Er is the best, since we met we were destined to be together right? Don't worry about me and don't cry for me. I am Li Xiao Yao what would happen to me. Nothing will happen. I will remove their organisation and there won't be a second Ah Lei."

Lin Wan Er raised her head and her eyes were covered in mist. She nodded, "En, you must be careful. If you die, I will die with you. Don't think that I am joking."

My heart shook and my heart felt like it was being sliced apart. I hugged her and kissed her lips. Lin Wan Er's tears flowed down her cheeks and I could taste the salt.

We kissed for a long while before separating. Lin Wan Er stood up and helped me up, "Okay I won't cry anymore, come back soon."

"En, I am just going to report and not do anything. I won't be in danger. Don't worry, I will be back before 12."

"Okay, I will wait for you."


Lin Wan Er sent me down and sent me back to my room. I sat in the car and looked at her from the mirror. I saw that Dong Cheng Yue's curtain was pulled apart and she was standing there. Both of them were looking at me. At this moment, our hearts were connected as one and we could sense the sadness and joy in our hearts.

Three hearts weren't too far away, is that so?


This novel is _hosted_ by hosted novel.

This novel is _hosted_ by hosted novel.

At 8pm, I arrived at the base. After receiving my call, Wang Xin, Shen Bing, Axe, Xing Lie etc were all in a meeting. When I walked in, I saw a few foreign faces.

"This is Head Ye, he is investigating along with us." Wang Xin introduced.

That was a middle aged man that looked righteous. He reached out, "Captain Li nice to meet you, I have heard about you. I didn't expect we would end up meeting like this."

I nodded and smiled, "Head Ye is too nice."

"Sit down and let's discuss." Wang Xin said.

After Head Ye sat down, he opened a bottle of water and drank, "Artificials have caused the entire world to change and just this month the central department had dozens of meetings regarding Artificials. Even the army was utilised but there was nothing we could do. Artificials are no different from normal people and they are hiding among us, they are really problematic."

Wang Xin said, "Li Xiao Yao, you said you have news for us. So what happened?"

I sucked in a deep breath, "I met another A grade Artificial today."


Head Ye couldn't sit still, "Hangzhou has A grade artificials?"

"Not only one, but there are maybe more." I said.

"What is the exact situation?" Wang Xin said.

I said very simply, "I am working at a fashion company and when I went to submit the goods, I had a conflict with one of them. When fighting, he transformed around 20%, his neck and shoulder formed reed scales like a lizard. That is the initial form of the dragon blood warrior."

"Who is that?" Shen Bing asked.

I said calmly, "Buster, Wang Zecheng's bodyguard."

"What? !" Head Ye slapped the table and said in shock, "Captain Li did you get it wrong? Buster and CEO Wang is really related to this? He... He had a drink with me a few days ago..."

I smiled, "Head Ye calm down, I am very sure. Don't you think this is weird? Our department of safety analysed Artificials for half a year and they still didn't understand anything while he knew everything. In the entire china, apart from Buster, who would have such analytical ability?"

Shen Bing said calmly, "So... Buster is definitely affected. Moreover, Buster's HQ is in America. Their skills and technology can be shipped to China. I heard that no Artificials have appeared in America so do you know what that means?"

Wang Xin's heart went cold and he sucked in a cold breath. He punched the table, "Those brats, they treat China as the lab for Artificials?"

I nodded, "Right, we are their test targets."

Head Ye gritted his teeth and raged, "Those jerks, they can't be pardoned! Sign the arrest warrant, catch Wang Zecheng!"

"No." Wang Xin waved.

"Why not Captian Wang?" Head Ye asked.

Wang Xin said, "Firstly we can't alert them. Buster's lab should be hidden so if we send people over, we won't have over 10% chance of success. We will also lose our opportunity."

Shen Bing asked, "So what is captain Wang thinking?"

Wang Xin laughed, "Send people to infiltrate and observe them. Once we get enough evidence we will crush them!"

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