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LGS - Chapter 1244 - Devouring Space

The three of them had never lacked courage and resolve. They were all bold enough to take a gamble when it mattered.

If they could obtain a powerful space-devouring beast as an escort, then the next part of their journey would be extremely safe.

And the reality showed that Li Qingshan had won the gamble.

The space-devouring beasts that were originally so terrifying had now become harmless. All they could do was dodge under Navy Li’l Fatty’s attacks, and they never learnt their lesson either. They would flee for a short distance before stopping again.

As a result, Navy Li’l Fatty was like a wolf in a herd of sheep. He took a bite left and right, slowly growing in size, going from a cub to a vicious wolf. It was even more impossible for the other space-devouring beasts to put up any resistance now.

Devour, devour, devour…

Space-devouring beasts vanished into its mouth one by one, but it did not grow as quickly as they imagined. Sometimes, after a period of digestion, it would even become slightly smaller.

Li Qingshan discovered the reason. The small world on the other end of the universe was rapidly growing larger too. Perhaps it could not be called a small world anymore, but a medium-small world at the very least. That was where Navy Li’l Fatty’s body actually resided.

He became more and more worthy of the title of god of the world too, truly able to make mountains fall on a whim. After facing death, he finally had the leisure to devote his attention to the small world.

Ships set out in the ocean, searching for the “hero king’s power”. Countless people died out at sea, but there were many people who got lucky too, gaining unprecedented power that led to them roaming the oceans.

As a result, it drew even more people out to sea.

For a period of time, the world faced upheaving changes as people of talent arose one after another.

There would be battles and slaughter every day, as well as new legends every day. The jianghu of the past seemed to return again, becoming even more turbulent than ever.

Everyone in the world believed this was the true will of the hero king. After all, only a world like this was more interesting. The strict and impartial rule before was all the handiwork of the World’s society’s leader, Gu Yanying. It did not truly match the hero king’s tastes.

However, the World’s society obviously refused to give up their rule over the world, and the many children of the hero king had become the forerunners of this adventure.

Li Guinian took Old Patience with him and established an office on the ocean, relocating the Abstruse temple under his control to an island dense with spiritual qi in an attempt to bring the order of the World’s society back to the chaotic seas. He used the advantage of his bloodline to sail through the turbulent waves, becoming known as the Sea King.

As the world became even larger, the spiritual qi became denser as well. Both the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea possessed greater opportunities. The White Ape King and the Daemon Maiden of Illusionary Dance stopped being coincidences. The Daemon race was rising up into prosperity.

“Before me, the Great Governor of the East Sea, the fuck do you think the World’s society is? The fuck do you think the hero king is?”

A ship sailed on the seas. The decks were rowdy, currently holding a joyous celebration. The captain’s drunken boasts made the deck fall quiet. The hero king possessed a great reputation and prestige with everyone, but no one dared to openly revolt against this violent Great Governor of the East Sea.

“Pah! What a great idiot!”

A man was tied up against the mast. His dark skin was covered in wounds, but he seemed like he was completely unconcerned.

The Great Governor of the East Sea flew into a rage. “Cut off his limbs and feed him to the fishes! No, I’ll do it myself!” With a hideous grin, he walked over and raised the treasured blade he had just obtained.


The Great Governor of the East Sea was crushed to death on the deck like an insect. His flesh and blood scattered everywhere, while his treasured blade was planted where he originally stood.


There was a panic on the deck. The criminals that usually licked the blood off their blades began screaming like girls.

The man was taken aback. He laughed aloud, but that instead allowed the pirates to gradually return to their senses. They gathered over with ill intentions, about to carry out the Great Governor of the East Sea’s final wishes.

The man said, “You can kill me, or you can make me your captain. Otherwise, with your bit of cultivation, you won’t be able to keep anything in the cabin.”

The pirates looked at one another. They had never seen someone so shameless before, but the man’s swordsmanship was wondrous, almost having reached the limit with the White Ape Sword Classic. In terms of individual strength, he was even stronger than the deceased Great Governor of the East Sea. Once they let him go, no one would be able to overpower him again.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense! Butcher him first, and then we’ll find a remote port to split the booty and disband!”

With a few slashes, he gained even more wounds, but the man was unfazed, “Don’t forget about how that idiot great governor died.” He glanced at the sky. “The hero king has remembered this ship. If it weren’t for me, his son, you’d be at the bottom of the ocean already.”

“You’re a son of the hero king!?” The pirates were all alarmed. Every single one of them was a prominent figure.

“Illegitimate son.” Sorry about this, old man Wu. You’re not my father by blood, but you’re that in my heart.

The pirates were uncertain. There had always been countless people in the world who claimed to be illegitimate children of the hero king, but the previous sight was extremely convincing.

“Don’t worry. Not only am I not vengeful, but I’m even a very faithful and trustworthy person. I’m also much stronger than that idiot great governor!”

After a dispute, none of the pirates could bring themselves to do it, so they untied the man and released the seals on his acupoints.

He stretched his body a bit and called out, “Remember, my name is Wu Tieshan! Wu Huan’s Wu, Tiedan’s Tie, and Qingshan’s Shan! Which of you hit me just then? Get over here!”

A pirate said, “Hmm? Your surname is not Li?”

Wu Tieshan dragged him over and sprayed his face with spittle. “I took my stepfather’s surname. What’s wrong with that?”

He gave the pirates a proper beating and glanced at the pile of flesh and blood. Only then did he become soaked in cold sweat. He prayed inside, Please watch over me, hero king. He arrived in the cabin and gazed in a daze at a woman’s statue. He had a strange feeling that the woman could spring alive at any moment.

A voice suddenly rang out in his head, “Where is this?”

“Qingshan, now’s not the time to watch these shows!”

Gu Yanying’s voice pulled Li Qingshan back to reality. He shook his head with a smile. In the blink of an eye, he had already witnessed Wu Tieshan’s entire life. He never thought they had actually met before. The child from back then had already grown up. He was basically extremely fortunate to obtain the statue.

By now, Navy Li’l Fatty was basically done with eating. Its size had already surpassed the other small space-devouring beasts, basically catching an entire one with each attempt. It polished off the remaining space-devouring beasts swiftly and neatly.

Li Qingshan told them about what had happened to the small world. He felt like he was brimming with spiritual qi.

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“You sure are fortunate!”

Rāhu Xiaoming sighed. This was basically a world that could devour other worlds. If he continued like this, could he devour all of outer space? By then, just how large would the small world become?

“Of course, but do you think this is appropriate for someone that was born as a god to admire another’s good fortunes?”

Li Qingshan smiled. He was not arrogant enough to believe this was all due to his hard work, nor would he forget about the original reason why he could be standing here today, that wide and vigorous figure.

In hindsight, he probably only needed to give away a single ox hair, and that would be enough to complete the legacy. There was no need for him to let a clueless boy ride on his back.

Li Qingshan did not do this to pay back some kind of favour. Instead, he wanted to prove that his judgement had been right!

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“Alright, we’re done with the small ones. It’s time to eat the big one. Li’l Fatty, I choose you!”

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Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.