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IGK - Chapter 85.1 Who Had It Worse Than Me? (1/2)

At the Divine Dragon Island’s southern dock!

Zhu Yan floated towards the shore with the help of a wooden plank. A nearby group of demonic disciples stood there and watched him approach.

“Oh? Isn’t that Zhu Yan? The Parlor Lord’s grand-nephew? Why is his face swollen like that?”

“It’s him. Why is he purple all around? That’s for sure due to poison!”

“How did he float here? Oh? There’s a nautical map on his hand…”




The demons discussed among themselves about Zhu Yan.

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His face was badly swollen because of the snake bites, but he was glad to have finally made it back.

Although he didn't get to board Wang Ke’s boat, he managed to take the nautical map before he fell into the sea. He finally made it back to Divine Dragon Island after a night’s paddling.

“I’m going to reveal the truth to all of you. Wang Ke is not a demonic sect disciple; he’s a disciple of Chen Tianyuan, Sect Lord of the Heavenly Wolf Sect! I want him dead!” Zhu Yan mumbled while shivering.

“Zhu Yan? Do you want to go to the Parlor Lord’s place? Want us to send you there?” asked a demonic sect disciple.

Should I go tell my ancestral uncle?

Just when he was about to nod, he remembered that She Qingqing had Zhu Hongyi under control. She Qingqing is She Miejue! A Hall Lord of the Heavenly Wolf Sect! I’m sure she knows Wang Ke’s true identity!She knows, yet she didn’t reveal it. Looks like she’s helping Wang Ke.

She would surely find out if I went and told my ancestral uncle. Could I still expect my ancestral uncle to kill Wang Ke?If She Qingqing objects to it, would my ancestral uncle agree?

I can’t. I can’t get my ancestral uncle to do it!

“I want to see the Chapter Lord, senior Tong An'an. There’s something important I have to report to him. Quick, take me to him, quick!” Zhu Yan cried out weakly.


On the sea, north of Divine Dragon Island.

The Snake King had a scar on his face. He looked utterly ferocious and angry; a huge swarm of sea snakes was trailing behind him, looking as if they had just returned from war. Alas, it was a pity that the war didn't end well for them. They had to retreat.

“My King, either way, you still collected all the fragments of your core; you can surely restore it one day! We are not without any reward!” a snake general gingerly tried to comfort the Snake King.

“Bullsh*t! That bunch of humans disrupted me at a critical time! My effort was completely wasted! How long will it take for me to catch up once again? We were also about to capture some of them… But what happened? Where did those two powerhouses come from? And they saved all of them! Roar! I’m so angry I can’t take it! Roar~~~~~~~~~!” the Snake King bellowed furiously.

“Those two must be at the Astral Infant Stage, right?” a snake general asked, still fearful after they encountered them.

“Yes, both were Astral Infant cultivators! The one who attacked us is someone I’ve seen before. Chen Tianyuan of the Heavenly Wolf Sect? Roar! I’ll go to their sect one day so I can eat them all! The whole lot of them! Roar~~~~~~~~~~~!” said the furious Snake King.

“My king, I’m afraid that will take a very long time. We could only flee this time; we barely managed thanks to the demonic beasts drawn by the commotion we caused in the Miasmic Sea. Their presence diverted Chen Tianyuan’s attention......!” a snake general said with a bitter smile.

“Roar! It is all those humans’ fault; they foiled my breakthrough attempt. Do you think I would be afraid of Chen Tianyuan? Roar! Those bast*rds. I remember all the faces of the ones on the ship. I won’t forget them even if I’m turned into ashes. I’m going to eat them all… None of them shall escape! Roar~~~~~~~~~~!” the Snake King continued as he vented his anger.

“Yes, my king!” The snakes responded.

“My King. Why is there a small boat near our den?” A snake general looked at Wang Ke’s boat in surprise.

Two snake generals analyzed the situation, and the other snakes also felt something was off.

“My King, you once ordered us that no boat or ship would trespass your lair. Why is a boat here, right above the snake den? Who’s on duty today?”

“Our King had just rallied everyone to search for his core. Everyone acted, leaving the place unguarded!”


The snakes rushed toward the snake den.

The Snake King was also taken aback; he also rushed back to the den as quickly as possible, much faster than the rest.

He could not help but suck in a mouthful of seawater once he entered.

All his painstakingly gathered treasures were gone!

Nothing remained; even the large iron ore he used to scratch his back had been uprooted and taken away!

A burglar?The fellow must have been desperately poor!He even took away the piece of iron I used to scratch my back!

Who?Who did this?


The Snake King let out an earthshaking roar and his eyes were crimson; he wanted to devour all creatures in sight.

“My King, they’re over there!” a snake general cried out from outside the lair.


The Snake King charged out and returned to the sea surface. When seen from afar, the venomous snakes carpeted the entire northern side of the island.

The snake generals led the snakes and surrounded a man and a woman.

The pair was pursued right after they escaped from the sea.

The snakes cut off all possible ways to escape.

Given the Snake King’s gifted eyesight, he could clearly see the faces of the two, even from such a distance. He became furious the moment he recognized them, to a degree that he started releasing poisonous gas all around him. He muttered angrily, “It’s them? The two who were on that ship? Damn you! Damn you both! Chen Tianyuan saved those who were on the ship. I didn’t even get to kill one of them, but at least I got to wound them. The two of you actually ran away? And you came here to steal all my possessions? Bast*rds! Roar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!”

Along with the loud roar, the Snake King sprung toward Wang Ke.

Wang Ke and Princess Youyue fled toward the island the moment they got out of the snake den. Unfortunately, they were quickly surrounded since there were too many snakes.

“Youyue, you’re a Golden Core cultivator; fly away with your sword!” Wang Ke cried out. But the anxious princess objected, “No! I won’t leave if I can’t bring you along!”

“Fly? Are you still planning to escape? Poisonous smoke!” a snake general roared.

Poisonous smoke was instantly sent toward Wang Ke from all directions, also blocking their possible getaway through the sky.

Wang Ke was not afraid of poisons, but Princess Youyue was not immune to them.

The Snake King’s roar also reached his ears from afar; Wang Ke was in an extremely difficult spot at the moment.

“It’s too late. Follow me!” Wang Ke pulled Princess Youyue and ran toward a nearby boulder.

The snakes followed.

There was a puddle near the bottom of the large rock; Wang Ke and Princess Youyue jumped into it and disappeared.

A snake general’s expression turned grim. “That’s a tunnel; the one that leads to the Divine Dragon Island’s prison complex!”

A concerned snake general asked, “We promised the Demon Sovereign of the Great Yin Demonic Sect never to go further into the island; only non-sentient snakes can swim over. What should we do now? Should we chase after them?”


The Snake King could no longer care as much; he was the first to charge into the tunnel. His entire body was inside the tunnel in the blink of an eye, as he was in hot pursuit of Wang Ke and the princess.

The generals saw their king take action and followed suit.

The tunnel was the one that Tong An'an had taken before; the latter had told Wang Ke that it led to the Ten-thousand Serpent Pool in the prison complex. And now, it turned into their escape route.

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Wang Ke was only at the Innate Stage after all; given that Princess Youyue was much more powerful, she pulled Wang Ke along and shuttled through the tunnel.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by Cao Junbo. Edited by Calofel.