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EIF - Book 04 Chapter 156: Chaoge City Citizens, We Have Returned!

The Bat Ancestor’s aura soared as Shangguan Hen punched.


The Bat Ancestor caught Shangguan Hen’s ferocious attack.

“Hahahaha! Black Tortoise Prime? You are now no longer as strong as me, right? The Black Tortoise Deity? You can’t protect it! This body’s cultivation is too weak, limiting you by too much!” The Bat Ancestor showed a ferocious expression as he reciprocated with a powerful punch.


A loud report rang out, and the attack sent the gargantuan snake under Shangguan Hen flying. Even Shangguan Hen got forced back.

Shangguan Hen’s expression changed.

On the other side, the citizens hastily fled Chaoge City. At this moment, they did not think of anything, only wishing that they had more than two legs to run with.

“Hurry, leave! Quickly! Bring me out!”

“Me too! Save me!”

“Save me!”

The citizens cried out as the many Han Nation officials, soldiers, and black tortoises did their best to escort them away. However, there were too many citizens in the city.

Shangguan Hen did not know how much longer he could last.


The two powerful experts resumed their intense battle.

This fight lasted for two days. During these two days, the Bat Ancestor’s strength increased significantly. Now, blood covered Shangguan Hen. Wounds also riddled the three-kilometer-long snake, and one eye was blinded.

“Die!” The Bat Ancestor punched with a ferocious expression.


The punch exploded the three-kilometer-long snake. It also knocked Shangguan Hen away.


Shangguan Hen spewed out a mouthful of blood, at the end of his rope.

“Hahahahahaha! Black Tortoise Prime, am I still an insignificant bat? Am I now?!” the Bat Ancestor said with a ferocious expression.

The fight over the past two days felt very liberating to the Bat Ancestor. He practically suppressed Shangguan Hen all the while—a wonderful experience.

As Shangguan Hen wiped the blood off his lips, he revealed a crooked smile.

“Little brat Shangguan, I have already done my best. Your cultivation is too weak, preventing me from using my true strength. This insignificant bat will have his way with me if this drags on. Hah! Only the Heavenly Go Palace Master managed to put me in such a state back then. You should be content!” Shangguan Hen showed a faint, cold smile.


Shangguan Hen’s figure flashed, rushing to the black tortoises in the city.

“Prime!” the black tortoises greeted enthusiastically.


Shangguan Hen picked up the twenty black tortoises and shot into the distance.

“Trying to run? Hold still!” the Bat Ancestor suddenly shouted.


The Bat Ancestor immediately gave chase.

However, the Black Tortoise Prime had powerful means of protecting himself. The Bat Ancestor pursued him for a while before giving up. The incensed Bat Ancestor could only watch him disappear into the horizon.

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“You bastard! Black Tortoise Prime, don’t run if you dare! Don’t run!” the Bat Ancestor roared in frustration.

However, the Black Tortoise Prime was already out of sight.

The depressed Bat Ancestor returned to Chaoge City.

Flee? There were too many citizens in the city. Even if most managed to flee, millions had still failed to.

“That demon returned!”

“The vampires?”

“Your Majesty, save me!”

While the citizens fled in horror, many of the Han Nation officials had remained to help the others, the last to leave. Now, they all showed expressions of despair.

“Trying to flee? You can all forget about that. Die, all of you! Die!” the Bat Ancestor roared ferociously.

Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!

The Bat Ancestor waved, and boundless bats charged at the city.


“Save me!”

“Your Majesty!”

Five million citizens screamed miserably, turning into dry corpses in the blink of an eye.

Including the earlier five million citizens, a total of ten million citizens died. Many of the officials assisting in the citizens’ escape did not manage to leave; most ended up dead.

Nearly all the buildings in the city crumbled. Fire burned everywhere as smoke rose from the rubble.

Even after the Bat Ancestor killed all the remaining people, he still felt incredibly depressed.

“Gu Hai? Shangguan Hen? And Chang Sheng? That bastard, Chang Sheng! All of you deserve death!” the Bat Ancestor roared in frustration.

The Bat Ancestor’s eyes turned scarlet; he was ready to kill anyone he saw.

Despite killing everyone, the Bat Ancestor still showed a sullen expression. Then, he turned his head and flew towards the two imperial emperors and two Dao lords in the distance.

The Bat Ancestor disappeared in the blink of an eye.


In a forest outside the city:

Ao Sheng narrowed his eyes slightly. “How unfortunate! The Black Tortoise Prime ran. If only Royal Father were around.”

Ao Sheng looked in the direction the Bat Ancestor had taken.

However, the Bat Ancestor, who had disappeared into the horizon, soon flew back.

As the Bat Ancestor flew back, some panic and fluster showed on his face.

“The dragon race’s prime? This is a trap? How can this be? The dragon race’s prime, Ao Tianhuang? Ao Tianhuang?” The Bat Ancestor showed horror on his face as he turned into a gigantic black bat.


This bat flapped its wings hard and instantly flew past the ruin that was Chaoge City. He flew towards the distant south and disappeared into the horizon.

“Old fogey Tianhuang, hurry! Hurry! Quickly go to Chaoge City and take a look!” Long Wanyu’s cry suddenly rang out in the distance.


A purple beam of light shot over from the distant horizon and arrived outside Chaoge City in nearly an instant.

It was Long Wanyu, Ye Shenzhen, Li Shenji, Purple Subtlety, Longevity, and a purple-imperial-robed man with bony protrusions on his forehead. His eyes radiated a controlled might as though lightning hid in them.

The purple light was due to the purple-imperial-robed man. He was the one who brought the group to Chaoge City.

When the group reached Chaoge City, everyone goggled, rendered speechless for a moment.

“How…how could it be like this?” Purple Subtlety exclaimed in horror.

“How could so many citizens die? The vampires? The vampires did this?” Longevity showed an anxious expression.

When the two first arrived in Chaoge City, Chaoge City had warmly welcomed them, letting them eat whatever they wanted. The two had long seen Chaoge City as their home.

Now, fire blazed everywhere, thick smoke rose, and rubble and corpses filled the city. All these people who had been good to the two were dead.

There were ten million corpses. Although ninety percent of the citizens managed to escape, the sight of ten million corpses still looked incredibly bitter.

Ye Shenzhen and Li Shenji narrowed their eyes. The two seemed to have expected this. What they failed to understand was why there were so many bat spirit corpses as well.

“Sob! Sob! Sob! Old fogey Tianhuang, it’s all your fault! It’s all your fault! I told you to hurry up! I told you to hurry up! Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! So many people died. Brother-in-Law will be very sad when he returns and sees this!” Long Wanyu cried, resenting the imperial-robed man.

The imperial-robed man was the dragon race’s prime, Ao Tianhuang.

Ao Tianhuang narrowed his eyes slightly as he surveyed the surroundings. Soon, he discovered a group of people flying over. It was Ao Sheng’s group.

“Crown Prince Ao Sheng?” Li Shenji narrowed his eyes.

“Royal Father!” Ao Sheng greeted respectfully as he approached.

“Tell me, what happened here earlier?” Ao Tianhuang said.

“Yes!” Ao Sheng answered. Then, he described everything that happened here to Ao Tianhuang.

“Ao Sheng? You baddie! Why did you not help Shangguan Hen? Why did you not help the citizens? Why?” Long Wanyu showed hatred on her face.

“Princess Wanyu, please don’t get angry. I could not do anything. The Bat Ancestor was much stronger than me.” Ao Sheng shook his head.

Ao Tianhuang narrowed his eyes slightly at Ao Sheng. However, he remained silent.

Ao Sheng lowered his head, apparently mourning the citizens.

“Princess, let’s go,” Ye Shenzhen advised.

“I’m not leaving. I’ll wait for Brother-in-Law here. I’ll wait here. You are all baddies. You knew that they were coming, right? You knew that they were coming long ago! Old fogey Tianhuang, you are heartless. Why did you not save the citizens? Why did you not save them?!” Long Wanyu scolded in sorrow and rage, her eyes bloodshot.

Ao Tianhuang looked at Long Wanyu. However, he just showed a faint, bitter smile, not explaining himself.


Gu Hai’s flying ship coursed through the sky.

“Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! We will reach Chaoge City in another four hours. Hurry!” Gu Hai called out as his right eyelid twitched wildly.

Gu Hai sensed a portion of the Han Royal Dynasty’s blessings scattering. Although it was just a small portion, he understood that something had happened at Chaoge City.

Naturally, Chang Ming also felt extremely anxious. He piloted the flying ship to fly at its limits.


Perhaps due to the great burden, the flying ship exploded, unable to take the stress.

“Ignore this flying ship. Go on.” Gu Hai took out another flying ship with a flip of his hand. The two boarded the new flying ship and continued coursing through the sky.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

After flying for a while, Gu Hai saw dozens of dragons in the distant sky, circling a pile of debris in a desolate land.

“Huh?” Gu Hai took a closer look.

Gu Hai saw many shattered rocks and gorges on the ground—as well as four shattered flying ships.

Gu Hai’s extraordinary eyesight allowed him to read the banners on those flying ships.

“Ye, Xuan, Heaven Shaking, Floating Cloud? Those are the marks of four factions fighting here? These four factions sustained severe losses? The dragons are searching around. It looks like the dragon race’s prime, Ao Tianhuang, laid a trap here for them? That’s good. At least it was not in Chaoge City.” Gu Hai released his bated breath.


The dragons immediately discovered Gu Hai’s flying ship and called out to stop it.

“Ignore them. Quickly head to Chaoge City! Speed up!” Gu Hai instructed.

“Alright!” Chang Ming felt incredibly anxious as well.

There is no one from the Yuan Nation here? Why is the Yuan Nation absent out of the five factions? They must be at the capital.

Both Gu Hai and Chang Ming felt incredibly anxious.


The flying ship crashed into a dragon, knocking it away as the flying ship continued rushing towards Chaoge City.

“Halt!” The dragons glared, and three dragons gave chase.

Gu Hai ignored them, only staring into the distance.

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After two more hours, Gu Hai could vaguely make out Chaoge City in the distance.

The blessings cloud sea was still in the sky. However, there was also thick smoke tainting the air.

“Hurry!” Gu Hai said with an anxious expression.

The flying ship moved quickly and arrived in Chaoge City in the blink of an eye.


The flying ship came to a sudden stop, kicking up strong gusts.

The instant the flying ship came to a stop, Gu Hai looked at the ruined Chaoge City. His expression immediately changed.

Chaoge City? Is this still Chaoge City?

The city was a slice of scorched earth, and countless corpses had been moved to a sprawling open space outside the city. This presented the sight of a dead city filled with despair.

Gu Hai and Chang Ming fell silent.

Gu Hai showed an uncertain look in his eyes, which eventually turned into one of deep sorrow. “Chaoge City citizens, we have returned!”

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