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EIF - Book 04 Chapter 159: The Bat Ancestor’s Death

“Why? How could it be like this?” The limp Bat Ancestor showed despair and disbelief on his face.

One moment, he had advanced to the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm, reaching the highest cultivation in the world. He thought of ten thousand methods to kill Gu Hai and vent his hatred.

In the next moment, he had become a waste, on his last breath, and captured before being brought to Gu Hai.

This inflicted not just severe damage to his physical body but also a psychological one.

There was no way for the Bat Ancestor to come to terms with this.

The dragon race’s prime, Ao Tianhuang? That was one of the strongest people in the world. He obeyed only the Qian Heavenly Emperor. In fact, as the Qian Nation’s national beast’s prime, he held a position equal to the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s.

Why did such an expert help Gu Hai?

The Bat Ancestor could not understand. He could not accept this but was helpless to do anything about it. Ao Tianhuang went and did it, personally showing up to help Gu Hai and severely injuring the Bat Ancestor.

“No. No. No…” Boundless despair appeared on the Bat Ancestor’s face.

Then, he saw Gu Hai leading many Han Nation citizens over. Hatred filled everyone’s eyes. While the citizens’ eyes also had some fear, they were not afraid when following Gu Hai.

“That’s the demon! That’s him!”

“He finally gets what’s coming! He finally gets what’s coming!”

“Mother, His Majesty is taking revenge for us. Mother, do you see it?”

Sorrowful tears leaked out of the citizens’ eyes. They all gritted their teeth as they glared at the Bat Ancestor.

He was the one who caused ten million people of Chaoge City to die. He was the one who destroyed the entire Chaoge City.

However, their emperor used only a few words to ask someone to capture him and bring him back.

“Brother-in-Law, old fogey Tianhuang already crippled the Bat Ancestor. You can deal with him however you please,” Long Wanyu said as she stepped forward.

Gu Hai nodded and looked at the Bat Ancestor, who was on the verge of death. Then, he turned to look at Ao Tianhuang and bowed deeply. “Many thanks, Prime Ao.”

Ao Tianhuang looked at Gu Hai and nodded.


Ao Tianhuang tossed the Bat Ancestor towards Gu Hai.

“Hahahahahaha! Father, do you see this? We captured the Bat Ancestor! We captured the Bat Ancestor! Hahahahaha! Father!” Chang Ming cried as he walked over to the Bat Ancestor.

“It’s you? Insignificant thing!” The Bat Ancestor suddenly glared.

“It’s me, you old thing. You killed my father. I asked His Majesty to kill you! I asked him to! Haha! You did not expect this, right? You did not expect that you have this day coming?! Father said that there would be retribution for committing too many sins. Retribution eventually comes. You finally get what’s coming!” Chang Ming shouted while crying.

“You insignificant thing, I should have killed you long ago. Indeed, you betrayed me long ago. You indeed betrayed me!”

Deep hatred appeared on the Bat Ancestor’s face. However, his eyes suddenly lit up as though he saw hope.

Gu Hai approached and coldly eyed the Bat Ancestor. “Bat Ancestor? Hah! We have never initiated enmity with you. This was all your doing. We also already said in the Thousand Islands Sea that we would not give you any more chances the next time. Unexpectedly…unexpectedly…you so boldly dared to kill ten million of our citizens. Ten million citizens!”

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Gu Hai’s baleful face radiated an intense murderous intent.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty, Chang Ming sincerely asks that you allow me to kill the Bat Ancestor. Let me kill him. Please, I beg you!” Chang Ming suddenly pleaded earnestly as he looked at Gu Hai.

“How dare you?! I created you. How dare you try to kill your ancestor?!” the Bat Ancestor said while glaring.

“Your Majesty, Chang Ming sincerely begs you!” Chang Ming begged with sorrow and anger on his face as he knelt.

“Permitted!” Gu Hai said.

“Thank you, Your Majesty! Thank you, Your Majesty!” Chang Ming kowtowed gratefully without stopping.

On the other side, Ao Tianhuang looked at Gu Hai in surprise. With such a great grudge, you actually are not taking personal action?

Chang Ming stood up and took out a saber. Then, he stalked towards the Bat Ancestor with a ferocious expression.

“You insignificant thing, how dare you?! How dare you try to kill me?!” the Bat Ancestor roared while glaring.

“I’ll kill you right now! Kill!” Chang Ming roared.

As Chang Ming spoke, he raised the saber and aimed it at the Bat Ancestor’s neck.

“Be careful!” Ao Tianhuang called out as his face sank.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows as he looked at Ao Tianhuang.

“This little fellow is a vampire, and the Bat Ancestor is his primogenitor. The vampires cannot kill their primogenitor because the primogenitor can control their creations with just a thought.” Ao Tianhuang frowned.

The Bat Ancestor can control Chang Ming?

Gu Hai’s face sank.

“He cannot control me!” Chang Ming shouted.

After speaking, he immediately swung the saber, worried that something might change.

Indeed, as Chang Ming swung the saber, the Bat Ancestor suddenly narrowed his eyes. He was the primogenitor, the one who created the race, the deity of a race. He could make his creations do whatever he wanted.

The Bat Ancestor tried to control Chang Ming, but his expression changed in the next moment—he had failed to control Chang Ming.

“What? How can this be?” the Bat Ancestor exclaimed.

The Bat Ancestor could not control Chang Ming as he had Chang Sheng and the others. He had no way to control Chang Ming at all. No, there was no connection whatsoever.

The Bat Ancestor goggled.

However, Chang Ming showed a ferocious expression.

What was going on? During Chang Ming’s first visit to Chaoge City, Shangguan Hen’s snake venom had poisoned him. He had fallen into a valley, on his last breath, when he encountered a wild-looking man, his master. Then, his master helped him alter his mortal soul so that the primogenitor no longer controlled him. His master also said that it would be perfect only if he ate his primogenitor’s souls.

“Die!” Chang Ming roared.

The saber reached the Bat Ancestor’s neck. The Bat Ancestor’s expression changed. Since he could no longer control Chang Ming as he wanted, he could only grit himself.

“Explode!” the Bat Ancestor shouted coldly.


The Bat Ancestor exploded abruptly.

Ao Tianhuang immediately pulled Long Wanyu behind him. However, the Bat Ancestor’s explosion was not like Chang Sheng’s, which wrecked the body. Instead, he broke up into pieces, turning into millions of small bats that flew in all directions.


Countless bats flitted every which way, trying to flee.

“Trying to run? Isn’t it too late?” Gu Hai’s eyes turned cold.

He waved his hand.


A barrier suddenly formed in the surroundings, trapping all the bats. None of them could escape.

This was the ritual array of Chaoge City. Although the defensive barrier had shattered, spirit stones were buried in the ground. Since this was a Go Dao ritual array, Gu Hai could instantly control it.

The ritual array was not very powerful, but the Bat Ancestor had already been driven into a corner by Ao Tianhuang and was now a waste. Hence, the bats he turned into were only ordinary bats that could not even stand one strike.

Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!

The bats fled everywhere, but they could not escape. None of them could get out of the barrier.

“Chaoge City citizens, all the bats here are transformed from the Bat Ancestor. Killing the bats is equal to killing the Bat Ancestor. Go on and kill them. Take revenge for your family and friends!” Gu Hai shouted.

“Yes! Yes, Your Majesty!”

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!”

“Just ordinary bats? This day finally comes for you! You finally get what’s coming! I’ll kill you!”

These were ordinary bats. Even if they were vampire bats, they were just the most ordinary vampire bats. The citizens immediately took out their weapons. Those without weapons used their fists, formed claws with their fingers, or used stones on the ground. Everyone did their best to kill these millions of bats.

Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!

The bats fled in all directions. However, the citizens seemed to have gone mad, not allowing the bats to escape, crushing them into a pulp.

“Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Perhaps this was retribution. Previously, the Bat Ancestor easily massacred Chaoge City citizens. Now, the Chaoge City citizens easily slaughtered him.

Not a single bat could escape as the citizens frantically killed them.

However, Ao Tianhuang narrowed his eyes, staring at Chang Ming.

Earlier, a bat strangely charged into Chang Ming’s body, rushing in.

“Oh? Spiritual souls? He is trying to change bodies with his creation?” Ao Tianhuang’s eyes narrowed.

While the citizens killed the millions of bats that the Bat Ancestor’s body had turned into, the Bat Ancestor’s souls had entered Chang Ming’s body.

As Chang Ming was a vampire, a vampire that the Bat Ancestor had created, the Bat Ancestor knew very clearly that he could take over Chang Ming’s body and replace him.

Perhaps the earlier failure is just an accident?

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Chang Ming seemed to freeze instantly.

“Hah! My servant, I created you, but you dare to betray me? Hahaha! It is useless to betray me. I gave you your mortal soul. I can control you however I wish. Hahahaha! Initially, I thought that I would die for sure. Unexpectedly, you are still here. This is great. It is good that you are here. Offer your body to me now! Hahahahaha!” The Bat Ancestor’s voice rang out inside Chang Ming’s body.

To think that I managed to find a final ray of hope. I just need to pretend to be Chang Ming, and I can escape after everyone leaves.

The Bat Ancestor rushed towards Chang Ming’s brain, anticipating a walk in the park.

Unexpectedly, a figure of light blocked the Bat Ancestor inside Chang Ming’s body. This figure looked like a nascent soul of Chang Ming’s. He looked at the Bat Ancestor coldly and asked, “Bat Ancestor, do you think that I am still the me of the past?”

“Huh?” The Bat Ancestor’s souls felt startled.

“Master told me that I can be complete only after I consume your souls. To think that you delivered yourself to me? Humph!” Chang Ming’s figure said coldly.

Chang Ming’s figure suddenly opened its mouth.


Chang Ming’s figure consumed the Bat Ancestor’s souls in one gulp.

“What? No, no! That’s impossible! Your mortal soul? This is not the mortal soul I gave you! This is not it! No! I don’t accept this! I don’t accept this…” the Bat Ancestor roared in despair.

Suddenly, black energy burst out of Chang Ming’s body.


This black energy caused Gu Hai’s face to sink.

However, Ao Tianhuang frowned. “Oh? To think that you consumed the souls of your primogenitor? How did you do it?”


Chang Ming’s body trembled intensely, and crimson fangs sprouted from his mouth. A pair of huge bat wings erupted from his back while his aura strengthened.

On the other side, the instant Chang Ming consumed the Bat Ancestor’s souls, the remaining bats seemed to die and fall out of the air.

“I’ll kill you all! I’ll kill you all!” The citizens still were not satisfied, wanting to crush these bat corpses into a pulp.


A moment after Chang Ming’s aura burst out, it suddenly withdrew. The fangs vanished, along with the wings on his back. Chang Ming woke up.

When Chang Ming woke up, he felt free of worry. Rather, he felt relieved, having vented his hatred and avenged his father.

“Father, your child has avenged you. Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob!” Chang Ming burst into tears.

After Chang Ming cried for a while, he suddenly knelt before Gu Hai. “Chang Ming thanks Your Majesty!”

Chang Ming’s genuflection and gratitude were genuine. He now saluted Gu Hai wholeheartedly.

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