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EIF - Book 04 Chapter 155: Chang Clan’s Destruction

“The evil Black Tortoise Prime? That means you have the Black Tortoise Deity?” The Bat Ancestor suddenly raised his eyebrows, a ferocious glint flashing in his eyes.

“Huh?” Shangguan Hen’s face sank.

“Deity? Unfortunately, you are limited by this body. Furthermore, the black tortoises just recovered their cultivations and are only in the Lower Heavenly Palace Realm. Humph! Insignificant bat? I might have been an insignificant bat to you back then, but what about now?! Hahahaha!” The Bat Ancestor charged excitedly at the Black Tortoise Prime.

“Kill everyone in Chaoge City! Spare no one!” the Bat Ancestor suddenly shouted.

“Boom!” The Bat Ancestor swooped towards Shangguan Hen, enveloped in millions of bats.

Shangguan Hen brought the three-kilometer-long snake out of the city to avoid causing too much destruction and injuring the citizens.


The area outside the city immediately fell into shambles as countless bats and snake images engaged in a chaotic melee, kicking up sand and dirt. A strong gale swept through the place. Only destruction remained wherever the two powerful Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators fought. The citizens in the city could not make out the situation outside at all.

“You are seeking death!” Shangguan Hen said coldly.

“Argh! It hurts. However, it does not matter. Hahahaha! Black Tortoise Prime? You can’t kill me! Hahahaha!” The Bat Ancestor’s voice rang out.


While chaos took place outside the city, the twenty Lower Heavenly Palace Realm black tortoises immediately took action in the city, helping the citizens evacuate. However, they also had to face the attacks of the bat spirits and vampires.

“Humph! The prime ordered us not to spare anyone. Kill!”

“Lower Heavenly Palace Realm black tortoises? There’s no need to worry. There are three Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators in Chang Sheng’s clan. Kill!” the bat spirits shouted.

Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!

Many bat spirits charged down while the vampires gathered.

Chang Sheng’s second brother and third brother were poised to swoop down on the fighting black tortoises.

“Second Brother! Third Brother!” Chang Sheng suddenly shouted.

“First Brother?” The two looked at Chang Sheng, appearing puzzled.

Chang Sheng glanced at the battle outside the city, showing a complicated expression. Then, his expression turned determined.

“Second Brother, Third Brother, do you recall why we chose to become vampires back then?” Chang Sheng asked with a bitter smile.

Chang Sheng’s second brother and third brother felt slightly startled. After some silence, they replied, “Back then, our village suffered a disaster. When His Reverence passed by, he saved us four brothers. From then on, we served His Reverence. You said we should do our best to repay his life-saving grace. After that, His Reverence and Primogenitor wanted to establish a vampire clan, so you led us into becoming vampires.”

“Indeed. I led you into becoming vampires. Previously, Primogenitor tried to nurture a few vampire clans, but they were not up to par, unable to create strong vampires. That’s why His Reverence sought me out, and I agreed. His Reverence had saved us four brothers, so we repaid that debt,” Chang Sheng said after taking a deep breath.

Chang Sheng’s second brother and third brother remained silent for a while.

“I know the purpose of our existence. I believe you roughly understand as well. Unexpectedly, it came this quickly,” Chang Sheng said sullenly.

Chang Sheng’s second brother and third brother showed unsightly expressions.

“First Brother, sorry. Previously, I kept trying to vie for Primogenitor’s favor, trying to gain more authority. Now that I look at it, that was so laughable.” Chang Sheng’s second brother smiled bitterly.

“We have no freedom in life or death. Even from a great distance away, Primogenitor can make us wish for death without us being able to die. We can only be manipulated by him. What else can we do?” Chang Sheng’s third brother said in despair.

“We would have been dead already if His Reverence had not saved us, right?” Chang Sheng said gravely.

Chang Sheng’s second brother and third brother showed expressions of despair. They knew what Chang Sheng meant. From the moment the Bat Ancestor ate their fourth brother, the time for them to get eaten was imminent.

“We should have died long ago. However, we cannot let our Chang Clan come to an end,” Chang Sheng said.

“It’s useless. Primogenitor will eat all the vampires,” Chang Sheng’s second brother said bitterly.

“I need you to help me now. Take it as leaving a final hope for my Chang Clan,” Chang Sheng said seriously.

“What should we do?” the two asked in surprise.

“Help the Chaoge City citizens. Help as many as you can,” Chang Sheng said seriously.

“Ah?” The two looked at Chang Sheng in shock.

“Do you still resent getting pregnant? What is there to care about before death? Trust in me; listen to me,” Chang Sheng exhorted while glaring.

The eyelids of Chang Sheng’s second brother and third brother twitched wildly. Then, they turned their heads and looked at the chaotic battle outside the city.

Then, the two turned back to Chang Sheng, feeling conflicted. After quite a while, Chang Sheng’s second brother took a deep breath and said, “First Brother, I’ll listen to you.”

“First Brother, instead of saying His Reverence saved us, we might as well say that First Brother saved us. Without First Brother, we would have died long ago. We—your younger brothers—have been ignorant and caused First Brother a lot of trouble. Since we are going to die anyway, we will do whatever First Brother says,” Chang Sheng’s third brother said through gritted teeth.

“Excellent! Excellent! Hahahahahahaha!” Chang Sheng suddenly guffawed.

Then, Chang Sheng turned his head and looked at the bat spirits swooping down.

“Chang Clan members, from now on, the Bat Ancestor is our enemy!” Chang Sheng declared coldly.

“Huh?” many of the vampires charging down exclaimed.

“Kill the bat spirits!” Chang Sheng shouted.


Chang Sheng and his two brothers immediately charged down, rushing towards a group of bat spirits.

“Lord Chang, what are you doing?” a bat spirit exclaimed.


Chang Sheng split that bat spirit in half with one sword strike.

Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!

Countless vampires immediately attacked the bat spirits.

The sudden change stunned the many Chaoge City citizens. What was going on?

The black tortoises, who had been prepared to fight a fierce battle, goggled. This…what is the situation?

The bat spirits were stupefied, as were the vampires who were not from the Chang Clan.

“Chang Sheng, what are you doing?”

“Chang Clan members, are you seeking death?!”

“How dare you go against the Bat Ancestor’s will? You must be tired of living?!”

The bat spirits and vampires felt stunned.

“Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!” the three brothers roared as they rushed around killing.

Mayhem filled the skies above Chaoge City.


The citizens had long felt stunned at the battle already.

“What are you looking at?! Move quickly!” The Han Nation officials quickly issued commands.

Countless citizens responded immediately, and flying ships sent them out.

“Hahahahaha! First Brother, this is great! These bat spirits’ cultivations are not comparable to ours. This is payback for looking down on us in the past!”

“First Brother, this feels great. I have long wanted to kill them like this!”

Chang Sheng’s second brother and third brother massacred wantonly.

To Chang Sheng, his two younger brothers seemed to have returned to their youthful days. Back then, his younger brothers still had not learned deceit and treachery and had yet to become arrogant. Now, they returned to those days.

Chang Sheng looked at his two younger brothers. Second Brother, Third Brother, our actions are quite dangerous this time. However, our path forward has been sealed; there is only this flicker of hope. Chang Ming might be saved with our deaths. Even though it is a nearly impossible hope, there is still a “nearly” word there. Who knows? Perhaps?

The massacre above Chaoge City allowed many citizens to escape in safety.

Outside the city, the Bat Ancestor, who was fighting Shangguan Hen, noticed the abnormality in Chaoge City.

“Chang Clan? Have you gone crazy?!” the Bat Ancestor exclaimed as he wiped the blood from his lips.

Shangguan Hen could not kill the Bat Ancestor but still managed to injure him severely. The Bat Ancestor had not eaten the Chang Clan elders yet because he could gain more strength the stronger the Chang Clan elders were. The longer the Bat Ancestor nurtured them, the more benefits the Bat Ancestor would receive.

Now, the Chang Clan members rebelled?


Shangguan Hen landed a palm strike on the Bat Ancestor’s chest.


The Bat Ancestor spewed out another mouthful of blood as the attack sent him flying.

Now, Chang Sheng swung his sword at the final bat spirit.

“Prime, save me!” that bat spirit roared.


That sword strike split that bat spirit in half.

“You are seeking death!” The Bat Ancestor showed a ferocious expression. Then, he waved.

Boom! All the vampires present suddenly could not move. Then, they shot towards the Bat Ancestor.


None of the vampires could control themselves. Even those loyal to the Bat Ancestor could not move.

“First Brother!” Chang Sheng’s second brother and third brother called out in despair.


Chang Sheng was the first the Bat Ancestor pulled over.

“Chang Sheng! Chang Sheng, how dare you betray me?! How dare you pit yourself against me?!” the Bat Ancestor snarled with a ferocious scowl.

The Bat Ancestor controlled Chang Sheng, preventing him from moving.

Chang Sheng showed a fateful expression as he looked at the Bat Ancestor. “Bat Ancestor, I’m a person too.”

“What?” The Bat Ancestor felt slightly startled.

“Chang Clan members, watch me!” Chang Sheng suddenly showed a ferocious expression.

Chang Sheng’s second brother and third brother goggled.

“Explode!” Chang Sheng suddenly shouted.


Chang Sheng exploded. He self-detonated by igniting all the energy in his body.

The massive explosion made everyone shiver.

It mangled the Bat Ancestor’s flesh.

“First Brother!” Chang Sheng’s second brother and third brother shouted in despair.

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“No! No! No! Mine! Mine! This fragment is mine!” the Bat Ancestor exclaimed.

Then, the Bat Ancestor opened his mouth and sucked.


The Bat Ancestor sucked the exploded Chang Sheng’s flesh into his mouth.

After consuming Chang Sheng’s corpse, the Bat Ancestor waved, his expression changing.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

All the vampires immediately flew towards the Bat Ancestor’s mouth, feeling dispirited.

“You would rather die than let me eat you? You would rather die? You bastard!” The Bat Ancestor opened his mouth, wanting to eat all the vampires.

“First Brother…I…I don’t have that courage!” Chang Sheng’s second brother said in despair.

“First Brother!”


Before Chang Sheng’s second brother and third brother could detonate themselves, the Bat Ancestor consumed them. None of the remaining vampires managed to escape; all entered the Bat Ancestor’s mouth.

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“Primogenitor, we are loyal to you. Chang Sheng rebelled, but we did not!” some of the loyal vampires protested in despair.

However, the Bat Ancestor refused to listen to them, consuming them all.

At that moment, the Bat Ancestor’s stomach was like a bottomless hole, refining all the vampires in an instant.

As the Bat Ancestor refined the vampires, his aura soared, and a gust swept through the surroundings.

In the city, Ao Sheng’s expression changed.

Even Shangguan Hen’s pupils constricted. The Bat Ancestor’s aura strengthened even faster and more ferociously than his did. It surpassed his in the blink of an eye.

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