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MCAB - Chapter 130

Jun Zishu asked a few more questions, and Liao Ying answered them all.

The work and rest pattern of this commercial street was relatively standard. So long as someone lived nearby or observed this place for some time, they could more or less grasp the pattern.

Ever since the new shopping plaza opened last month, the shopping malls adjacent to the commercial street had seen their customer flow shrinking. Around that time, the commercial street's foot traffic had gradually decreased to its current state.

If the killer was a resident of this area, he would have to either be a long-time resident here or someone who had moved in within the last month.

Of course, there was also the possibility that the killer didn't live here and merely discovered the flow of foot traffic here after some observation.

Typically, when a murderer involved in a premeditated murder didn't wish to be discovered, they would abandon the body of their victims somewhere far from where they lived.

However, if it was a thrill-seeking perpetrator, they would typically choose to abandon the body near where they lived or worked. That would allow them to inspect and admire their work whenever they wanted. Some would even enjoy the feeling of playing with the police in the palm of their hand when the police approached them for questioning.

Jun Zishu was inclined to believe that the murderer this time was the latter of the two types.

Jun Zishu felt that the murderer was an adult male with a cautious personality. Perhaps he might be a little sick in the head, but it wasn't easily noticeable by others. He was also patient enough to quietly observe his prey in the dark for long periods, only striking when he was confident he would succeed.

Thinking up to this point, Jun Zishu subconsciously looked out the window. However, the hazy fog obscured the window, making it hard to see through it.

"What's wrong, Officer?"

Seeing Jun Zishu looking out the window, Liao Ying also followed her gaze curiously.

"It's nothing. Thank you for your cooperation," Jun Zishu said, shaking her head as she retracted her gaze.

"It's something that I should do. Have you had breakfast yet, Officer?"

"I did."

As soon as Jun Zishu said so, her phone suddenly vibrated—Yang Tianxiao had messaged her, saying that she had arrived.

"How much is the bill?"

"No need. Think of it as my treat to you, Officer."

"You don't have to do that."

"It's fine."

Jun Zishu stood up and left a one hundred yuan note on the table. Then, she left without saying another word. Although she didn't know how much the cup of tea cost, it shouldn't cost more than a hundred yuan.

As soon as Jun Zishu exited the shop, a cold breeze hit her face. The temperature outside was a stark contrast to the shop's interior.

"Chief!" Yang Tianxiao shouted from across the road.

Jun Zishu nodded and walked over. Then, the two of them walked toward where the body was found.

They had already checked the waste bin beside the corpse last night. Other than some household garbage, there wasn't anything else in it. Though, the smell was indeed quite unpleasant.

The clues they acquired from the residential area were limited. The most they could do was ask the locals whether they had seen anyone suspicious recently. After all, the victim didn't live in the area. Even if they knew that the murderer might be among the residents here, it was difficult to link the victim with anyone here.

According to the waste collectors responsible for this neighborhood, they would collect the trash every day. However, as the alleyway waste bin didn't accumulate much trash, they would typically only empty it once every three or five days.

"When was the last time you emptied that waste bin?" Jun Zishu asked one of the waste collectors

"Five days ago. Today should be the sixth day," the waste collector answered in a country accent. "We're not trying to slack off, Officer. It's just that there isn't much trash in that waste bin. The garbage truck can't drive into that alleyway, either. The locals have been discussing hauling the waste bin to another location, but nobody has ever moved it."

"It's fine. We don't care about that."

Yang Tianxiao waved her hand, indicating that they weren't responsible for managing such matters.

Their trip this time yielded very little.

When Wang Duoduo's group returned from Chen Yang's workplace, the information they got wasn't much, either. What they heard from Chen Yang's colleagues was mostly the same as what Chen Yang's parents told them. Simply put, those colleagues described Chen Yang as a troublemaker.

"Has he gotten into any conflicts?"

"He was involved in many small fights, but despite mingling with hoodlums, he doesn't have any gambling habits or debts. The enemies he's made were also mostly gangsters. If those people really wanted to take revenge on him, they would've just stabbed him with a knife. They wouldn't have used such cruel methods on him.

The investigation continued for two weeks with no useful evidence found.

Everyone felt restless over the situation, but they could do nothing about it.

Chen Yang's parents had also been paying attention to the case's progress throughout the entire time, but they didn't complain about the police's incompetence. After all, such a situation truly was…

Taking advantage of the fact that nobody was visiting Jun Zishu's office, Jiang Yinsheng grabbed Jun Zishu's empty cup and filled it with hot water at the water dispenser. Then, she placed the cup in front of Jun Zishu.

The sun wasn't too intense since it was snowing. So, Jiang Yinsheng could leave Jun Zishu's home even during the day so long as she had an umbrella shielding her.

Of course, Jun Zishu was the one holding the umbrella. Otherwise, news of a floating umbrella would make the city's headlines tomorrow.


"You're welcome," Jiang Yinsheng responded. Then, she asked, "Will he do it again?"

"He will."

Jun Zishu nodded as she took a sip of hot water.

Once the cage of desire was opened, it'd be hard to close it again.

Jun Zishu stood in front of the window and let out an inaudible sigh.

"You'll get him,' Jiang Yinsheng said with great certainty as she stood at Jun Zishu's side.

"I will catch him," Jun Zishu said as she lowered her gaze. She wasn't just saying this to Jiang Yinsheng. She was also saying it to herself and the deceased.

Jiang Yinsheng gazed at Jun Zishu's profile seriously and lovingly.

She couldn't understand why she would have such feelings for this woman.

Whenever she looked at this woman, something would overflow from her chest.

Her heart would also thump rapidly to inform her of her feelings.

She found this situation both strange yet rightfully so simultaneously.

Jun Zishu was the only one in the world who could see her, so Jiang Yinsheng treated Jun Zishu as her entire world.

She had been drifting by herself for far too long, and she had gone through great pains to meet such a person.

Jiang Yinsheng hadn't thought much of her loneliness before, but after meeting Jun Zishu, she doubted she could bear going back to her old life again.

But what should she say or do about this situation… Jiang Yinsheng did not know.

She could only stay wherever Jun Zishu was and silently watch over Jun Zishu.

Even if Jun Zishu appeared gentle and easily approachable, Jiang Yinsheng had a feeling that this person's heart was colder than even a ghost like her.

It was an inexplicable feeling Jiang Yinsheng had noticed through Jun Zishu's eyes.

Jun Zishu looked like she didn't care about anything, that indifference extending even to herself. Yet, it wasn't the carefree kind of indifference. Instead, Jun Zishu lived life very seriously. She lived seriously without a goal.

Jiang Yinsheng felt pain in her heart. Yet, she didn't know why it hurt.

"What's wrong?"

Jun Zishu tilted her head and met Jiang Yinsheng's eyes.

Those eyes were clean yet vast like an ocean, and one could easily get lost after staring at them for too long.

Those eyes also looked like they would shed tears the next moment, but upon taking a closer look, it turned out that it was nothing but an illusion.

Jiang Yinsheng shook her head and looked at Jun Zishu. Then, she said, "I was wondering what kind of person Miss Officer would like."

"Why would you suddenly think about such a thing?"

Jun Zishu was a little surprised, and she turned around to face Jiang Yinsheng directly.

"I heard them talking about it outside just now."

"Are those people discussing my matchmaking again?"

Jun Zishu felt a little frustrated. There was only one month until the end of the year, and two more months after that until the Lunar New Year arrived. When that time arrived, the dating army would come bombarding again.

Most people in the station were single dogs. After all, those in their line of work were risking their lives all the time. Nobody knew when they might be killed in the line of duty. Moreover, they had very irregular work cycles, having to head out to work as soon as they received a phone call. While they were considered good servants of the people, they were terrible husbands and wives at home. Moreover, ordinary people would more or less face psychological pressure when conversing with a police officer.

"That's right. They were wondering why your mother hasn't called you for blind dates recently," Jiang Yinsheng repeated what she heard. She wasn't particularly interested in those topics. She had only listened in on the conversations because she heard Jun Zishu's name being brought up.

"Those brats are itching for a beating…" Jun Zishu grunted and took another sip of hot water.

"You haven't told me what kind of person you like yet, Miss Officer."

"I don't know."

Jun Zishu shook her head, many images suddenly appearing in her mind. However, this situation lasted only an instant, and her mind became empty the next moment.

"You don't know?"

"If I have to give an answer, I'd say it depends on my feelings. However, I probably won't be dating anyone for the time being."


"Because now isn't a good time to talk about love."

The snow continued falling intermittently. Finally, in the middle of December, a huge snowstorm occurred.

When the snowstorm warning came, all schools in the city announced that they would be closed for three days, and the students all cheered in joy.

In one particular school, the students happily packed up their things and left the school with their umbrellas. Many cars were parked outside the school, and some parents waited with umbrellas in hand.

Tan Linlin packed her things and said goodbye to her roommate. Then, she walked out into the snow with her umbrella in hand.

Tan Linlin didn't really want to go home. If possible, she would prefer to stay in school.

The wind was fierce, and she shrunk her body as she waited for the bus at the bus stop.

"What? The cashier wants to go on leave? The store can't be opened because of that? Just hire a temp for three days. Don't tell me you can't find one. Put a job listing online, ask someone you know, or anything."

A man's discontented voice entered Tan Linlin's voice and attracted her attention.

Apart from Tan Linlin, this man was the only other person at the bus stop right now.

"Do you think there won't be any takers if you offer three hundred for three days? It's not like there's much to do. If you really can't find a replacement, man the cashier yourself."

Tan Linlin carefully scrutinized the man. The other party wore a heavy cotton jacket, and he didn't look like a bad person.

After considering for a moment, Tan Linlin approached the man after he got off the phone.

"Mister, I heard you talking on the phone just now. Are you in need of a cashier for three days?"

"That's right. You're just a student. Do you even have any experience?" the man said as he scrutinized Tan Linlin with a skeptical look on his face.

"I do, I do. I worked as a cashier in a fried chicken store before," Tan Linlin hurriedly explained.

"Fine, then. My shop is a restaurant. How old are you? Are you at least 16? I'm not hiring if you're any younger."

"I'm 16 already."

"Alright, then. My shop covers food and accommodation. Make sure to inform your parents first," the man said. Then, he rubbed his palms together as he complained, "Damn this cold weather."


Tan Linlin took out her phone and sent a message.

At this time, the bus had also arrived.

Afterward, the two got onto the bus and left the area.

Just like the weather forecast, the snowstorm lasted for exactly three days.

On the fourth day, the students returned to the arms of their school.

"Where's Tan Linlin? Why isn't she here yet?"

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