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CSG - Chapter 3114: Times Have Changed

“Primordial realm talent? I didn’t expect my elder brother to possess such talent.” Jian Chen was surprised as well. He looked at Feng Xiaotian and asked curiously, “Though, the Primordial realm is still divided into different levels in the Saints’ World, with Infinite Prime, Chaotic Prime, and Grand Prime as the three realms. What Primordial realm is my elder brother’s state of Great Liberation referring to in your sect from the Saints’ World?”

“Hahaha, great grandson, just forget about these divisions. After all, to cultivators of our levels in the Saints’ World, all Primordial realm experts are existences well beyond our reach. We don’t even have the right to look up to them. I didn’t expect your elder brother to possess such legendary talent. It really is our Changyang clan’s good fortune, as well as the Tian Yuan clan’s good fortune.” Yang Lie was bright red, so happy that he was tempted to dance around.

“Jian Chen, once your elder brother becomes a Primordial realm expert, then your Tian Yuan clan will become absolutely unshakable. It might even be possible to dominate an entire region and become a peak organisation.” Guihai Yidao showed a sliver of excitement as well as if he held great anticipation for the Tian Yuan clan’s future.

It was as if any organisation that had a Primordial realm expert, regardless of whether they were an Infinite Prime or a Grand Prime, could be regarded as a peak organisation.

Seeing how much regard the three ancestors held for Primordial realm experts, Jian Chen subconsciously scratched his nose. He never planned on hiding the Tian Yuan clan’s strength from Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, and Feng Xiaotian, as letting them know about the Tian Yuan clan’s strength would only bring them a greater peace of mind.

However, he never expected these three ancestors to actually start going off their own impressions and assuming the Tian Yuan clan’s current level according to their understanding and estimates of the Saints’ World. That left Jian Chen speechless, and it also made him dismiss the thought of revealing the actual strength of the Tian Yuan clan to them.

He really could not bring himself to overwhelm these three seniors mentally.

That night, the Changyang clan held a great feast. Many of Jian Chen’s friends and family attended the feast to welcome his return.

Even Bi Lian had come to the Changyang clan. She was not wearing the dragon robes like Jian Chen had seen in the Flame Empire anymore. Instead, she was dressed in simple clothes with a Divine Guard of the Flame that had reached the Returnance realm by her side.

The Divine Guard of the Flame carried a wooden box. Jian Chen knew what was inside without even looking. It was the head of the advisor.

“Brother, I’ve been a fool. I actually failed to tell the advisor was the second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.” Bi Lian passed the advisor’s head to Jian Chen as an apology. She was in low spirits as the depths of her eyes hid a faint sense of grief.

Bi Lian’s dispirited manner made Jian Chen sigh. He wanted to scold her a little, but he was unable to say it. After all, that was still his younger sister.

“Lian’er, his identity actually is not important. I’ve already moved on from these grievances of the past, but the one thing that definitely can’t be forgiven is that he hurt your heart. Do you understand?” Jian Chen said sincerely.

“Xiang’er, just put in a word with your younger sister. She insists on uniting the Tian Yuan Continent and establishing something like world peace. In the end, we didn’t see any world peace but countless deaths instead. Both your father and I were completely helpless with her. She’s grown up and is becoming more and more stubborn.” Bi Yuntian walked over. Her gaze towards Bi Lian was filled with both fondness and blame, but even more powerlessness.

“Unifying the world is good. It has some downsides, but in my opinion, the upsides far outweigh the downsides. Bi Lian, I support you in unifying the world, as it’s good news to these weaker cultivators and mortals,” said the ancestor of the Pure Heart Pavilion, Feng Xiaotian.

“The unification process will lead to many casualties, but does the Tian Yuan Continent go on for a single day without someone dying? These people basically kill each other for all sorts of reasons. In an age of chaos, many of them feel like they have no control over their lives. If you have the power to change it, it’s worth a try. After all, the benefits come after the hardships. If you want to live peacefully, then you need to pay the price for it. You need to make sacrifices for it,” Guihai Yidao also expressed his support for Bi Lian.

Yang Lie shot a glance at the two of them helplessly. “Oh you. How can you still stand on the girl’s side? Unifying the Tian Yuan Continent is not something good. So-called world peace is nowhere near as simple as you think it to be, as once true peace is achieved, our world will probably struggle to produce experts.”

The three ancestors all bore different opinions about Bi Lian’s attempt to unify the world.

Jian Chen knew that Bi Lian had Guihai Yidao and Feng Xiaotian’s support apart from the Divine Guards of the Flame available to her. Even when Yang Lie disagreed, he could only turn a blind eye to all of it.

Otherwise, if the three Returnance experts all stood in opposition, the Flame Empire definitely would not have expanded so successfully.

Deep into the night, the banquet came to an end. The Changyang clan that had been lively for an entire day finally quietened down. However, while it did return to peace, everyone could sense the jubilant atmosphere around the entire Changyang clan.

Jian Chen finally found some leisure too. For the rest of the night, he would spend all of his time by You Yue and Huang Luan’s side.

There was still no news from Mo Tianyun and the Rain Abbess.They had already left this world through that spatial node in the sea realm to search for the Xuanhuang Microcosm’s location.

After all, the Xuanhuang Microcosm would not be opening up normally, and the space was almost endless, hiding countless miniature worlds. Finding the Xuanhuang Microcosm was very difficult even with Mo Tianyun’s ability. Even when they knew about this spatial node and had a rough grasp of its location, they still required the Rain Abbess’s Laws of Space.

Jian Chen waited for news from Mo Tianyun as he visited the various places on the Tian Yuan Continent and saw acquaintances of the past.

However, many of his acquaintances had already left, including the sea goddess and the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall. Experts had also departed from the Beast God Continent and the Spiritsages.

Only an extremely small minority of these people made the same decision as Qing Yixuan back then, setting off on the path to the Saints’ World alone. Most of them had left with Shangguan Aojian.

“Sigh, times change. I didn’t expect many places to still remain the same, only for everyone to be gone already.” Jian Chen stood on a mountain and sighed. He felt a lot of pity.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.