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ZY - Chapter 411- Dragon Soul Hall




    I passed a bowl of condiments to Ah Fei and said, "My special sauce, try it."

    "I tried it long ago."

    He grinned, "It is just so-so."

    "You don't know how to appreciate it." I stared at him, "Did you order luncheon meat? The ones from Meilin?"

    "I ordered a large set, I know you like it." He didn't even lift his head.

    "Lin Xi likes it too." I said.


    He was stunned and kept silent for a few seconds, "The topic became so sad so fast. Okay stop thinking about her, let's think about the hotpot okay?"

    I laughed, "Sure, we must eat to our fill today."


    He was speechless, "You are a super-rich second generation, stop being so troubled by love, you look so useless."

    "Am I troubled by love?"

    I stared, "I am troubled by matters, it is the whole thing and not one person. You have shame to talk about it, you caused all of this?"

    "Damn, so I need to treat this meal?"

    "What do you think!"

    "Okay I shall treat, my punishment... Haha~~"

    "Okay then."


    After the meal, all we saw were strangers. We didn't see Lin Xi, we didn't see Shen Mingxuan or Gu Ruyi either.

    Head back, go online!


    In the game,

Light flashed and when my character appeared once more, I was in a huge map with random coordinates. Streaks of sunlight shone into the forest. This place was close to nature. Not long later I heard a voice, "Hi, that kid, are you new?"


    I raised my head and saw a middle aged man with a spear standing on a tall tree. He smiled, "Tsk tsk, our Dragon Soul Hall's recent recruits are so bad, they are so thin!"

    I smiled awkwardly and quickly read his data--

    Scavenger Ling Yi (Unique Grade NPC)

    Level: 100

    Introduction: One of Dragon Soul Hall's Scavengers, comes from the Blood Dynasty Ling Family.


    I looked at Ling Yi and then checked myself. My name and identity were hidden so these NPCs shouldn't be able to tell my identity. Apart from that, the Darkness Spiritual Ruin aura suppressed me and helped me to disguise myself. It even hid my Shura horns. To them, I was just a weak cultivator that looked a little special.

    "Oi, why are you not talking?"

    Ling Yi asked once more


    I said awkwardly, "Sorry, I was a little distracted."

    "That is fine."

    He said, "Since you are a scavenger, then... Why not join us, we can get more prey and then we won't get killed by others."


    I nodded.

    "Follow up!"

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    Ling Yi flew and smiled, "Our target is the pig in the middle of the forest, be careful, these pigs aren't easy to deal with."

    "I understand."


    He looked at me with a weird gaze, "Little fellow, are you a human that they forcefully kidnapped here? Scoff, seems like it. Those lazy fellows are really bringing everyone over."

    I saw a chance and added in, "Right brother, I don't even know where I am and what I am doing."


    He laughed coldly, "Let me tell you, hundreds of miles around belong to Dragon Soul Hall, this hall has existed for ten thousand years and stands between Blood Dynasty and Black Castle. It has never been noticed and attacked but Dragon Soul Hall needs food and resources, so... We Scavengers are in charge of that."

    He smiled, "You were kidnapped here while I am different, I come from Blood Dynasty."


    I was stunned, "I heard that Blood Dynasty has rich resources. Logically speaking, such a person like you shouldn't end up like a scavenger right?"

    "Brother, you don't understand."

    He was a little sad, "My Ling Family doesn't belong to any Kingdom and not any famous family, and me... I am an outer disciple. It is too tough to get promoted. Now that Blood Dynasty gave us such a chance to come here to be a scavenger, as long as we get enough resources, we would be able to get good resources back at Blood Dynasty. With that, we would have a chance to rise up."

    "So that is the case..."

    I frowned, "Dragon Soul Hall doesn't have its own army? Why didn't the army send food and resources?"


    Ling Yi laughed, "Brother weren't you captured by Dragon Soul Hall's army? Speaking of which, Dragon Soul Hall is strong and they have 30 thousand troops. Which one of them aren't strong? Unfortunately, they are split into many factions and is in a mess, much less asking them to come out to scavenge."

    I acted like I was enlightened, "Speaking of which... Dragon Soul Hall has factions?"

    "Of course."

    Ling Yi said, "Head Hai Xingchen is from the strongest family in the Ocean Country and he is at Spiritual Ruin Realm and controls everything in Dragon Soul Hall. The deputy Lei Buming is from Thunder Country and he holds the strongest army Dragon Soul Army. These two people restrict one another and are competing in Dragon Soul Hall. Apart from that, I heard that there is a mysterious power controlling Dragon Soul Hall but no one knows that. After all, I am just a scavenger."

    "So that is the case..."

    I nodded, "Thank you brother for teaching me!"

    "Why be so polite, we are on the same side. Let's break out a name for ourselves, how about that?"

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    "Great, I have the same intentions!"

    "Hahaha~ Go!"


    Further forward was an empty land and many pigs spawned. They were level 105 Legendary Grade monsters. Their stats were average and they were our targets.

    "Brother slow down, let me attack first!"

    His body descended from above and he smashed his spear into the head of the pig. The pig hollered and smashed towards him. Ling Yi opened his palm and summoned a blood shield but the pig still forced him back. His face turned ashen white.

    So weak...

    My mouth twitched. The brother I just met was just a Unique Grade NPC, if I didn't help him, he would most probably flee.


    I waved my daggers and charged forwards to stun it using Gouge. I then used Backstab+Godslaying Blade+Mist Slash. I used all the common skills so people wouldn't suspect anything. When I attacked, killing energy would condense and turn into a protective shield. The pig's attacks towards me dealt no damage at all.

    Once it used a skill, I had done enough damage. I moved to its back and used Backstab to end it!


    This 250 kilogram pig fell to the ground.

    Behind me, Ling Yi's mouth was wide agape, "Brother... Who are you, you are actually so strong, I am so amazed!"

    I casually said, "I am a hunter and hunted with my father since young so I have some strength."

    "Not bad!"

    He walked forwards and didn't think too much. He grabbed a leg, "Such a heavy monster can at least give me 10 points, this is great!"

    I said, "One more?"

    "That is great!"


    Not long later, Ling Yi and I each carried a pig and returned. Ling Yi was my guide and following him allowed me to enter Dragon Soul Hall. Moreover, I was entering because of Black Castle. My goal was righteous. This was different from my intentions to enter With You.

    Roughly ten minutes later.

    In front of a cliff with dozens of meters of vines, Ling Yi carried a pig and said solemnly, "Scavengers, returning!"

    "Weng weng weng~~"

    On the cliff, an old gate opened. Inscription light shone and I was stunned. Fortunately, I followed Ling Yi, if not it would be impossible for me to find this place!

    "Brother what are you doing, enter!"


    I carried the corpse of the pig and stepped in. The giant stone gate closed. Lights flickered. Apart from that, there was a Blood Dynasty expert looked at us coldly, "Ling Yi, 250 kilogram pig, who is the other?"


    Ling Yi said, "Right, I nearly forgot, brother what is your name?"

    "Lu Li."

    I hesitated to say my name, anyways the NPC faction called me July Wildfire. So Lu Li was quite safe.

    "Yi, Lu Li? There is no such name." The Blood Dynasty expert frowned.

    "Maybe you forgot to record it down? He was just captured."

    "So that is the case, I shall help you!"

    He looked at me, "As you are new, I shall record this 250 kilogram pig as 100. The remaining 150 is on my name, is that okay?"

    "Of course not!"

    I smiled, "Sir is wise, you deserve this!"

    "Smart! Ling Yi since he is new, bring him to your home."

    "Yes sir!"


    A few minutes later, I came to a group dorm. A few hundred people were living in a cave, one bed after another. The conditions of this dormitory, really...

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.