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ZY - Chapter 412- Heaven Hound's warning

 "Brother, faster!"

    Ling Yi pulled me towards the side of one of the tables and tossed me some meat. He said, "Eat it right away and then rest. We only have 6 hours of rest, once we wake we need to head out again!"


    The meat was a little dry but it was still okay, at least it tasted like meat.

    After wolving it down, Ling Yi fell asleep. He tapped the bedding next to him and said something disgusting, "Brother, let's sleep together!"

    But, I still laid down.

    Around us were all people, some were from Blood Dynasty, some were dwarves, there were even some really handsome elves. As for humans, there were more of us. What surprised me was that there were many undead, who knew whether or not they were from Black Castle or Hybrid Demon Territory.


    I laid down and couldn't sleep at all, time to find a chance to dip!

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    Act like I was sleeping!

    Just like that, I was half asleep. Suddenly my mind buzzed and my Darkness Spiritual Ruin started to buzz too like some power was waking up. An old voice appeared in my mind, "Kid... You are finally here, I ... Have waited such a long time..."

    "Who? !"

    I sat up in a panic.

    "Calm down."

    His voice was really low and calm, "I can sense... Your body has the aura of Black Castle, you are from there right?"

    "Right, who are you?" I said honestly.

    "Same as you, I am from Black Castle too."

    His voice was really old, "But I have been trapped for ten thousand years, maybe... Many people can't remember my name anymore..."

    "You... Who are you?" I frowned.

    "I am the Dragonrider."

    His gaze was calm,

"In Black Castle, they called me Elder Dragon. As time passed, people who remembered me are probably all dust, only I... Have been trapped here, unable to be free..."

    I sucked in a deep breath, "Elder Dragon, you are... Someone from the Black Castle branch right?"

    "Ah? !"

    His voice shook and he gave out a bitter smile, "I didn't expect there to be people who remember the first branch of Black Castle, I didn't expect..."

    My heart lit up, "Black Castle hasn't forgotten about you and this branch which is why I am here. I am here for you, Elder Dragon, can you tell me... Why this branch would fall?"


    He sighed, "Initially, King of Darkness sent 26 other elders and me here to build this branch. Do you know the reason?"

    "What is that?"

    "Dragon Vein!"

    He said solemnly, "Deep below this branch is the Dragon Soul Essence, moreover, it is the soul essence of a Black Dragon God. This soul essence contains power that the world can't carry, so, we built a branch to try to turn the power of the dragon soul into one of our own to develop the younger generation of Black Castle. Unfortunately..."

    He sighed, "Not long after the branch was created, a traitor appeared among us and revealed this secret to Blood Dynasty. They immediately sent nine Country Head to crush our defences, then I... Can only seal me with the Dragon Soul Essence. Blood Dynasty didn't give up and tried to break the seal, these years... I... Can't hold on any longer."

    I sucked in a deep breath, "Then what should I do? I... Return to Black Castle and tell King of Darkness about this?"

    "Calm down, who is the current King of Darkness?"

    "Xuanyuan Yu."


    He was stunned, "It is actually someone from Xuanyuan Family... It seems like the owner of Black Castle isn't from the Lin Family... Kid, listen to me, I can't take it anymore. Since you are here, it is near impossible to return after leaving. You need to be decisive and save me."


    I nodded, "Okay, what should I do?"

    "The key to the formation is a golden piece of stone that is hidden on Hai Xingchen's body. You have to defeat him and then enter the cave. Once you activate the key, naturally I can break out."

    "But Hai Xingchen is strong and you probably can't deal with Spiritual Ruin Realm experts, so... You need to make use of Lei Buming's hate for him and when they are both badly hurt you then attack... I sense that Hai Xingchen is planning to attack Lei Buming today, so... You have to sneak into the main hall and then find a chance to attack."

    "I understand."

    I sucked in a deep breath. The quest introduction from before became clearer and the quest details changed to obtain the key and save Elder Dragon.

    Head out!

    I climbed up from bed and didn't wake Ling Yi. I entered White Cloak and disappeared. At the same time, I retracted my aura and the depths of Darkness Spiritual Ruin was silent. My aura was suppressed and I walked along the tunnel. Not long later, I saw a Blood Dynasty servant holding fruits towards the depths of the hall. I heard that the Hall Head was holding a feast so I just had to follow them.


    Just like that, I stalked them and entered a wide hall. This was the main hall.

    The hall was really wide and many stone statues stood around. The sides were many dense guards and they were all soldiers from the Dragon Soul Army dressed in armor. At the end was a throne that belonged to the Hall Head. Behind it was many statues. They were all Blood Dynasty kings.

    En, these statues were at a high position and they were the safest.

    I jumped and rushed up onto the head of one of the statues. I sat down and waited for things to develop.

    Right at that moment, a familiar voice rang out in my ears--

    "If I were you, I wouldn't listen to that old fellow."

    Heaven Hound!

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    I laughed, "Brother Dog, why did you suddenly speak? Long time no see, you can actually talk to me when I am outside Bright Moon Pass, not bad not bad."

    "I am not joking with you."

    Heaven Hound's voice was really serious, "Although this old fellow said that he was trapped for ten thousand years but he is actually imprisoning himself to protect the Dragon Soul Essence."

    "I know that."

    "Do you understand the soul?" His voice trembled, "Do you understand how evil and terrifying the Black Dragon Race is? Moreover, this is a Dark Dragon God soul, once it appears do you know what it means? Maybe your small action might lead to a calamity for the human race."

    I said seriously, "Brother Dog, are you afraid of the Dark Dragon God?"


    After a few seconds of silence, he said, "Darkness Dragon God is a power that exceeds this material plane and isn't something the humans or undying race can control. Ten thousand years ago Black Castle wanted to use the soul to deal with Blood Dynasty. They were just playing with fire. If you unlock it, you will regret it!"

    I nodded, "I understand but with the quest, what can I do? Brother Dog you don't understand, I have no choice."


    He shouted in rage, "Do you know what you are doing? The price that you are going to pay, can you pay it?"

    "Don't worry."

    I frowned, "I shall take responsibility."

    "That's great!"

    Heaven Hound cut off the connection. I couldn't sense his aura and he sounded really angry. I had no choice. Heaven Hound was cunning and I might not believe his words. What else could I do? Could I give up on this SSS Grade quest because of his words?

    I only had a thought. Since things had reached this stage, there was no point in hesitating. Even if the heavens started collapsing, I will hold it up!


    At that moment, a few people appeared at the entrance.

    One person at the front was dressed in a red robe and above his head was the mark Hai Xingchen. He was a muscular guy and beside him was Lei Buming. He was in blue armor and he had a slight smile.

    Apart from the two of them, there were a bunch of Dragon Soul Hall generals. I looked at them with Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and their grades all appeared. The highest was a level 103 Legendary Grade Boss. The weakest was a level 100 Quasi Unique Grade Boss. Anyways, if I were to kill this bunch, it might take a full day.

    "Hall Head, please!"

    Lei Buming raised his hand and respectfully directed Hai Xingchen to his throne. He sat at the side and so did the generals.

    Hai Xingchen raised his wine cup and smiled, "We won't return unless we get drunk today!"

    "Okay, I had that intention!"

    They raised their wine cups and all of them smiled.


    I rested on the head of the statue and glanced at the feast before closing my eyes. They looked really polite but in a while, they would smash their cups as a signal. When the time comes, I will take the chance!

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