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EIF - Book 04 Chapter 152: Found?

At the seaside:

Chang Ming piloted the flying ship, flying around, feeling depressed.

“The world is so big. How am I to find Gu Hai? Father thinks too highly of me. I can’t just find whoever I want, right?” Chang Ming looked around.

Chang Ming flew to this place from Chaoge City. However, he did not run into Gu Hai at all. A vast, endless sea spread before him, inspiring despair.

As the flying ship flew up, despair appeared in Chang Ming’s eyes. There are only the blue sky and white clouds over the vast sea. Where do I go?

Then, a massive, white cloud flew towards him from a distance.

Chang Ming did not think much of it. It was just a white cloud. He had run into many of them along the way. It was just a bank of dense vapor that he could pass through.

Chang Ming turned his head and looked at the land behind him.

“Primogenitor and the others should be arriving in Chaoge City soon, right? What is the point of finding Gu Hai now?” Chang Ming showed a faint, bitter smile.

“Never mind. I’ll stop the search. I’d better go back and take a look. The matter of me leaking the information must be exposed by now. I wonder if Father is in danger,” Chang Ming sighed.

Chang Ming turned around, preparing to fly back.

Unexpectedly, that massive cloud came rushing over. Chang Ming still did not think much of it.

“Let’s go, then.”


Suddenly, a loud sound rang out. Chang Ming’s flying ship immediately broke.

The white cloud moved so quickly that it pressed Chang Ming against its surface, deforming his face.

“This is a white cloud? Aren’t white clouds made of vapor? My flying ship!” Chang Ming exclaimed.

The white cloud was not just a white cloud. It was Nine-Five Island covered in a white cloud.


Soaring Palace Hall:

“Crown Prince, a loud sound came from in front. Did we crash into something?” one of the officials said in shock.

“Go take a look!” Gu Qin instructed.


The white cloud had crashed into Chang Ming. However, this allowed Chang Ming to see it clearly now. This was a transparent barrier, with white clouds around the barrier and land inside.

It was a super-large piece of land. Chang Ming gaped at this hidden land in shock.

“Nine-Nine-Nine-Five Island?” Chang Ming exclaimed in astonishment.

When they prepared to massacre everyone on Nine-Five Island, Chang Ming had done his homework and learned the shape of Nine-Five Island. However, Nine-Five Island had disappeared from the Thousand Islands Sea.

“Who is it?” a guard shouted in the distance.

Chang Ming looked at those guards in shock. An island crashed into me?

“I recognize him! I saw him before in Chaoge City. He is that unlucky fellow!” another guard immediately cried out.

Unlucky fellow?

I am an unlucky fellow? Chang Ming’s expression turned dark. This only happens in the Han Royal Dynasty. No one else would dare to say that I—a heaven’s favored—am an unlucky fellow.

“Hurry! Report this to the crown prince. That unlucky vampire is here!” that guard shouted.

“Hurry! Report to His Majesty!” several guards immediately shouted.

His Majesty? Gu Hai?

Suddenly, Chang Ming’s eyes lit up. “Is Gu Hai here? I want to meet Gu Hai!”


Chaoge City:

The flying ships ferried citizens away from Chaoge City in batches.

However, Chaoge City had too many citizens, and it was too huge. Furthermore, many citizens refused to leave. Even after four days and four nights of evacuation, nearly half of the citizens remained, unable to leave in time or having refused to leave.

Nearly fifty million citizens even begrudged Shangguan Hen for his efforts.

Huangfu Palace Hall:

A group of officials looked at Shangguan Hen anxiously.

“Mister Shangguan, we have already done our best, but they refuse to leave,” the officials said bitterly.

“Life and death are fated. Perhaps I was wrong?” Shangguan Hen sighed while shaking his head.

The officials did not say anything. They also believed that Shangguan Hen was wrong.

Shangguan Hen looked at the chaos in the city. Due to their forceful efforts to chase the citizens away, violence broke out in many places, leading to fires.

Smoke and fire rose everywhere in the city. However, Shangguan Hen did not regret this. At least he saved half of the citizens.

“Mister Shangguan, it has been four days. However, the danger that vampire claimed never came. This…” One of the officials looked at Shangguan Hen resentfully.

Just as everyone looked at Shangguan Hen resentfully, his pupils constricted.

Five flying ships sped over from the distant horizon. These five flying ships all flourished large banners.

The words on the banners were Yuan, Ye, Xuan, Heaven Shaking, and Floating Cloud.

“The five factions are here. Hurry! Activate the ritual array!” Shangguan Hen yelled, his expression changing.




The officials who were about to complain stiffened.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The five flying ships came to a sudden stop outside Chaoge City, kicking up strong winds.

Powerful experts stood on the decks of the flying ships.

“Your Reverence, we have arrived!”

“Sect Master, we have arrived!”

“Primogenitor, we have arrived!”

The Bat Ancestor and the others had already moved to the very front.

A royal dynasty? That was nothing to a group of imperial emperors and Dao lords. That was a dynasty that could not even manifest a golden blessings dragon; what could it amount to?

“Bat Ancestor, is this the place?” An imperial-robed man looked coldly towards the Yuan Nation’s flying ship.

“That’s right. This is the place. Long Wanyu is here,” the Bat Ancestor said with excitement on his face.

However, Chang Sheng’s eyes narrowed. There were still many citizens in Chaoge City.

Chang Ming did not come? A trace of anxiety appeared on Chang Sheng’s face.

“Something’s not right. I have been here before. There seem to be much fewer people?” a vampire said in surprise.

“Oh?” Chang Sheng felt slightly startled.

Indeed, there are much fewer citizens in the city. Does this mean that Chang Ming came by?


When the defensive ritual arrays of the city activated, the skeptical citizens who resented Shangguan Hen for kicking up a big fuss shivered immediately.

“That’s impossible, right?” The many citizens were horrified when they saw the five large flying ships.

“Look at the banners. It’s true! It’s true!” The citizens immediately showed regret and despair.

“Mister Shangguan, what should we do now?” The officials at the Huangfu Palace Hall turned to Shangguan Hen anxiously.

Shangguan Hen’s eyelids twitched wildly.

They have arrived?


Suddenly, a red-clad man flew out of the city.

“Who is that?” Shangguan Hen’s expression changed.

That red-clad man flew straight to the five flying ships.

“Sect Master! Sect Master! Are you looking for Long Wanyu?” that red-clad man cried out.

The people on the five flying ships looked over.

Then, a purple-robed man on the flying ship with the Heaven Shaking Sect’s banner suddenly said, “This is my Heaven Shaking Sect’s disciple. I sent a group of them to the various cities a month ago.”

“Oh?” Everyone felt slightly surprised.

“Have you seen Long Wanyu? Is she in the city?” the Heaven Shaking Sect Master asked with a cold expression.

“She is no longer here; she left four days ago. However, we sent people to follow her. They are not far away. I know where they are. They are that way! That way!” the red-clad man called out.

“Oh?” Everyone’s expression changed, showing some joy on their face.

“Are you sure?” the Heaven Shaking Sect Master asked coldly.

“This subordinate guarantees it with his life. Sect Master, hurry. I’ll bring you over!” the red-clad man called out.

Everyone appeared uncertain at first but eventually nodded. “Alright.”

The red-clad man boarded the Heaven Shaking Sect’s flying ship.

However, the Bat Ancestor raised his eyebrows.

“Everyone, since you know where Long Wanyu is, then go ahead first. I have a personal grudge to settle here. I will catch up soon,” the Bat Ancestor called out.

“As you please,” the other factions said indifferently.

After the Bat Ancestor sent a few bat spirits to follow, he turned his head to look at Chaoge City.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The other four flying ships left in the blink of an eye; now, only the Yuan Nation’s people remained, looking at Chaoge City.

“A skyful of blessings? Hahahahahahahaha! Chaoge City, Chaoge City!” the Bat Ancestor suddenly said with a ferocious expression.


A surging cloud of bats immediately covered the entire place.

“Four of the factions left, leaving only the Bat Ancestor’s group? They are…” Shangguan Hen appeared worried.

The officials already felt stupefied. Resentment against Shangguan Hen? No, only deep regret remained. They regretted not listening to Shangguan Hen.

The citizens present showed expressions of despair.

“It’s fine. It’s fine. We have the defensive ritual arrays. They can’t break the ritual arrays,” some of the citizens consoled themselves in their horror.


The Bat Ancestor landed a palm strike on the barrier. The immense force instantly shattered the barrier, and the nearby city gate towers crumbled.

“Surround Chaoge City. They can forget about escaping today!” the Bat Ancestor said with a ferocious expression.

“Yes!” all the vampires and bat spirits answered.


In a small courtyard within the city:

Crown Prince Ao Sheng narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Bat Ancestor and the others outside the city.

“Crown Prince, should we do something?” a subordinate asked.

Ao Sheng smiled coldly. “Royal Father only said to do what I could to help. The Bat Ancestor’s palm strike shows the power of an early-stage Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator, right? That already surpasses what I can handle, so there’s no need to bother.”


With Ao Sheng not planning to interfere, nearly no one in the city could resist the Bat Ancestor’s strength.


At Nine-Five Island:

Gu Hai broke Ao Shun’s seal.

Ao Shun’s aura instantly burst out. However, after stretching, he withdrew his aura and sat back down.

Ao Shun understood that Gu Hai dared to release him because Gu Hai no longer feared his strength.

However, Gu Hai smiled faintly. “Lower Heavenly Palace Realm? Previously, I was weak and did not understand the meaning of the Heavenly Palace Realm. You are the previous crown prince of the dragon race. Isn’t Lower Heavenly Palace Realm too weak? Furthermore, the thousands of dragons you brought before also seemed to be too weak to be dragons, just Nascent Soul Realm?”

Ao Shun took a deep breath as he shook his head. “We are sin dragons.”


“How can I be in just the Lower Heavenly Palace Realm? I’m just like Miao Chen. Miao Chen used to be in the peak Middle Heavenly Palace Realm. Now, he is an early-stage Lower Heavenly Palace Realm. That is because the Black Tortoise Deity died. Me, it is because I am a sin dragon. My divine connection was sealed. My previous subordinates were all sin dragons. Nascent Soul Realm? Hah! You were lucky. Had our divine connections not been sealed, we would have destroyed Nine-Five Island long ago,” Ao Shun said seriously.

“Your divine connection is sealed? No wonder.” Gu Hai nodded.

“Why did you let me go?” Ao Shun asked with a frown.

“Because I discovered that the dragon race’s prime might have used me by keeping you captive,” Gu Hai said with a bitter smile.

“My father?” Ao Shun felt slightly startled.

“Why did no one from the Qian Nation come to intercede for you? Why did no one from the dragon race come to rescue you? Why did Ao Sheng not come to rescue you? Perhaps they were happy to see you captive. Furthermore, it seems that they have accomplished their purpose in wanting you captured,” Gu Hai said with a bitter smile.

“What do you mean?” Ao Shun asked, confused.

“Do you recall how your temper was like previously?”

“Previously?” Ao Shun echoed with a frown.

“Impulsive and rash, extremely so too. I don’t know how you lost your crown prince position. However, I know that you kept thinking about revenge and getting your position back after you lost it. Even though Duke Lu Yang had no power to help you, you agreed to work with him. Isn’t that being rash and impulsive?” Gu Hai smiled.

Ao Shun remained silent.

“The dragon race’s prime used me to subdue your temper. No matter what, you are already different from before, right?” Gu Hai sighed.

“Perhaps.” Ao Shun nodded. A complicated look flashed in his eyes.

As the two chatted, Gu Qin rushed over urgently. “Imperial Father!”

A bewildered Chang Ming followed behind.

“I found him, just like that?” Chang Ming gave Gu Hai a strange look.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Hai turned his head to look, puzzled.

“Something happened to Chaoge City!” Gu Qin said with an unsightly expression.

Gu Hai sprang to his feet and stared at Chang Ming.

Chang Ming did not dare to delay, immediately speaking of what he knew and handing over his father’s letter.

Gu Hai opened the letter to read.

After he finished reading, his pupils constricted.

“Qian Heavenly Emperor!” Gu Hai said with a cold expression.

“Ah? What does this have to do with the Qian Heavenly Emperor?” Chang Ming asked, confused.

“The Qian Nation’s citizens are people. Are my Han Nation’s citizens not people?” Gu Hai said sullenly.

“Imperial Father, what happened?” Gu Qin asked worriedly.

“Continue flying as planned. We will go ahead,” Gu Hai said.

Bing Ji rushed over. Miao Chen also appeared with a bewildered expression.

“Your Majesty, this official will follow you.” Bing Ji immediately stepped forward.

“Your Majesty, I’ll come with you,” Miao Chen called out as well.

“There’s no need. There’s a group of imperial emperors and Dao lords. There’s no point in you going. Protecting Nine-Five Island is more crucial. You remain in Nine-Five Island. Chang Ming, come with me,” Gu Hai said.

As Gu Hai spoke, he grabbed the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor’s body, which was still moving stiffly, and walked out of Ao Shun’s courtyard.

“Dongfang Bubai, I’ll leave Nine-Five Island’s safety to you!” Gu Hai shouted to a nearby pavilion.

Dongfang Bubai stood at that pavilion and nodded. “Take care!”

Gu Hai nodded back.

“Oh, right. We have already released Ao Shun’s seal. If he wants to leave, let him,” Gu Hai said, turning his head to look at Gu Qin.

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“Yes!” Gu Qin nodded.

“Chang Ming, let’s go.”

Gu Hai boarded a flying ship with Chang Ming. Then, they immediately flew towards Chaoge City.


The flying ship flew to the horizon in the blink of an eye, vanishing from everyone’s sight.

Everyone watched Gu Hai leave with complicated looks in their eyes. Among them, Ao Shun showed the most complicated expression.

I am free now? Free? This should be something happy, but why can’t I bring myself to feel happy?


On the flying ship:

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Chang Ming looked at Gu Hai with a complicated expression. “Mister…Mister Gu, it has been so long already. It will also take us a few more days to return. It might be too late by then.”

Gu Hai stared into the distance, ignoring Chang Ming.

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