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ZL - Chapter 1133- King of jobs

Five young men dressed in tuxedos walked into the company. We actually knew the one at the front, he was Wang Zecheng, the CEO of the China Branch of Bust. His hair was dyed red but his overall image was really bright. Of course, only he knew how dirty he was deep down.


"Wow, who is this handsome guy?" The girl beside me was starry-eyed. Sometimes girls were really emotional creatures and their focus on appearance was no lower than guys.

I smiled, "Better to stay far away from him."


"Because you will regret it," I said it really easily. Actually, it had another meaning. This girl was a 6 so Wang Zecheng definitely wouldn't bother to look at her. After all, Wang Zecheng had many girls beside him, at least he had far more than me and they all had really high standards.

I stood up and walked to the corridor. I raised my arm and smiled, "Wang Zecheng, this is Wan Yue Design, what are you here for?"

Wang Zecheng knew that I would be here and he just smiled, "Oh is that Li Xiao Yao? Nothing, I am here as a customer."


"Right." His eyes were filled with disdain, "Buster needs to change our summer and autumn wear so we plan to design a new set. Since your Wan Yue Design is in this line, will you reject us?"

I picked up my phone and called Lin Wan Er's office, "Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Wang Zecheng wants us to design Buster's work uniform, should we accept this deal?"

Dong Cheng Yue said, "Of course, why not. Since we don't have big deals now."

Lin Wan Er was speechless, "Do we really want to do business with people like Wang Zecheng?"

"What are you afraid of, Xiao Yao is here."

"Right, let him talk to the sales manager."


I turned around and pointed to the right. I smiled towards Wang Zecheng, "Sales is there, you can just talk to the manager."

Wang Zecheng was shocked and was a little disappointed, "Aren't Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue the CEOs here? Is my deal worth tens of thousands of uniforms not worth them meeting me personally?"

I smiled, "They will definitely sign the deal but before that, they might not meet the client. Why must you meet them? Do you treat them as KTV hostesses, that they have to drink with you for a deal? Don't forget, they don't lack the money. This company is just an interest and they don't have to make such a sacrifice."

Wang Zecheng stared at me. The bald head young man behind him had a fierce stare and his knuckles started to crack. I shook my arms and slight flames wrapped around my fists. Actually, I wanted to see how strong his bodyguards were, whether or not they were Artificials.

"Forget it."

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Seeing that we were about to fight, Wang Zecheng waved, "Let's go to sales, anyways we have to redo the uniforms."

"Yes, CEO Wang." That young man stared at me and said, "You be careful."

I frowned,

and smiled, "If you are interested don't go, that bald head, wait for me downstairs. Since you are so arrogant, let's spar?"

"Do you think I am afraid of you?" He was furious.

Wang Zecheng had a sharp gaze, "Behave better and just follow me. Don't cause trouble or I won't be able to protect you!"

That bald head guy was like a deflated balloon. I didn't expect Wang Zecheng to have such prestige and power in his company. He looked so young and I thought he just used money to make them listen to him.


In the afternoon, Wan Yue Design signed its first big deal, 25000+ uniforms and they had to design 21 different styles, each for around 2000RMB. Buster was really rich. However, even as a medical company, although China was a great market, but they shouldn't be so rich right?

At 3pm, another deal was signed. It was from Tian Jin Corporation's Hangzhou Branch. Lin Tian Nan naturally would give his daughter business. He told Hangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing branches of Tian Jin Corporation to be designed by them. All of a sudden, Wan Yue Design was really profitable. Not only that, friends who learned of the news came here. Ye Lai's company in Yangzhou ordered 1000 sets. Yan Zhao Warrior ordered 200 sets. Mu Xuan, Yuzi Chengshuo also designed 500 sets too. Apart from that, Dancing Forest was the HR manager of a housing company in Changchun and she also ordered close to 300 sets.

These friends all signed their deals with me so that would allow my position in the company to rise. To be able to get 4000+ sets in an afternoon from private relationships, even the sales manager couldn't achieve that.

And for them to get so many deals in a day, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were delighted. They decided to invite the managers of each department and have two tables in the opposite restaurant.


After ending work, I walked out with the two beautiful CEOs. We headed over first and the suite was really good. There were artificial sceneries around and all it lacked was a girl hugging a pipa and singing tunes. But most girls didn't know such songs anymore. If you asked them to sing for you, their boyfriends will probably roll their eyes and curse you.

Not long later, the managers and deputies all arrived. The table was full and there were both guys and girls. Most of them were young. This company's average age was below 28 and there were many girls below 20. Among them were many design major girls.

The two CEOs sat together. I sat next to Lin Wan Er and looked at the delicious food on the table. Lin Wan Er glanced at me and found me amusing, "You dummy, you really know how to eat!"

I kept silent. Not only was I going to be full today, I had to keep awake. After all, this restaurant had many random people. Lin Tian Nan's bodyguards were outside so I had to be wary. Wang Zecheng heading over was a signal that he had started to focus on Tian Jin Corporation again. Be it his desire for Lin Wan Er or his goal against Tian Jin Corporation. I had to do something.

"Come, Li Xiao Yao."

The 35 years old sister from sales raised her cup and smiled, "I think our first cheers today should be for him, he helped us get dozens of deals this afternoon. If we give commission, you can earn at least 500 thousand in this month!"

Dong Cheng Yue burst out laughing, "He doesn't lack that money..."

The sister was stunned, "Ah? He doesn't lack 500 thousand, he..."

Dong Cheng Yue giggled, "If you tell him to take out all his cards, I dare say that none of them have less than 10 million in them. Do you believe me?"

That sister was shocked.

I raised my cup and smiled, "It is for the progress of the company. My friends gave me face. Come, let's give the first cheers to the company!"

Everyone raised their cups and gulped down.

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During the meal, that girl asked about Wang Zecheng. She was shocked how he ordered tens of thousands of uniforms, who knew what his identity was.

Once Lin Wan Er heard about Wang Zecheng, her expression turned bad and she said easily, "Little Mei, don't get interested in him. Even if he looks nice and is rich, he doesn't below to you. If a guy doesn't care about you, how will your life be if you get close to him?"

That girl nodded, "Okay, I understand."

The sales sister said, "That Wang Zecheng kept on wanting to meet Lin Wan Er, what does he mean, is he... Interested in Wan ER?"

Lin Wan Er smiled, "This person..."

Dong Cheng Yue said, "Li Xiao Yao is Wan Er's boyfriend so other guys can't even interest her. Wang Zecheng is a scum, scoff, don't talk about him. Once we are done with Busters we can block him."



The meal ended at 8pm. As most were girls who didn't drink, we went to KTV to sing. But Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and I returned home. I hadn't gone online for a day and I had to see how the guild and city were going.

After going online, Zhan Long didn't need much managing. Yue Qing Qian and Li Mu were online and they could manage everything. Even if I was missing for half a month they could still do everything well. After all, one was the guild leader of Valiant Bravery and the other was the deputy of Prague.

Fan Shu City's resources were overflowing and were all used to recruit Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers. I looked down and noticed that the land area had increased. After the city was fixed in the second country war, Fan Shu City's scale was bigger than normal secondary cities. It was getting close to Waterfront City which was the smallest of the seven primary cities.

I looked at the elders, flagbearers and team leaders and after managing things until 11, I was tired so I went offline to sleep.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.