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CSG - Chapter 3109: The Advisor’s Identity

“Brother, I know that you can easily envelope the entire world with the senses of your soul at your level, so nothing that happens on the Tian Yuan Continent can be hidden from you. I know you’ve seen the horrible state of the continent already too, but I can tell you that the devastation and destruction you see is not entirely caused by our Flame Empire.”

“As our Flame Empire tried to unify the Tian Yuan Continent, the various organisations across the continent also began turning their swords towards each other.”

“The Tian Yuan Continent is littered with organisations. Every single organisation has their grievances, even mortal enemies. After all, under this law of the jungle where the strong prey on the weak, countless battles occur every day, and countless grievances are produced every day. These organisations and individual cultivators obviously understand our intentions to unite the Tian Yuan Continent. They also understand that some strict laws will be passed in the future.”

“As a result, many of these organisations decided to get their revenge before our Flame Empire passed the laws. They killed the people that they needed to kill and did the things that they needed to do.”

“Just a single clash between experts is devastating, so a portion of the dead cultivators and common people that you saw died to various attempts at revenge. Another portion died to the consequences from the battles between experts. On top of that, this basically happened in every single region of the Tian Yuan Continent every year during the several centuries you were gone, brother. As a matter of fact, it’s not just our Tian Yuan Continent. Even the sea realm and the Beast God Continent were no different. It was only not on such a large scale.”

“Now, due to the drastic improvement in cultivation environment on the Tian Yuan Continent, coupled with the addition of the World of Forsaken Saints as a place of trials and training, experts have been appearing at an unprecedented rate. In the past, cultivators with the talent to become Earth Saint Masters could easily become Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, or even Saint Emperors.”

“Meanwhile, all the experts with the talent to become Saint Kings have basically all reached the Origin realm. With the appearance of a large number of Sainthood or even Origin realm experts, the devastation and disasters they’ve caused on the Tian Yuan Continent cannot be compared to that age in the past.”

“I only decided to unify the Tian Yuan Continent through the Flame Mercenaries’ strength to change this so that I can bring peace to this chaotic world.”

“Brother, just like how nothing new can arise without destruction, the chaos you see right now is only temporary. It’s a phase that the Tian Yuan Continent is going through to shed the old and embrace the new. It’s a path we have to take, a sacrifice we have to go through.”

Jian Chen’s anger immediately vanished as he listened to Bi Lian’s explanation. Afterwards, he let out a long sigh. “Bi Lian, protecting the weak and giving the weak an environment to live and grow in is a good idea, but you’ve been far too naive.”

“You want to build a just world where experts who possess great power dare not harm the weak recklessly. That seems just on the surface, but in reality, great injustice hides behind this so-called justice. It’s an injustice to the powerful and an injustice to the system of strength that this world possesses.”

“Justice has never been a concept in this world. You should follow the rules and laws that the world has set down by itself. Since these rules and laws could last for such a long time, they obviously exist for a reason. If you overturn it forcefully, you’ll just be making a blunder while thinking of yourself as clever.”

“Blind peace is not necessarily good, while brutal competition is not necessarily bad either, as all worlds, or even just regions, will struggle to make progress if there is a lack of competition and a sense of danger.” Jian Chen looked at Bi Lian and sighed gently. “Bi Lian, listen to me. Give up on unifying the Tian Yuan Continent immediately.

Bi Lian immediately found this difficult to accept. She said in an aggrieved, “B-b-but our Flame Empire has almost unified the Tian Yuan Continent.”

Jian Chen’s face sank slightly in response. “I’m not going to be staying for too long this time. When I leave, I will take you with me to the Saints’ World, so you don’t have much time left in this world either.”

“Huh? What? Going to the Saints’ World?” Bi Lian was startled. She waved her hands in a hurry. “No, I don’t have any plans of going to the Saints’ World right now, brother. Just let me stay here for a few more years. Please, brother.” As she said that, she subconsciously glanced towards the uncomfortable advisor behind her.

“You don’t want to leave because you can’t bear to part with this so-called advisor of the Flame Empire?” Jian Chen stared at Bi Lian calmly.

“Huh? No, definitely not. Brother, what are you thinking about?” Bi Lian immediately became flustered.

Jian Chen sighed gently. “Bi Lian, do you know this advisor’s true identity?”

Before Bi Lian could answer him, Jian Chen continued, “In the past, he was the second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. He only used a special method to change his appearance. I didn’t expect him to become the advisor of the Flame Empire.”

“What? The advisor is the second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom?”

“Heavens! That’s unbelievable! The advisor is actually the second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom!”

Below, many of the original members of the Flame Mercenaries cried out among the entire court of officials. The way they looked at the advisor all changed.

“What? The advisor is a-a-actually-” Bi Lian was dumbfounded too. Her face was filled with disbelief.

The advisor’s face changed too, but he was still someone that had lived for several centuries after all, so what had he not witnessed before? As a result, he feigned composure and explained, “Old captain, you must have mistaken me for someone else. I don’t even know what the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom is, so how can I be the second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom?”

“Second prince, with my current cultivation, I can peer into your past life effortlessly. I can even see your future with ease. You’re completely overestimating yourself if you still think you can hide any secrets from me.” Jian Chen sneered at the advisor.

The advisor immediately began to pale with that. At this moment, he finally understood that Jian Chen’s cultivation had already reached a height well beyond his imagination. Before an expert like that, perhaps he really did not have any secrets to hide.

Jian Chen’s gaze gradually sharpened. “Originally, I had already set aside all of our grievances from back then. I can’t be bothered with settling them either, as to me right now, it’s no different from a small argument in the moment. If you’ve really changed your ways, I’d actually be happy to see you serve as the advisor of the Flame Empire.”

“However, you never, ever should have set your eyes on Bi Lian, much less collude with an outsider in an attempt to take over the Flame Mercenaries and the Flame Empire.”

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.