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MCAB - Chapter 126.1

"Did you dump the body right after killing and dismembering Chen Yin?"

"Yes." Sun Chenxin nodded. Then, he continued to recount the events of that night with some enthusiasm, saying, "We went out very late that night. We first put the body parts into a suitcase and a bag, and then we started cleaning the floor. I know you guys would discover the truth once you checked the place, but Liu Qianqian still insisted on putting up the wallpaper."

"Where is Chen Yin's head?"

"I don't know."

Sun Chenxin shook his head, seemingly uninterested in the topic.

"I planned to bury them all in one place. Since the truth would get out sooner or later if even one body part were discovered, it wouldn't have mattered where we dumped them. However, Liu Qianqian refused. She wanted to dump them separately no matter what, so I went along with her wishes. I let her bury the head and an arm while I took care of the other arm and the torso."

"I originally planned to bury one arm on the mountain and the torso at another location. But after burying the arm, I felt that it was too inconvenient to drag around the torso, so I simply buried them on the same mountain."

So that's why the torso and the arm were buried so close to each other?

Jun Zishu could feel Sun Chenxin's perfunctory behavior when he buried Chen Yin's arm. Otherwise, it wouldn't have gotten exposed after a heavy rain.

"We found the other arm on the beach. Do you really not know where the head is?"

"I really have no idea, Officer. I'm already being so honest; there's no way I would lie to you. But the beach, huh? It seems she dumped it quite far away."

"Where are the tools you used?"

"I threw the knife into the trash; no one will care about it anyway. I placed the saw and the suitcase in my rented apartment. You can find them if you search my place now."

"What about your motive?"

"I don't want to talk about it, Officer. If you want to find out, go ask Liu Qianqian."

Sun Chenxin looked at Jun Zishu, a sincere and pleasant smile appearing on his face. However, under the current circumstances, his smile seemed incredibly bizarre.

"Chen Yin was your classmate. Won't you feel uneasy after doing such a thing?" Yang Tianxiao asked.

In response, Sun Chenxin revealed a surprised look as he said, "Uneasy? Why would I? I did what I felt was right, Officer. I couldn't be happier. How could I be uneasy? On the contrary, I've had the most peaceful sleep in my life these past few days."

The interrogation ended here. Like Liu Qianqian, Sun Chenxin would refuse to talk so long as he was asked about his motives.

In Liu Qianqian's case, she would lower her head and remain silent when asked about her motive, resistance coloring her face. Sun Chenxin, on the other hand, was straightforward and clear in his response, flatly refusing to talk about his motive completely.

Wang Duoduo brought a team to Sun Chenxin's rented apartment off-campus. Sure enough, they found a bloodstained saw, suitcase, and bag there.

The evidence was conclusive, and the criminals had confessed their crimes already. Logically, this case should be considered closed. The next step was to hand the criminals over to the People's Court to be convicted.

When Chen Yin's parents learned of the murderer's identity, both of them entered a state of rage. It was especially true for Chen Yin's mother.

When Liu Qianqian was brought out of the police station in handcuffs, Liu Yiping nearly lunged at her to tear her apart.

"Liu Qianqian! Why would you do this to Little Yin?! Was Little Yin not good to you?! Were we not good to you?! Have you no conscience?! Give me back my daughter!" Liu Yiping screamed. If not for the officers holding her back, she would've already gone up and hit Liu Qianqian.

"Liu Qianqian, in all fairness, our family has been taking care of you for these past six years. What kind of hatred and enmity do you have toward Little Yin? To treat her like that and…"

Chen Jianlong's eyes had also reddened, his fists clenched tightly.

"You two don't even know what kind of person she is. Disgusting."

Liu Qianqian looked away, refusing to look at Chen Yin's parents.

"Tell us why, then?! How did she bully you? Why would you kill her without giving her a full corpse?! Why?! Why?!?!"

Liu Yiping had gotten so emotional that she had almost fainted in Chen Jianlong's arms.

"Shhh." Liu Qianqian turned to look at the couple, her expression calm. "If you still want to know where her head is, stop talking. Otherwise, I won't tell you even until I die."

Liu Yiping's eyes cracked open, and her body shook with anger. Apart from rage, she also felt heartbroken.

From an onlooker's perspective, Liu Qianqian's words were very excessive. However, the more excessively she behaved, the more Jun Zishu felt that the girl must've suffered a lot of aggression.

"Officer, I want to talk to my grandmother. Is that okay?"

Liu Qianqian's father did not come. When the station called him to explain the situation, the man simply hung up the phone coldly. He seemingly did not care what Liu Qianqian did.

Liu Qianqian also seemed to be aware of this situation, and she didn't care whether her father came to see her or not.


The old woman stood nearby. She had white hair and seemed a little lost in her thoughts as she stared at Liu Qianqian. Then, she snapped back to her senses when Liu Qianqian called out to her.

The old woman hugged Liu Qianqian and slowly patted her back, the action causing Liu Qianqian to tear up.

"I'm sorry, Grandma. I won't be able to accompany you in the future."

"What you did this time is wrong."

"Yes, I know I did wrong, but I don't regret it. If given another chance, I will still do the same," Liu Qianqian said very firmly as she wiped her tears.

The old woman sighed and quietly looked at Liu Qianqian.

After Liu Qianqian was taken away, Yang Tianxiao went to appease the furious Chen couple.

Meanwhile, the old woman stood in place as she watched Liu Qianqian's departing figure.

Jun Zishu felt as if the old woman had something to say, so she stood by the old woman's side.

"Qianqian has had a hard life since she was young. She used to fall sick all the time and couldn't play with others her age, so she became very introverted."

The old woman sighed, retracting her gaze after she couldn't see her granddaughter's back anymore.

"Her parents stopped getting along with each other shortly after her birth. After her mother passed away, her father left her with me, and she became even less talkative than before. She was often bullied at school, but she would keep silent and refuse to say anything.

"After entering high school, she came back to me one day and told me she found a good friend. She smiled and laughed a lot. At the time, I thought that her condition would become better and better.

"One day, she came home and, without saying a word, hugged me and cried. I thought someone had bullied her again, but she refused to say anything even when I asked her about it. She simply cried herself to sleep, woke up, ate, and left.

"I wanted to do something for her, but Qianqian likes to keep things hidden in her heart. She is also very prideful and doesn't like others knowing about the misfortunes she has suffered."

The old woman's eyes were cloudy, but her expression was clear.

After saying her piece, the old woman left the station with her back hunched.

Sun Chenxin's parents arrived at the station in the afternoon.

Although Sun Chenxin's household registration was in a different city, he would be judged by the local People's Court since he had committed a crime here.

"Xinxin, why are you… Officer, is there some misunderstanding here?"

Both of Sun Chenyin's parents looked like intellectuals. Although they looked a little anxious and haggard right now, their proper upbringing still radiated from their bones.

No matter how Jun Zishu looked at it, it shouldn't be possible for such parents to nurture a murderer. So, why would Sun Chenxin commit such a brutal crime?

"He acknowledged it himself. He also explained the process of his offense in detail and provided the location of the murder weapon."

"How can this be? Xinxin, do you know that this is a crime?"

"Mom, Dad, you're here."

Sun Chenxin looked at his parents through the bars of his holding cell, handcuffs binding his hands.

"Of course I know it is a crime. Moreover, to some extent, I can be considered the instigator of this murder," Sun Chenxin calmly analyzed his situation.

"Why would you do such a thing?" Sun Chenxin's father asked, making his voice sound as calm as possible.

"Revenge. I've wanted to do this for many years. Unfortunately, that person disappeared after getting out of jail. Otherwise, I would've made him pay with his life."

Jun Zishu noticed that when Sun Chenxin mentioned "that person," both his parents' faces turned ugly. Sun Chenxin's mother had even started shedding tears.

"I know how much she is suffering and in despair. I can feel it," Sun Chenxin said, his expression looking a little excited. "I know what it feels like not being able to sleep well every night. I've been having recurring nightmares even until now."

"Xinxin… We thought…"

"Thought I'd gotten better, did you? Thought I'd forgotten about it? However, the reality is that all that counseling didn't help me at all. So, when I ran into her, I was willing to help her end her suffering and my own.

"Don't get a lawyer for me, okay?"

Sun Chenxin wanted to die. This was something everyone present could sense.

"How can you be so selfish?! Have you ever thought about us?! Why must you commit a crime just to seek death? Have you ever thought about our feelings?" Sun Chenxin's mother questioned in a shrill voice.

"Yes, I am selfish. Mom, I'm tired. I really don't want to remember it anymore. However, I cannot control myself. I dare not let others touch me. I would have nightmares every night. I don't want to continue living in such agony while having to pretend as if I am alright in front of you. I know what I am doing is too much, but I don't want to pretend that I am fine and healthy anymore."

Sun Chenxin's eyelashes fluttered, a drop of tear flowing out of his right eye and landing on the back of his hand.

"I'm the one who's sorry. It's my fault," Sun Chenxin's mother muttered, her expression looking a little dazed as she clutched her chest. Then, failing to catch her breath, she fainted.


Sun Chenxin reached out of his cell, looking somewhat helpless.

"I'll take your mother to the hospital first."

Sun Chenxin's father picked up his wife and sighed.

"I'll send you two there," Jun Zishu said as she pulled out her car key and led Sun Chenxin's parents out of the station. She had a feeling that she was close to uncovering Sun Chenxin's and Liu Qianqian's motives already, so she decided to follow Sun Chenxin's parents to the hospital.

"Thank you, Officer."

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