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ZL - Chapter 1128- Sneak attack

Mocha jumped on Qing Luo's crystal dragon. I activated Icy Wings and stopped in the air. Lin Wan Er tapped the silver dragon's neck and said, "Little White, let's go!"

 The silver dragon waved its wings and dove down. In a blink of an eye, it disappeared from the cloud layer.


 A few minutes later, Lin Wan Er's rushed voice could be heard in the party. Mocha and I looked at one another. It seemed like they had started fighting but it didn't last for long and was done in a minute. Lin Wan Er said in the channel, "I killed a flagbearer and disguised as him, I am trying to see if I can draw Philly out. Look at my coordinates and lower your altitude accordingly."


 I dove down too. Frost saw that and told the dragonriders to follow me. Thus, the bunch of us charged down from the sky, giving off a shocking aura.

 We passed through the cloud layer and everything became clear. Summer Fire Army was split into tens of pieces and Philly was in the middle. It was too tough to just charge in like that, we had to defend against tens of thousands of elite troops. If not, we wouldn't be able to see Philly at all.

 "Who is there? !"

 An NPC soldier riding a war hawk shouted. He grabbed his bow and said loudly, "Report your name or don't blame me!"

 He was shivering from fear as he saw the 50 dragonriders behind me. How could a war hawk knight even see such a formation? Although he was shouting but his voice was shaking.

 I pulled out Butterfly and Gan Jiang as I smiled, "Just stay here and don't report anything or you will die. Don't move!"

 The eagle shook, "You... You are from Tian Ling Empire? Oh my god, why are you here in our airspace? Do you want to start a war?"

 "No, we came to find someone and not to fight. You just don't move or you will get punished." I threatened him and tried to buy as much time for Lin Wan Er as I could. If not, once we alerted the troops below, Lin Wan Er's identity would be revealed.

 Although this War Hawk Knight was terrified but he wasn't stupid. He stared at us, "You are looking for someone? You... Did you bring so many dragonriders to find someone? Damn, even if I die I won't let your sneak attack succeed!"


 He shot the arrow but I didn't block at all. My chest was hit and I just pulled it out. The damage was too low and it couldn't break my defence at all. I flew over in rage and my sword pierced through his body with the energy of Wind Carrying Slash. That hawk cried out but I kicked it on its neck and it lost its shouting ability. Gan Jiang forced him and his hawk back. I slashed once more and his shield was shattered. I also triggered Gan Jiang's effect which destroyed his equipment.

 This scout was bathed in blood and while the hawk and he fell towards the ground, he reached out to hold a horn by his mouth. He was obviously going to warn them. Right when I was about to kill him, the crystal dragon swooped down and ate them. The horn wasn't able to make any sound at all.


 At this moment, the orange dot that Lin Wan Er was at moved.

She headed towards a high land called Dragon Ambushing Ridge. At the same time, she said in the channel, "Pig, Mocha, I brought Philly out. I told him that dozens of troops were ambushed here so he is observing the place. But he is careful and brought 2000 people, so... We have no choice but to fight. Once we arrive here, all of you attack!"


 I flicked Gan Jiang and the blood on my blade turned into raindrops that scattered into the wind. As long as the soldiers below didn't raise their heads they wouldn't notice us. Moreover, we were high enough and we just looked like black shadows from below. Maybe people would think that we were just War Hawk Knights that were training.

 We moved towards Dragon Ambushing Ridge and after ten minutes, Philly and his guards were out of the camp. I looked at the dragonriders, "Okay, time for us to move!"

 I was Dragon City's Dragon Rider and I had the power to control them. Frost allowed me to do so, so the 50 of them dove down like war gods descending from the sky. This was good, we could weaken their NPC army so that Demon Mountain didn't dare to do anything to Tian Ling City.

 Demon Mountain wasn't a nice person he was the top in Germany and in Nine Heavens City. If he had a chance he would grab it so he and I were just restricting one another. Fortunately, I had Mocha and Lin Wan Er, the two of them would be able to force Demon Mountain to remain in Nine Heavens City.



 A Major held his sword and caught up to Philly. He looked around nervously, "This... Don't look like people were ambushed. We are still near Summer Fire Army and thousands of scouts are circling the area. It is impossible for people to ambush us here, is there something wrong?"

 Philly was dressed in golden armor. He shook his spear and said towards the Flagbearer which was Lin Wan Er in disguise, "Eh kid, you said that there was an ambush? Why can't I see any battle tracks at all?"

 Lin Wan Er pulled her horse to turn around. She didn't panic and just said calmly, "Marshal, it is up ahead, they seem to be familiar with stealth tactics so the 20 of us were caught off guard. I think they are from Tian Ling City."

 The major pointed his sword at Lin Wan Er, "Preposterous, who are you? How did you enter our Summer Fire Army. Do you know that our scouting teams are all 100 men, we never have 20 scouts. Who are you?"

 Lin Wan Er was stunned and smiled. Her thick face started to turn white and thin. Her exquisite features started to appear and her body started to shrink, becoming really petite. her cape fluttered in the wind. She opened her arm, a giant six colored star started to rotate. Little White roared and it opened its mouth to use dragon breath towards the Major that was scolding Lin Wan Er.

 "Be careful!"

 The Major raised his left arm to block but the breath from Little White was ice element. It froze the Major's arm and shield and many icicles hung from below the shield. It looked really terrifying. It was as if the moment he was hit, the Major's left hand would shatter.

 Keng keng keng!"

 The bunch of Summer Fire Army guards pulled out their blades. Philly shouted, "Prepare to fight!"

 Suddenly, many giant shadows flew past their heads. Philly's body shook and he raised his head. His pupils retracted as he saw the giant dragons that could wipe him out. His throat twitched as he muttered, "This... What is going on?"

 Before he could react, dragon breaths were used on the guards. Ice Frost, Wind Blade, Flames swept them. The dragons had different elements and the guards that Philly was proud of were now in a terrible state. In a blink of an eye, hundreds of people were killed. The remaining raised their shields and lined up in a disciplined manner. But in front of Frost and the dragon riders, their defences were useless.

 Frost had always defended Dragon City and fought the Lord tier Hybrid Demons multiple types. The people of the seven countries all knew that Frost's defence was top in the world but no one knew that her attack was also top in the world!


 "Fly low, charge!"

 Frost ordered. Qing Luo and the dragonriders charged out. The dragons used dragonbreath, the cavalries waved their spears and swords to send douqi energy down. I flew too and used Wind Carrying Slash into the crowd. I spread my hand, Dragon Totem and Thundering Heavens smashed into the crowd and made everything look like it was hell. One could imagine how high my combat strength was after I got Overlord Set. These high level NPCs couldn't take it and suffer from heavy casualties!


 Philly raged, leaving his horse and charging over with his spear. The four star god general couldn't be underestimated. He gathered an energy wave that struck the stomach of a red dragon. The red dragon cried out and fell down due to its injury. However, it shouldn't be lethal and it would be fine with some healing.

 Philly flew really quickly. He stored up power in the sky and he suddenly smacked the spine of a Thunder Dragon. The dragon rider cried out and spat out blood as he rested on the back of the dragon. He was injured too.

 Frost was infuriated by Philly. She stepped on the air and dashed over like lightning. She held swords on both hands, "Philly, give me your life!"


 The moment Philly saw Frost, he couldn't even react and just raised his spear in front of his chest. He shouted, "Frost, since you have balls to come here then die!"

 Unfortunately, Philly didn't expect the gap in their strengths to be so huge.



 The moment Douqi and God Power clashed, Philly's spear was slashed into two. Frost stopped and kicked quickly with her snow white legs. Another heavy thud as Philly coughed out blood and rolled out. He rolled for ten meters on the ground. The Summer Fire Army troops looked at one another, "Marshal..."

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.