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ZL - Chapter 1129- Feeling of invincibility

"Don't help me up!"

Philly was a real man. He held half a spear with one hand and the ground with the other to stand up. His mouth was covered in blood and his armor was in pieces due to Frost's kick. His ribs were probably broken too. He was in pain but he still raised half his spear and gave a vicious smile, "Attack Summer Fire Army, we will never retreat! Sound the horns, let the brothers in the camp help us!"


"Don't let them!" Mocha said hurriedly.

I shook my head, "It is too late..."

close to half of the 2000 that Philly brought over were dead but the rest had horns. One could hear horn sounds throughout. Many people from the camp replied. Tsk, Nine Heavens City's NPC army did have some skills but they were far from Royal Army. If Royal Army faced such a situation, we would have been alarmed long ago. Moreover, our flying units wouldn't be so careless. We would have sent many War Hawk Knights to scout. Han Yuan was a person good with the bow and could shoot from range. He definitely wouldn't let these dragonriders get so close!

Qing Luo held her dragon sword and her face was filled with killing intent, "Dragonriders, prepare to kill them!"

Frost raised her hand and said, "Wait, we didn't come here to kill, we are just here for one item. If it is possible, let's stop?"

Philly wiped the blood off his face and laughed coldly, "Frost you killed hundreds of my brothers and now you want to stop?"

Frost sighed, "You are forcing me to kill the remaining 1000?"

Even if Philly was a man he still had to consider the safety of his brothers. He turned around and saw that although the soldiers were furious but they were filled with terror. After all, not every one of them was willing to face the scary dragons. Moreover, dragons had disappeared for many years and not for so many to appear, it was no surprise that people would be terrified.

"Okay..." Philly's face was dark and sunken, "Frost what did you come to Nine Heavens City for?"

Frost didn't hide anything, "A war soul fragment. A fragment that has merged with your soul. Are you willing to hand it to me?"


Philly was furious, "You are talking about the overlord fragment, you... You are dreaming! The overlord fragment has merged with me and it is a part of me. Due to it, I would be able to get into Holy Domain or God Realm. If you want to take it from me, you are just dreaming!"

Frost laughed, "Since you are not willing then I can only try."

Philly roared in anger, "Brothers kill them, our other brothers will be here soon!"


Frost looked at Qing Luo and said, "Grab Philly!"

"Yes, sir!"

The dragonriders attacked. Qing Luo shooked her left hand and a golden rope appeared. She gave me the feeling that my Master Beasttamer Dalin gave. However, he had already died in battle. Qing Luo's rope was more exquisite but her cultivation was far above Dalin. Even a four star god general wouldn't be able to dodge her.


Frost tossed out her sword and it flew towards Philly. It shattered the shield in his hands. Frost raised her arm.

She shouted, "Rise", dozens of stone pieces flew up. With Heaven Control, those pieces of stone flew towards them like bullets.

Philly couldn't block it at all and cried as he tried to use half of his spear to block. However, his body and face kept being hit and blood splattered. While he was trying to deal with it, Qing Luo opened her palm and the rope flew out like a spiritual snake. It wrapped onto his arm, neck and legs and tied him up.

"Come back!"

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Qing Luo pulled Philly over and fell onto her dragon. He struggled and his body started to bleed from the friction. Qing Luo looked at him coldly, "Stop struggling, my golden dragon tendon will get tighter and blades can't cut it. If you don't want to die then give up!"

"You wish!" Philly continued to struggle.

I flew close and said, "Frost don't kill him if he can, after all, he is Nine Heavens City's Marshal, if we kill him it might lead to war."

"Don't worry, I know what I am doing."

Frost opened her palm and grabbed Philly from the dragon back. He stood there. At the same time, she grabbed a few spears and stabbed them into the stone around. She trapped this Nine Heavens City's Marshal there. Frost looked at us, "Dragonriders block their attacks. Qing Luo, Li Xiao Yao help me, I will take the fragment out!"

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I stood at the front and summoned the little tiger. Mocha rode her horse over holding her Cold Iron Sword. She looked at the NPC army and said, "The player army is moving. Based on intel, Demon Mountain has gotten the news and is leading 3000+ Thor's Hammer cavalry over. They will arrive in 10 minutes.

"Understood, we will block them. Wan Er ride the dragon, don't get insta killed. The battle will be really fierce."


Lin Wan Er jumped off. On dragon back, her health was merged with Little White. If its 1 million health was there, Wan Er wouldn't die. Her survivability was stronger than Mocha and mine.


Behind me, Frost used God Domain. She stepped onto the ground and golden ripples spread out on the surface of the ground. God power sunk into the ground like god weapons that were being buried into the ground. Frost faced Philly and instantly power wrapped Philly up. Golden energy spread out from his body and gave off a starry sky-like scenary.

But Philly was not in a good state. He had merged with the final soul fragment. This felt like someone was sucking his soul out from his pores and blood vessels. He was also trapped by the golden dragon tendon and he could just suffer from the pain. He cried out and that stunned the guards around, "Marshal... Is Marshal going to die soon? Damn, these Tian Ling City jerks. Frost is such a beautiful demon, what a jerk..."

Before they could say anything, a ball of flames landed. It was from a fire dragon. Instantly those that were talking bad about Frost were burnt to death.

The truth was like that, the weak got eaten by the strong. For example, if Philly was stronger than us and he wanted the fragments, I would suffer. One didn't need to be too afraid when facing a strong enemy if not one would be a coward. The people who suffered, in the end, were definitely cowards.


As Philly cried, one could hear the thunderous war drums from afar. The Summer Fire Army heavy cavalry and spearmen were charging over. How would they be the giant dragons' match? Qing Luo led the dragonriders to attack. Each breath scorched its armors red. They dove down and their claws ripped many of them into pieces. Some even swallowed the horses that tried to stop them.

Giant dragons were demonic dragons and there was no righteousness at all. Maybe they were wild beasts at the top of the food chain. One didn't need to think of them as something holy as they would consume people.

Not long later, not only the NPC army, players started to appear. I recognised one of them, Demon Mountain, level 199 cavalry. His level was the same as mine but his equipment should be weaker. After all, I was wearing a 2 star god set. If we fought one on one, he wasn't my match.

"It is our time to shine, protect Frost!" Lin Wan Er smiled as she rode Little White.


Little White dove down at the same time as when its beautiful owner said those words, launching a dragon breath at the Thor's Hammer members. Lin Wan Er ordered it to descend and she waved her dagger from ten yards away to launch killing energy. She also used Blade of the Death God to kill a half health cavalry. Lin Wan Er didn't need to use her assassin skills. Heavenly Armor made her defence multiply and her defence was no weaker than top cavalry players. Along with her speed and armor penetration, her damage was really high.

"Kill Cang Tong!"

The cavalry surrounded them and used Sword Break, Sword Controlling Technique etc. Lin Wan Er pulled out her iron umbrella. With the dragonrider effect, the umbrella turned into a giant circular shield that blocked in front of Little White. Demon Mountain was stunned. How was this an assassin, she was an invincible dragonrider!

Before they could react, a silver moon descended on the ground. Lin Wan Er used Crescent Moon Storm. The Warriors whose hands were covered in a six star light as they were trying to use Double Hit were insta killed by the storm. Little White roared and it spun around to sweep the area with dragon breath. All of a sudden, those players that tried to surround Lin Wan Er were corpses. Many people looked from afar and no one dared to follow up.

"Wan Er's damage, really..." Mocha blinked, "She feels invincible..."

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