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CSG - Chapter 3102: An Increase in Laws

The Fifth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime!

That was the current realm of Jian Chen’s soul.

Of course, this was an increase limited to the soul. His Chaotic Body and Laws of the Sword still remained the same as before, without any growth at all.

After all, puresouls were not all-powerful. They could only strength one’s soul. They could not directly increase the realm of his laws.

In that short moment, his soul had progressed rapidly from the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, directly reaching the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime at an unbelievable rate.

It had grown so quickly that Jian Chen felt like he was dreaming. It was all so surreal.

However, he also understood that he could not afford to experience these rapid increases too often. Even if his soul grew very quickly, the price he paid was extremely great as well. It took up two puresouls at the level of Grand Primes.

That was equivalent to the lives of two Grand Primes.

Even across the entire Saints’ World, how many experts like that were there?

Jian Chen understood that Mo Tianyun had given him a colossal blessing this time!

However, the increase in Jian Chen’s strength did not seem to stop there. Right when the cultivation realm of his soul consolidated, the power of the beast soul from the Spatial Insect Emperor hidden within his body suddenly surged out, merging with his soul.

The power of the beast soul contained the profound Laws of Space. When it merged with Jian Chen’s soul, Jian Chen’s comprehension of the Laws of Space rapidly began to increase.

His grasp over the Laws of Space had been at the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, but now, it actually reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer very quickly.

Afterwards, without any surprises at all, his comprehension of the Laws of Space broke through to Chaotic Prime like it was perfectly natural. After that, it continued to increase.

The space throughout the entire highest floor of the Watercloud Hall sank into a blur, like countless ripples through water.

The Laws of Space there seemed to be disturbed. The entire region seemed like a messy mixture. Everything was in a blurred state.

Jian Chen’s figure faded in and out with the violent pulses of space, sometimes blurry and sometimes clear. It was as if he resided in a different space altogether.

Mo Tianyun and Ning Shuang remained where they were, constantly paying attention to him while watching over him.

“Tianyun, why has his Laws of Space increased so rapidly all of a sudden? T-this is clearly illogical.” Ning Shuang could obviously sense the space around Jian Chen. Surprise filled her eyes.

“His soul previously merged with the beast soul of a Spatial Insect Emperor. He’s currently absorbing the power of the beast soul. The more he absorbs, the stronger his Laws of Space will become,” Mo Tianyun said indifferently. An invisible power permeated his surroundings, so he and Ning Shuang were completely unaffected by the space around them.

“Ning Shuang, you don’t need to be too worried. Throughout the six worlds, probably only Jian Chen can increase his comprehension like this, as his soul has merged with a strand of Chaotic Force. That’s true Chaotic Force, not the fake Chaotic Force you’ve seen in the past.”

“Jian Chen is extremely special, as things that should be impossible have happened to him. As a result, we cannot apply normal logic to him.” Mo Tianyun explained.

Jian Chen was completely engrossed in the growth of his Laws of Space. As he absorbed more and more of the beast soul, his grasp over space became stronger and stronger as well.

His Laws of Space broke through again and again. In the end, when they reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime, his soul finally reached a full state, and it stopped absorbing the beast soul’s powers.

His soul had reached the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime.

His Laws of Space had reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime.

Even though his Laws of the Sword had not increased at all, the progress with the Laws of Space alone had made his strength increase drastically.

Now, his mastery over the Laws of Space had completely surpassed his Laws of the Sword.

Each breakthrough of my Chaotic Body requires a corresponding level of comprehension of the laws of the world. The comprehension of the laws is the only shackle that prevents progress with the Chaotic Body.

In the past, out of all the laws I grasped, my Laws of the Sword was always in the lead, so breaking through with the Laws of the Sword was the only way to release these shackles on the Chaotic Body. But in reality, the Laws of the Sword is not the only way. Any of the laws will work.

Now, my Laws of Space far exceed my Laws of the Sword, so I’ll obviously use the Laws of Space to reach a higher realm of the Chaotic Body.

My Chaotic Body can reach the sixteenth layer at any time now.” Jian Chen opened his eyes slowly with a satisfied smile on his face. However, when he sensed his chaotic neidan that was only a fraction of its previous size inside his dantian, he sighed gently.

Originally, before he attempted the Bridge of Life and Death, the energy within his chaotic neidan had already reached the limit. In the end, when his chaotic neidan shattered on the Bridge of Life and Death, he had exhausted a colossal amount of Chaotic Force in that short moment. Even after his chaotic neidan was miraculously repaired, the lost Chaotic Force never returned.

If he still had Gustas’ fleshly core, Jian Chen could absorb the energy within it to recover, or even directly make a breakthrough and reach a higher realm.

However, he had left the fleshly core with his elder sister, Changyang Mingyue.

The Tian Yuan clan’s resources should be enough for me to break through, but I have no way of estimating how many resources I’ll need. I might even exhaust the entire clan’s supply.

Moreover, I haven’t completely recovered the vitality and vital energies I burned on the Bridge of Life and Death. My foundation is damaged, so it’s not appropriate for me to break through right now, or it’ll lead to big problems.

Whatever. We’re making the trip to the Xuanhuang Microcosm soon anyway. I’ll just break through in the Xuanhuang Microcosm. There should be enough heavenly resources in there to repair my foundations,” Jian Chen thought to himself. He wrapped up with his cultivation, and the space that pulsed violently around him gradually settled down as well.

“The year is up. The Rain Abbess of the Delight Plane has even spent a month waiting for you. Since you’re done with cultivation, it’s time for us to set off.” At this moment, Mo Tianyun’s voice rang out.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.